14 Colors That Go Greatly With Black In Home Interiors

Black is one of the very few colors that you can use in your home to make a statement, especially when you use it in bold ways, such as painting your walls black.

In fact, by conventional decorating practices, every room should have a touch of black somewhere. 

Today, however, more and more of us are choosing to use black as a dominant feature color. From bedrooms and living rooms to kitchens and bathrooms, black works as a great feature color in any room. 

One of the best ways to use black in your home interior is to pair it with another color. Although black is a strong neutral base, it works best when it is used to enhance and accentuate the tone of a second color.

What’s tricky, however, is finding a color that blends well with black. 

Fortunately, black is a pretty versatile shade and is compatible with a myriad of colors, but you still need to find a color that blends beautifully.

To help you out we’ve put together a list of the best colors to pair with black as well as some key decor tips to help you create a stylish and personalized space. 

Let’s get started. 


Black and white – simple, timeless, classic. This iconic combination will certainly make a statement regardless of how you use the color scheme. 

The key to making black and white work, however, is to mix patterns and textures.

For instance, black and white checkerboard floor, zebra-striped cushions, floral wallpaper, are all ways in which you can vary the pattern and texture in a room. 

Pairing black and white can create a sophisticated look, particularly in bathrooms and kitchens. There is a wondrous array of different black and white tiles to choose from.

From the classic checkerboard to more vintage-inspired patterned tiling – you can truly create whatever style you want. 

But a room doesn’t have to be completely black and white, you can always add a third color like gray into the mix.

Gray is similar in tone to black (in fact it’s just a lighter shade), and adding it to a black and white themed room can enhance the appeal. 


Speaking of gray, black and gray is another classic combination, and is often used to create a cool, relaxed, and calm atmosphere in a room.

If you’re after that somber yet sleek look, then using black and gray together can look both stylish and sophisticated in a bedroom or living room

If you’re after a monochromatic look, then pair black with charcoal gray. As the two are so similar in tone, you can create a cohesive look without too much contrast.

However, varying shades of gray can create contrast. 

For instance, using varying shades of black and gray for headboards, curtains, bed linens, and other soft furnishings can create dimension, whilst keeping a room looking cohesive. 

If you feel like charcoal gray is too dark to pair with black, opt for lighter shades of gray. Light grays will accentuate the black, and make it stand out even more.

You can also add some white details to brighten up the room, but keep the dark colors as the focus. 


Let’s keep to the neutral theme but look at a far warmer neutral – beige. Beige blends perfectly with black, and is a great alternative to white. 

Thanks to its warmer tones, beige offsets the intensity of black rather than highlighting it, which gives a room a more welcoming and comforting look. 

Although there are various ways in which you can use beige and black together, one simple way is to use beige as the wall color and use black accent pieces.

For instance, black sofas, beds, throw pillows, and linens will stand out against the beige. You can also use black-toned furniture and accessories like sculptures, trinkets, and photo frames. 

You can also use beige for other accent pieces, which will fill the space with warmth but will also add a little sophistication. 


Keeping it neutral again, pairing shades of brown with black can put a sophisticated twist on earth-toned neutrals.

As a plus, pairing these two colors can add both drama and elegance to a room, especially in more modern spaces. 

One way to use this color combination is to pair a black leather sofa with dark wooden tables, shelves, and other furniture staples. This can create an eclectic vibe that looks like it has been perfectly curated.

Add in a few plants for a touch of color. 

This color scheme also looks sensational when black walls are paired with brown furniture. For a masculine feel, why not try black paneled walls with brown leather sofas and mahogany furniture.

Add in touches of gold to further emphasize the look of the room. 


Speaking of gold, black and gold together scream elegance, luxury, and opulence. If you want to keep a monochromatic look, keep a lot of features in your room black, but add in gold accents where you can. 

For instance, gold-toned handles pop against black cabinet doors. You can also pair a black vanity with a gold-framed mirror for a sophisticated look. 

What’s great about this color scheme is that it can be used in a myriad of ways, and using them together often results in a luxurious room.

If you feel a room maybe a little dark using black as the only base color, then you can always add a third color like gray or white to brighten up the space. 


Silver is another metallic color that shines when paired with black. Although it’s not as warm as gold when combined silver and black can give a space a rather modern and futuristic look. 

It can also be used in a rather casual way. Keep a room muted with black or dark gray shades and add in pops of silver to add some variation. 


Whilst we’re still looking at metallic shades, it’s worth discussing copper. As an orange-toned metallic, black and orange usually remind us of Halloween.

Black and copper, on the other hand, scream glamor. 

Not only is it more subtle than orange, but black and copper are eye-catching. For instance, if we take the black and white bathroom theme from earlier on and add a copper bathtub, it can transform your bathroom into a glamorous, and luxurious space. 

It’s also a great combination to use in dining rooms. Why not pair copper framed dining chairs with a round table?

Add black plates, and copper decorations like placemats and cutlery to tie the look together. Not only does it look sophisticated, but it’s banging on-trend. 


In contemporary interior design, shades of green like emerald or sage are stealing the spotlight, and black pairs nicely with a lot of different green shades. 

One of our favorite color combinations is black and forest green. This chic and sophisticated color pairing can be very simple to achieve, but the results are stunning. 

You’ve probably encountered a lot of jungle prints in interior design in recent years and they don’t seem to be going anywhere soon.

One of our design faves is using black paneling on the bottom half of a wall, and wallpaper with dominant shades of green (like jungle print wallpaper). 

This look works particularly well in bathrooms, so try adding a classic sink basin, retro light fixtures, and using gold, pewter, or copper details like mirror frames, towel holders, and faucets. 

This color scheme can also be used in simple ways. Opt for dark wall shades and floor shades to create a moody atmosphere but fill your room with green houseplants to inject some color into the space.

Emerald green sofas or bed linens can make a dramatic and strong statement too. 

Dusty Rose 

Contemporary design isn’t just black and white, so why not try swapping white for a soft pink like dusty rose to add a little personality to your space.

The color combination of black and dusty rose can create a soft and feminine look without veering away from the modern, contemporary aesthetic. 

Although pink is still considered a “feminine” color, it can have a strong look that will warm up a dark room, and give off a more inviting vibe. 

If you’re intimidated by using black on your walls, why not use dusty pink as the base color instead. Paneled walls (even fake paneled walls) are hot right now, so why not try out the faux paneled look in dusty pink. 

Not only is this contemporary, but it’s also sleek and sophisticated. Incorporate black through furniture pieces like shelving units, coffee tables, lighting fixtures, and photo frames. 

For living rooms, keep the sofa or seating neutral, in shades of light gray or white, but incorporate the pink and black through soft furnishings like cushions, rugs, and throws. 

Incorporate different textures like velvet to add a touch of glamor, and don’t forget the abstract wall art. 

A design tip is to stay away from bright, bold pinks like fuchsia or hot pink when using black as one of your base colors.

This can make a space look dated and tacky, but softer pinks look elegant and balance out the intensity of black. 


Blue is such a versatile color, and there are an endless number of shades to choose from. Thanks to its versatility several different shades pair well with black.

Some of our favorites include royal blue, indigo, cobalt, and navy. 

When pairing these colors with black, not only will they add some life into a room, but they also have a timeless appeal.

Using this color combination together can give a room a sophisticated flair, and works well in bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms, and living rooms. 

For a sophisticated yet moody look, opt for a shade like navy. This can also make a room feel very inviting, as the blue will warm and soften the black.

Try pairing black leather sofas with navy faux paneled walls, and add pops of blue in soft furnishings like cushions and blankets. Also adding gold accents will give the space a bit of flair, and can make a room feel put together. 

Although this color combination can work exceptionally well in bathrooms and kitchens, why not try it in the bedroom?

It’s been scientifically proven that blue is one of the best colors to use in your bedroom as it evokes feelings of calm and relaxation, which is the perfect setting for getting a good night’s sleep. 


If you want to use a brighter shade of blue, why not consider turquoise or even teal. These shades of blue have quite a rich feeling to them, and when paired with black can be used in a variety of different ways. 

Why not try and give a modern space a vintage flair? Velvet turquoise chesterfield sofas look elegant, luxurious, and can make a statement. 

You can also try using black furniture with turquoise walls. Not only will this look sophisticated but it can make a room look warm and inviting too. 


Whilst we’re on the topic of rich tones, might we suggest purple as the perfect color to pair with black?

To most, it may seem like an odd color combination, and slightly reminiscent of Halloween (just like orange).

However, if purple and black are used in the right way, you can truly make a room look stylish and sophisticated. 

However, be careful when pairing these two colors, as using the wrong shade of purple can give a room a rather unpleasant view. But, if you pull it off, you can create an edgy, yet sophisticated look. 

Touches of pale gold can also be used to help brighten the space up.


Black and red is a color combination that is constantly coming back into home and fashion style.

Although it can often have some gothic or vampiric connotations, when these two colors are paired together they can fill a contemporary space with an edge. 

One of the best places in your home to use this power combo in the kitchen.

Using black and white as your base for walls, floors, and cabinets, but adding in touches of red through appliances and lighting fixtures can put a fun and retro twist on a modern space. 


Black and yellow is another power color combination, but it’s not for the faint of heart. Adding yellow into a predominantly black space can add a lot of energy.

The playfulness of yellow often balances out the seriousness of black, which can add a bit of drama and contrast to a space. 

We recommend trying this color combination out in the bathroom or kitchen, but our golden rule is to stick with brighter shades of yellow.

Pale or mustard yellows often clash with black, and may give an unpleasant result. 

Also, try adding some white into the space too. It’s the perfect neutral color that pairs beautifully with both black and yellow. 

In kitchens, why not try adding yellow pendant lights. It will add color to a room without sacrificing elegance. In bathrooms, why not try adding a yellow feature wall to a black and white color scheme?

Yellow can be used as a beautiful and brightening pop of color. 

Final Thoughts 

There you have it! Some of the best colors to pair with black when decorating your home.

But remember, black is available in a variety of hues and can be used in a myriad of ways. Whether you prefer traditional or modern interiors, you can use black in whatever way you like. 

Pairing black with different colors can also create different vibes. If you want a warm, neutral look, try taupe or beige. If you want bright and bold try yellow or red.

If you want elegant and sophisticated opt for green or blush pink. 

The choice is endless, and you can create some exceptional spaces. Happy decorating!

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