33 Towel Storage Ideas For Your Bathroom

A well-organized bathroom makes so much difference to a busy person’s life. We love that when it comes to storing your towels, you don’t have to prioritize functionality over style. If you’ve ever dreamed about having a spa-style space in your own home, we’re here to tell you that you can! 

Finding towel storage solutions that suit your lifestyle isn’t always easy. There are many out there, so figure out the best one for your bathroom. If you pick the wrong one, it can result in turning your dreamy, relaxing room into an awkwardly arranged problem.

So, to prevent you from feeling hemmed in by your towels, we’ve looked through the internet’s ideas archive. We’ve gathered together some premium ideas and neatly put them in a pile below. To work out the suitable designs for your bathroom, we recommend scrolling through this article’s options.

We’ve included nifty towel holders to suit different tastes, requirements, and sized rooms. So, read on! 

1. Rustic Wooden Wall Shelving

We recommend considering this rustic wooden option if you love laid-back style and recycling. This multipurpose shelving option means that you can achieve two common bathroom storage issues in one go! In addition, the style lends itself to being accessible to those on a budget as you won’t need many tools to create this on its own.

We adore that the creator has put little toilet paper shelves on the side, too! But, of course, if you have a more prominent family, you could always increase the wall storage size to include more sections for towels.

2. Minimal Tiling Nook

Do you have a dull space that you don’t know what to do with? If so, why not spruce it up using clean white tiles like the ones here?!

This shelving unit uses up a new spot between the bath and the wall, meaning the towels are tucked away neatly. An advantage to this design other than functionality is that you can use the shelves to add minor decorative features, too.

The shelves could be adjusted to suit the bathroom owner’s needs so that you can fully customize the design. We like that the stylist for this bathroom has rolled the towels up, making it look even more like a luxurious spa. The little baskets to hold a blanket is another exciting way that adds to the slightly bohemian vibe. 

3. Glass-panelled Cupboard

Are your luxurious towels just too good to hide? If so, why not get yourself a glass paneled cupboard to proudly display your luxurious items?! We adore that this particular storage solution brings classic style to an otherwise pretty bare and small bathroom.

It can be so hard to make a little space have character, so the metal handles on the cupboard help. In addition, this option means that you can find a place for your other toiletries. The tall unit is ideal for being a multipurpose place to store your beautiful cosmetic items and access them easily from the shower, too! 

4. Boho Basket

This basket made with natural materials is packed with homemade charm, perfect for bohemian bathrooms. The tightly woven grass adds softness and the handles allow you to quickly move it around! We love that as an extra cute touch, the stylist has accessorized the towels’ color to match the basket.

5. Minimalist Wooden Shelving

A small bathroom doesn’t have to be an awkward space! If you love Scandi design, you could get yourself some minimalist timber shelving that stretches upwards. We love that this unit uses up only a little floor space while holding many towels and adorable decorations. 

The vertical design utilizes the room’s upper section, which also helps those luscious plants get more lighting. If you’re particularly handy, this shelving would be pretty easy to make in a day. Building this yourself would be a fun way to practice your DIY skills, and you get a functional furniture piece in the end.

6. Boho Moveable Storage

This cute little storage place is so handy to have in a bohemian space. The woven natural material in the shelving adds to the eclectic vibe and makes the piece feel airy. Also, we like that the designer has made the feet and sides super shiny so that the unit doesn’t look shabby.

To add to the chic feel, the stylist has neatly curving towels, which are handily within reach when moved next to the shower. 

7. Farmhouse Crates 

If you’re on a budget and like the farmhouse style, we recommend considering this option. These rustic crates can often be found online for a super affordable price, too! To attach them to the wall, you’ll only need some basic DIY know-how to make sure you’re not drilling into any pipes. 

And, if you find yourself still running out of space, you could add more crates over time to create a lovely modular arrangement.

8. Criss-crossing Rack

Another multipurpose option, this towel rack is super stylish. If you have many towels, you can always make a colorful display by packing them between the diagonal timber parts. If you want to coordinate this furniture piece with your existing decor, we advise you to prime and paint the rack to match.

9. Over The Door Cubbyhole

It can be challenging for someone with a tiny bathroom to know where to put the towels, so they’re accessible yet out the way. So the designer has used unwanted space above the door to make a towel feature here. We love that they’ve also added hooks to the door so that wet towels can be easily hung up to dry.

The folded fabrics give it a spa vibe, which is aesthetically pleasing! 

10. Hanging Baskets 

The designer has cleverly made this leaning ladder stand to use surplus empty space, which houses the towels in cute baskets. The holders might even be adorable bicycle baskets, which adds to the whimsical feel of the structure. In addition, the stylist has emphasised the countryside theme by adding faux foliage, appealing to cottage fantasists. 

We adore that the towels are just poking out, almost inviting us to pick them up!

11. Grey Chic

If you want a towel rail and extra shelving in one, how about considering getting yourself this one? The grey colour will go well with many different existing colour schemes, which means it’s an ideal choice for seamlessly integrating into your home.

In addition, the curving edges are lovely, which stops the shelving from feeling too utilitarian. 

The built-in railing shelters the towels below neatly, allowing you to grab one when you need it without messing up the neatly rolled ones. 

12. Clean Lines

If you’re a no-fuss person who wants to use up some wall space in your bathroom, why not try this idea out for size? The two black metal parts elegantly support the curled-up towels. The result is a rack that holds towels within reach and allows busy people to quickly slide one out when they need it. 

The wooden panel on the back adds warmth and brings natural texture to the white wall.

13. Iron Curving Towel Holder

Suppose you want a particularly feminine towel storage solution. In that case, we advise you to consider this super affordable iron one or similar. The curling edges are perfect for someone wanting to live out their grown-up Princess dreams.

In addition, we like that the iron is super sturdy so that you can be sure your towels will stay in position. 

In addition, this little one can be easily mounted to a wall or door to maximise floor surface area.

14. Rotating Hanging Rack Bar 

Another space-saving solution is this rotating rack, which can be pushed back to the wall when you don’t want it. This allows you to place it by a shower and swing it around when you want to get out. The rotating element also looks super cool and lets you display arty towels like the ones shown here.

The metal design has an industrial feel, ideal for a trendy loft or studio space. If you wanted to, you could even make a similar rack to heat up so that you won’t have to be cold when you get out of the bath.

15. Hideaway Storage

If you want some storage that tucks away, why not think about this pulled-out laundry basket solution? This means that you can put away any dirty laundry and pick out a new towel simultaneously. In addition, the space is ample to put in a large family’s towels, which means you’ll never have to worry about lacking storage space for them again. 

The nifty rack on the door frees up more cupboard room for towels. So, you can place the toiletries neatly separate if there’s a spillage that would ruin the freshly laundered fabric.

16. Boat Shaped Towel Wall Rack

We believe this boat-shaped shelving is ideal if you have a bathroom with a nautical theme. The cleats are a lovely little detail that nods back to sailing, as the rope frame. If you want more ideas about where to put this rack, why not put it on a yacht, in a pool house, or in a spa room.

The white neutral base and light blue towels are lovely touches that add to the maritime feeling. 

17. Curved Wall Mount Holder

This storage rack adds a lovely soft curve to any bathroom, which hugs the towels carefully. The golden colour is ideal for bringing warmth to a dull space and is a way to add some glamour to the bathroom. The rolled-up towels complement the curving parts, which is a nice touch. 

18. Natural Baskets

Suppose you already have some baskets lying around that are unused. In that case, we believe putting them on the wall is a brilliant idea. The different sizes allow you to organize your towels according to what you use them for so that you’re never desperately looking for a more prominent face cloth again.

Even someone whose super new to DIY projects can figure out how to attach these boxes to a wall. We love that the natural materials bring a bohemian edge to the neutral decor.

19. Wire Basket Towel Storage

Why not get yourself some wire baskets for those who love a minimal and industrial feel to their bathroom space. The hooks below are a handy way to air wet towels after bathing, which stops them from getting mouldy. In addition, the structured design is a lovely way to organise your towels so that you keep them neatly displayed and easy to access. 

20. Trolley On Wheels

To keep the towels conveniently nearby while you’re in the bath, we love this trolley. The circular shape stops you from banging yourself on sharp corners whenever you’re soaking getting out of the showers. The metal edges work well at holding towels in place and add airiness to the storage. 

The wheels mean that you can move it around to push it out the way when you need it. This means that you can wheel it close so that you can keep the toiletries close to you in the bath.

21. Curving Iron Shelves 

Knowing what to do with spare space over the toilet can be tricky, meaning wasted space. The black metal frame has lovely curving features, which brings an elegant silhouette to the bathroom. The shelving is handily placed so that it’s next to the bath, which allows those bathing to access it easily.

The open sides let light into other spots in the bathroom, which means a small space doesn’t need to feel even tinier. 

22. Simply Shelf

A simple shelf above the door helps use up space at the top of the bathroom. However, as you can see here, the benefit to a bare uninterrupted shelf is to put other toiletries on it. This means you can fill it with towels or mix it in with beauty products if you see fit. 

23. Hanging Rope 

For those that love nautical vibes, we adore that you can put inappropriate touches on a budget. The hanging rope can be picked up at a craft store, which means that you can cheaply create this effect. To customize this storage solution is easy because you can lengthen or shorten the rope to suit your space.

Putting a hook into the wall to support the rope is relatively easy, which means you can do it with a minimal DIY experience. In addition, the rigid wooden paneling is a lovely contrast to the rustic rope, ensuring that it doesn’t look too untidy.

24. Driftwood Towel Rack 

If you adore visiting the seaside and collecting souvenirs, we recommend you consider making decorations with what you find. The driftwood makes a lovely rustic way to hang the towels, which will remind you about your fantastic vacation. The rope brings a more bohemian edge, which goes well with the natural wood. 

25. Black Curved Ladder Rack

This black metal ladder can be moved and leaned against other walls, which allows you to take it with you if you change houses. The minimalist design ensures that it’s not cluttered so that you can maintain a sleek aesthetic in your home.

In addition, the black color lends itself to going with many design schemes, which means you can decorate and keep it.

If you want to add more color to the ladder, you can put bright towels on this rack. We would advise getting this rack if a minimalist loves neat designs.

26. Wire Basket

We know that sometimes the best solution is the simplest one. A black wire basket is multipurpose so that even if you don’t want to keep towels in them forever, you don’t have to. In addition, this basket could be used to keep chopped wood for a fire in the future.

The minimalist and functional design is ideal for an industrial bathroom, which will keep your towels tidy.

27. Rustic Wall Hooks

If you have a family, it can be hard to find enough space to hang up the towels so that they can dry. The hook row is a simple way to make enough room so that no towels have to touch each other when they’re spaced out. The wooden part would suit being painted or varnished to suit whatever design scheme you have decided on.

28. Brass Towel Rack

The brass rectangular towel rack is a brilliant way to add warmth and shininess to a bathroom. The burnt orange towels complement the stand, which reflects the light well. The angular structure would suit someone who has no-fuss taste. Positioning this by the bath would make it convenient for keeping you warm after bathing.

29. Rattan Hanging Rack

For those looking for a budget-friendly towel rack, we recommend getting this one from H&M. These rattan wall hooks bring a bohemian feeling to any space they’re placed in. The black frame is a lovely way to get structure to the hand-crafted feel. 

As there are only four hooks, this item isn’t ideal for those with a large family. 

30. Hexagonal Towel Rack

This hexagonal wall rack is like an art piece, which helps to store towels in style. This funky item reminds us of beehives, which brings a soft and organic feeling to an otherwise utilitarian space. The advantage to getting this rack is that you don’t have to buy an extra wall mural.

The warm and bright copper rack is also heated so that your towels will be kept warm when they’re placed on them. This exciting piece doesn’t come without a hefty price tag, however. So it’s not made for those on a budget.

31. Copper Coat Hook

These copper hooks are made with piping, which can be bought for a very reasonable price. However, if you want an even cheaper way to make these towel hooks, we advise you to attend a hardware store. While at this shop, you can get some cheap plumbing parts, which will help you get this industrial aesthetic.

You can achieve these hooks by following a simple DIY tutorial on fixing pipes together, too! 

32. Zig Zag Hanger

This wooden towel rack is a minimal way to display towels and help them to dry after bathing. The advantage to this one is that it can be folded pretty flat so that you can store it easily when it’s not in use. In addition, the light-coloured timber is airy coloured, lending itself to being placed by a window without looking too jarring. 

33. Stylish Burnt Oak Storage Hook

This burnt oak hook system is both handy and stylishly made. The brilliant design means that you can choose which hooks to pop down so that you can arrange the towels. This means that you can customize the arrangement to allow the towels to dry without touching one another.

If you don’t have enough towels to fill the rack, you can always add a bag or scarf, as the stylist has in this picture. 


There are many innovative designs out there that can help you store your towels easily in your home. So, whether you want storage for your whole family or simply to hang up a damp towel after a bath, you can. We like the hexagonal radiator for those with ample funds, which warms up cloth in style. 

If you’re on a budget, you can simply buy some copper piping from a hardware store. This will ensure that you can build your own storage solutions even if you don’t have much money. We hope you found inspiration in our article! 

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