10 Inspiring Colors That Go With Yellow

A yellow color can be used with a wide range of shades and tones and be considered a crowd-pleasing color. Yellow is a sunny shade that instantly uplifts the mood of any room whether you choose to paint the walls yellow or use pillows or art in this sunny shade.

One of the best things about yellow is that you can use it wherever you want in your home no matter what the mood is like. When designing a home, the color is often forgotten, so we want to show you that you need to stop overlooking the color and start incorporating it into the style.

The purpose of this guide is to give you a list of ten of the best colors that go well with yellow and how you can bring them into certain parts of your home. We are sure that by the end of this article, you will understand why yellow is such a great color to use and it will brighten anyone’s day after a hard day at work.

Yellow And White

If you have a room that is mostly white, add a dash of yellow to add more character. Put pillows with mustard velvet and curry yellow knots in your bedroom to showcase this color.  Combine the white linens with the headboard made from warm wood and rustic tree stump nightstand.

This will really set the scene for your bedroom and give it a bit more life rather than having it completely white. Even if you have never thought of using it before, now close your eyes and think about how great it would look if you used those things in the design of your bedroom.

Yellow And Gray 

Whether it’s a pale yellow house in the French countryside with dove gray shutters or a charming baby nursery painted in calming dark gray, yellow and gray go well together. Picture your furniture and flooring in light wood which provides you with a sense of equilibrium, while a brass metallic lamp complements a bright yellow throw.

Consider even putting a bright orange color that is featured in an accent hanging above the crib. If you do not know what gender you are going to have a child, you may not think this is the best choice for a child’s room.

But if you are not clear on the gender of your child at the time, please consider how calming and elegant this would be. 

The design would even be a cool feature in your kitchen if you were interested in experimenting with the idea of a unique kitchen, you could keep the walls gray and have all the equipment yellow. This will make the kitchen stand out and make it look great.

Yellow And Pink

If used in pastel shades, yellow and pink create a springy Easter egg vibe, evoking images of pastel macarons and period film costumes.

The best thing about this color combination is you can take inspiration from the high-spirited desk area in a room designed by Vanessa Scoffier at the Hotel Henriette in Paris, which features cotton candy pink walls and a graphic triangle of acid yellow paint high on the ceiling.

As an alternative, you could paint a half wall behind a bed to create a virtual headboard, or create a graphic yellow border in a small room that grounds the space, which is especially effective in a room with high ceilings.

This combination of colors really brightens up your home, and if famous designers are using it in their work, then you should as well.

Yellow And Red

As you are probably immediately thinking, what is red doing with the color yellow, right? Is it a love battle or what? We think that it works extremely well, and here are some reasons why we think so.

Think about having pale yellow walls that can be paired with the same decorative fabric on a dark wood framed bed. This allows the classic red fabric to add pattern and impact to a beautiful bedroom. The warm tones of the subtle yellow wall color are enhanced by a trio of gilded picture frames and a brass bedside lamp.

Classic combinations like red and yellow look good in traditional as well as period rooms. You may be a traditionalist rather than a modernist, in which case this color scheme is ideal for you.

Yellow And Brown

Combined, these colors project an image of an Italian home on the hill in the summer. These are ideal for terrace designs that want a warm feel to them. Putting sunny yellow on the walls elevates a relaxing outdoor terrace, which is adorned with dark brown wood beams and furniture in a variety of medium to dark wood tones.

As the light captures the dappled light, the color gives off a glowing effect on the shaded area. In Tuscany, you will probably find the same brown and yellow color scheme found here as well.

Consider adding additional furniture such as coffee tables and benches, which are made of wooden material and come in a variety of colors, to give the area a more homey feeling.

Yellow And Green

If you want to give your rooms a new life, check out this amazing color combination that you will grow to love. There is something about yellow and green that makes them perfect together and although you may think that sounds crazy, it really isn’t.

Plants are great for bringing a sense of comfort and a sense of calm to any room. Imagine a bricked room with a bright yellow sofa, plants on the window ledge, and a rug to soften the colors. The green from the plants come together with the yellowness of the sofa and create a nice atmosphere to walk into at any given time of the day.

Yellow And Turquoise

It is impossible to miss this bold palette of yellow and turquoise, because those two colors are like a match made in heaven. You can bring sophistication and charm to your space by adding a gallery wall or achromatic accents if you’re concerned that two bright colors will look childish.

You may not like these colors if you are not a fan, but you can use family photos instead of art if you want and that would really make the design look nice.

It’s also possible to use mustard yellow painted walls with linen-covered furniture in light blue. Adding a dash of black can break the flatness of eggshell blue shades. They complement the warm tones of mustard yellow very well. If you like taking risks and don’t have a specific color in mind, this will become the talk of your home.

Yellow And Black

Aim to achieve sophistication with yellow and black colors. Often called black and yellow, these two colors define sophistication, and where better to incorporate them than in your bathroom. The taxi cab in New York may seem familiar, but its use goes far beyond that.

If you have honeycomb ceramic floor tiles, a yellow vanity made of solid stone, and a black mirror frame in the shower, you’ll have an effective counterbalance. You can be sure that any guests you have will compliment you on the design in the future as the contrast brings it all together nicely.

Yellow And Purple

This is perhaps the craziest of color combinations you will ever come across, but if you’re someone who likes to stand out from the crowd and does not like to fit in, then this is the perfect combination for you. The combination of purple walls and yellow furniture goes extremely well together, believe it or not.

You can have all your cabinets in purple and all your furniture in yellow for your kitchen. Color combinations chosen here will surprise anyone who visits, but after a while the effect will grow on them.

Yellow And Orange

Probably the first thing that comes to mind when you think of the color orange is the fruit and how bright the color is, isn’t it? I would like you to think about the color orange on an apricot.

In a bedroom, this is the shade you want to consider because it really brightens up the room and gives it a cheerful ambiance you’ll want to wake up to and enter. When combined with an apricot throw and bedside table, a light yellow scheme on the walls and bedding makes an excellent design for any age group.


As you read this article, it probably occurred to you that yellow goes well with a lot more colors than you anticipated. It is a great color you need to consider using in your home whether it is outside or inside.

Yellow can give your home life and create an atmosphere that can keep families going through the day. Therefore, if you are looking to use colors in your home, why not yellow?

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