11 Impressive Beige Bedroom Ideas To Create A Neutral Setting

Bold colours aren’t for everybody when it comes to their home interiors. However, black and white can look almost sterile and fail to offer the comforting vibe that a home should bring. Even if you were to opt for a black and white theme in your home, extending it to the bedroom might be a step too far. 

So, what can you do if you’re set against bold colours, but also don’t want it to be similar to a hospital room? The answer is beige. Yes, beige – the colour that everyone deems boring and almost not worth thinking about. 

We don’t agree with this mindset, and we love beige. It’s a warm neutral colour that does well with white and other light colours. Beige allows you to keep your bedroom neutral without using harsh reds and blues. 

Not only is it not too harsh on the eyes, but beige is also a calming colour that is said to relax our bodies and minds. So it’s no wonder that we love it for bedroom use, right? 

Today we’re going to be looking at 11 ideas on how to incorporate beige into your bedroom, creating a serene, relaxing environment that a bedroom should be. 

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Why Is Beige Such A Great Colour?

As we’ve already touched upon, beige produces a calming effect on those who are around it. While we have been conditioned to believe that beige is a dull and ‘ugly’ colour, more people are using it due to its likeness to the colour of sand.

If you’re going for a light, airy, beachy vibe within your bedroom, what could be better than incorporating the colour of sand into it? 

Beige goes with a lot of different colours, so if you ever find yourself wanting to experiment and add more vibrancy into your bedroom, you can without having to replace all of your beige furnishings and decorations. 

What Colours Does Beige Pair With?

So, what are these colours that go so well with beige? It might surprise you to know that there are a lot of colours that go with beige, such as warm white and light grey. These colours are similar to pure white but with some warm undertones that make the beige pop. 

Another complementary colour to opt for is a dark green, such as emerald. Since beige is a natural tone, the emerald works well with it as it is also a natural colour (hello, trees?). Olive and cadmium are also good options when looking for a green that pairs well with beige. 

Since brown is also typically considered a boring colour, it should come as no surprise that it is also a great choice for pairing with beige. Beige and brown are also cousin colours, which is why they pair so well with one another. 

If you’re up for a bit of adventure and like the idea of incorporating a little colour into your bedroom, pastel colours can be a good choice and often go with beige well. Pastel pinks and blues work well. 

Alternatively, if you’re looking for something slightly bolder, bright red and jet black are good options. Black offers a sophisticated look for the bedroom while red offers a bit of vibrant fun. 

11 Ideas To Use Beige In The Bedroom

So, now that you know a little more about what kind of colours you can pair with beige, start thinking about which might suit you and your vibe the best. Keep this in mind while looking through the next 11 examples of how to use beige in the bedroom. 

White, Blue And Beige

White, blue and beige is an elegant colour palette that instantly transforms your room to look like something out of a fairy tale. Keep white and beige as the main colours with a few pops of light blues, such as some throw cushions or a pastel blue rug. 

Beige is a muted colour so it can be used as a backdrop for another accent colour, which in this instance is powder blue. 

Modern Bright Beige

Beige is like a blank canvas, so you are almost completely free to decorate around it however you want to. A modern bedroom will use subtle white and yellow colours around the beige, further brightening the room. 

The brightness will create the perfect bedroom vibe that won’t make it feel like a chore to wake up in the morning. 

Accent Colours

Similar to mixing beige with white and blue, this idea gives you the option of mixing a number of accent colours with your beige backdrop. Good options for your accent colours are dark grey, dusty pink, and natural brown. 

An accent colour is one colour that is used only slightly within a room to add impact to the colour scheme. So, no matter what colour you choose, make sure that it doesn’t overpower the beige. 


When you decide to make your bedroom beige, it doesn’t mean that every single thing needs to be the same colour, or a variant of it. To add some excitement to your bedroom, add a pattern or two to the walls, floor, or furnishings. 

A zigzag rug, geometric prints on the walls, or spotted wallpaper can introduce some vibrancy to the room without overpowering it. Beige isn’t a popular colour for patterned furnishings, so you might have more luck using black, white or colored patterned pieces and keeping beige for the rest. 

Gold Highlights

Gold accents in a beige bedroom give it an instantly luxurious feel. The colour gold reminds us of rich, expensive items, so adding it to the bedroom can make you feel great about yourself within a matter of moments. 

Beige goes excellently with gold as they are both warm colours. Add gold accents in the form of a gold mirror, gold photo frames, handles, or light fixtures. If you want to add another colour to avoid using too much beige, go for white. 

Beige All The Way

We have one word for you – monochrome! If you’re thinking of going for a beige bedroom, why not just make the whole thing beige? The great thing about monochrome is that everything goes together seamlessly. 

However, monochrome rooms are often too much. Grey, black or white are too sterile, while monochrome red, green or blue rooms are way too vibrant. What’s a good middle ground? Beige! 

Use different shades of beige to add depth to the room while keeping it complimentary. For furniture, use light woods to keep the monochrome theme.

Beige All The Way

Pastel Purple

Pastel purple and beige contradict each other but in the best way. The purple adds a splash of colour without overpowering the room, and the beige still stands out as the main feature. Stick with beige for the main features of the bedroom, such as the flooring, headboard, and framed pictures.

Use purple for a feature wall and the bedding. We like the look when the purple and beige are touching each other (such as the headboard and bedding) to really enhance the contrast. 

Turn Up The Texture

Texture is a good option to add to your bedroom when you’re thinking that it is too flat and boring. Texture can add depth into the room and make it a little more exciting without even trying. Think a textured throw blanket, macrame wall hangings, or a funky framed picture. 

The textured pieces could be in beige to keep in theme with your beige bedroom, or they could be another colour such as black or pastel purple to complement the beige and add another layer of fun into the room.

Light Wood

Many types of light wood can also be considered beige or slightly darker than beige. So, using light wood in a beige bedroom can give it a monochrome feel without removing all of the colour and just using white or black. 

The light wood adds even more warmth along with the beige, leaving you with a very inviting and warm bedroom to come to after a long day. 

Lighting Options

Lighting can make or break a bedroom, so choose it carefully as not to ruin the feel of your bedroom. Beige works best in a bright setting, so the lighting should be strong and natural-looking for the best results. If you don’t have good natural lighting in your bedroom, you’ll need to rely heavily on artificial light. 

So, use strong bulbs with light shades to avoid them from taking the light away from the room. Beige works as a great colour of lampshade as it allows the light to seep through without blocking any of it out. 

Dark Wood

If you want to add a bit of depth into your bedroom without adding a colour such as purple or blue, dark woods work well. The brown colour compliments the beige well while keeping it warm, rather than cold and sterile like black might offer. 

Try and use the same colour of dark wood so that there aren’t too many different shades of brown. As beige is a cousin of brown, using too many shades might look overpowering and messy. 

What Else Should You Know About Making A Beige Bedroom? 

Before you run off to order a load of beige furnishings for your bedroom, there are a few more things to bear in mind when planning.

For example, a beige bedroom will look bleak and dull if there isn’t plenty of natural/ artificial light. So, if you have poor natural light in your bedroom, choosing the correct lighting is imperative to make your new bedroom a success. 

Secondly, beige is a light colour and therefore can easily show imperfections, stains, and scuffs. So, be careful as to what furnishings you’re making beige. If they’re likely to get easily dirty we might suggest using a darker colour such as black or green instead. 

Finally, beige can make any space look larger, so if you have a smaller area of your room, you might be able to use beige to make it look more impressive. However, texture can make a room look smaller, so bear this in mind. 


We hope that this list has left you with a list of ideas of what you want to do with your bedroom. Beige can look excellent in any room, as long as it is used right with complementary colours, textures, and styles.

So have fun with it! Beige can be paired with almost any colour, so you can keep your beige furnishings for years, even as you update your room.

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