12 Beautiful Blue Bathroom Ideas To Inspire You

Blue is a super calming color, beloved by people wanting to create a cozy vibe in their homes. So if you’re going to make an oceanic feeling in your bathroom, we recommend using this color.

12 Beautiful Blue Bathroom Ideas To Inspire You (1)

However, using blue to create a cohesive scheme in a bathroom can be pretty tricky, which means you need someone to help you out.

Putting the wrong bathroom in your home can be an expensive mistake. Unfortunately, this means that you’ll have to spend money replacing it or leaving it uncomfortable with your decision.

We’ve looked at beautiful blue bathroom spaces to stop this from happening.

And we didn’t want to keep this information to ourselves! The following article talks about blue bathroom ideas to help inspire you to design your own room.

We’ve concisely written content about separate bathrooms so that you can customize your space to suit your needs.

The information has been kept short enough to educate yourself without feeling bored. So, read on to learn more!

1 Herringbone Tiles 

These herringbone tiles are an attractive option if you want a super eye-catching design! This beautiful walk-in shower is a great way to make the large bathing area a feature.

However, if you’re not as lucky to have a huge bathroom space, why not down the scale with smaller tiles? 

The navy blue is a way to hug the space and make it appear cozy despite being a very functional space. The brass is a great accent, which complements the cold tones well. This ensures that the bathroom doesn’t appear unloved.

2 Deep Blue And White

If you don’t want to go entirely into embracing blue, why not make it into a feature wall or two in your bathroom?

The deep colors contrast nicely with the snow-white ceramics, which stops the space from feeling small. In addition, the green plants add more life to an otherwise monochromatic space.

The window frame has been painted white to make sure the white and blue don’t seem too separate. By surrounding this with blue, it breaks up the two colors into a more cohesive scheme.

3 Half And Half Little Bathroom

If you’re desperate to bring dark blue into a small space, you absolutely can, and this scheme proves it! White tiles have been added to lighten up the lower area so that you don’t feel too enclosed.

This brings clean lines that make the geometric flooring and blue tones pop well.

The additional dark black and white art piece ties in the flooring with the lower walls and makes the upper part work. The sink’s clean lines define the space that matches the horizontal tiles.

4 Classic Royal Blue Wall Tiles

These classic brick-shaped blue tiles remind us of old tiling that would likely be found in an expensive hotel. The blue tiles are denim colored and are not all the same shades, which adds interest to the controlled formation.

The gray stone sink is an excellent organic shape, which softens up the tile’s edges to not seem too practical.

The white skirting board mirrors the upper wall well, which helps to make sure the blue tiling doesn’t feel too dark. We like the black and white photographs, which are neutral to make the blue pop.

5 Deep Blue Paneling 

We love this deep blue coloring for an updated take on Victorian style, which adds a moody tone to this large bathroom.

The white rolled bathtub shines underneath the window, and the cozy navy blue would feel comfy when you’re bathing. The geometric flooring shines and matches the cold blues, which means you can create a cohesive color scheme.

The stylist has added a cute hanging planter to bring a bohemian feel to the space. The trailing plant is an exceptional way to add vibrant color to the room and feel more homely.

We adore that this dramatic space truly shines in the ceramic from the light streaming in from the window.

6 Modern Elegance

Do you love elegant designs but are worried about accidentally turning your space into a stuffy and old-fashioned room? If so, why not take inspiration from this scheme, which uses a beaded chandelier to boost the classiness without making it frumpy. 

The large bathtub is nestled snugly into the space at the end. The dark blue stripe around the walls brings the ceiling in a bit, so it doesn’t seem too lofty.

The bushy fern makes the bathroom feel more laid-back. It is a beautiful contrast to the regimented white paneling behind.

7 Mermaid Scales

Have you wanted a classy oceanic bathroom for ages? Fancy living out your childhood mermaid dreams in a grown-up way?

If so, we recommend considering getting yourself some gorgeously blue scale tiles like the ones here. But, of course, the shiny ceramic makes the room feel even more significant than it is, too! 

The lovely blue stool is an excellent way to create a casual feeling in this room and will work well as a surface to place a drink while you’re in the bath. How luxurious is that?!

The super on-trend circular mirror is a lovely addition and looks like it’s been perched on the shelf. This adds to the lived-in vibe.

8 High-end And Classic 

If you want to put your stunning blue artwork so that it’s central to the design, why not pick out the tones in it for a wall paint color? The designer that’s created this bathroom has expertly matched the deeper blue colors to the walls. This means that neither looks out of place. 

With its reflective frameworks, the mirror casts more light over the tiny space. This prevents the room from feeling gloomy even though the walls are dark blue. In addition, the snow-white ceramic and rustic wood cupboard add freshness to the room.

9 Blue Ferns

Torn between your love for nature and the color blue? If so, why not take inspiration from this bathroom design and use some blue fern wallpaper.

The stylized artwork creates an exciting feature to add organic softness to an otherwise boxy room. In addition, the soft and muted blue is an excellent way to break up the white.

We love that the attractive wallpaper has been reflected in the rounded-off mirror, making the room feel more significant than it is. The classic dresser is also a perfect addition to a busy family’s bathroom. It would store many towels and toiletries comfortably for when you need them.

10 Calm And Relaxing 

We recommend considering this bathroom scheme for those searching for a serene space to take inspiration from.

12 Beautiful Blue Bathroom Ideas To Inspire You

The light blue cupboards create a crisp and calming shape, softened by the marble-effect counter above. The black accents ground the scheme so that it doesn’t feel too stark.

We adore the wooden touches added to bring warmth to the design. The rounded-off mirrors are pleasingly minimal and match the woven basket that contains toiletries.

In addition, the white and blue striped rug brings more softness and a slightly bohemian feel to the room.

11 Sculptural Decadence

The designer has added shining golden accents here to ensure the blue bathroom doesn’t feel cold. The fanning sculpture on the wall reflects light well so that the space doesn’t feel cramped.

We adore that the brassy color has been taken to the cupboards, framing the doors so that they feel included in the scheme.

The stunning shower has tiles with a golden starry design, reminding us of fireworks. And as this pattern suggests, we believe that being in this bathroom is something to be celebrated! The white tiles lighten up the space further so that it doesn’t feel too overwhelming. 

12 1800s Charm

If you’re a history buff or someone who loves classic style, this bathroom is an ideal option for you.

The blue paneling in this Tennessee home is packed with old-fashioned charm, which is accentuated by the antique painting and old photographs mounted onto them. 

The sophisticated gray marble countertop is a lovely contrast to the more rustic wooden finishes on the cupboard doors below.

We adore the delicate shell design wallpaper, which is carried around the ceiling to make the room feel bigger. The adorable potted plants are another lovely way to nod to times gone by.


No matter your taste, you can find a gorgeous blue bathroom scheme that will suit you. We love that there’s anything from elegant designs to chic minimalist spaces.

Our favorite is the blue mermaid scale tiling, which reflects light magically across the cozy room. We hope you found inspiration from this article and enjoy crafting your own beautiful bathroom!

If you’d like more ideas on designing your home, we have many other articles in our archive that you can check out.

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