Best Online Homeware Shops: Where To Buy Decor In The UK

Finding exciting home decor can be so fun! However, it can be a chore to trawl around the high street to find the perfect item.

If the shops aren’t stocking what you’re looking for, it can mean a disappointingly wasted journey. Even worse, it can result in your home looking super shabby and unloved.

Thankfully the rapid increase in online homeware shops is super handy, which means that you can find decor easily from home. So, you can snuggle up on the sofa and enjoy your free time shopping for brilliant pieces of furniture you can enjoy for years to come. 

Online shopping is super safe during difficult times, providing an uplifting hobby for many. So whether you want to completely renovate your interiors or spruce up an unloved corner, we’ve got you covered. 

To help make your search run smoothly, we’ve researched the best online homeware shops. This allows you to save even more time by learning about these stores in one place. So, read on to find your dream decor!


Dunelm is a helpful furniture shop that produces elegant and functional items for many different rooms.

However, some people don’t realize that Dunelm also makes excellent decor, suits several other occasions, tastes, and lifestyles.

If you want to make a fantastic wedding on a budget, heading to Dunelm is a great place to start.

This shop manufactures brilliant floral arrangements, which would look great for different themed ceremonies. However, suppose you’re looking for more long-lasting decor.

In that case, Dunelm does interesting ceramics, which means that you can invest in beautiful crockery that will remind you of your big day.

And Dunelm isn’t just made for those saying their vows or updating their furniture. If you’re pretty creative, you can also find many crafting materials which will enrich your life.

There are so many sewing tools, knitting accessories, and paints sold here, which can help you personalize your home. 

We love Dunelm’s versatility! The furniture here is often very affordable, which means you can enjoy their products even if you’re on a budget. And, their decor options aren’t limited to indoor spaces.

Dunelm sells many outdoor decorations, including fake foliage curtains, which can make your garden have a whimsical aesthetic. 


Matalan is a perfect option for those on a budget because it offers so much affordable homeware, which is lovely. If you want to make your bedroom more inviting, Matalan creates many bedding sets.

These are very reasonably priced and come in different aesthetics. We particularly like their duvet covers with pretty printed designs, which would look lovely in many university rooms.

Matalan has written many valuable guides, including decorating advice if you can’t decide what to get. This means that you can teach yourself how to renovate your home without paying for expensive skilled builders and decorators.

By following these tips, you can learn anything from applying wallpaper to what to search for when deciding on duvets.

Matalan is a store that also does clothing, which means that you can update your wardrobe simultaneously and save on delivery costs.

Many clothes here are pretty inexpensive, too. Meaning this online store is a brilliant option!


The Range is another versatile online store that sells everything from armchairs to valentine’s day craft kits. If you want to find themed decorations, we advise you to head to The Range because it often produces seasonal items.

In addition, this store often holds many sales, which offer several bargains that are worth checking out! 

If you love buying little accent decor bits to freshen up your rooms, The Range can help you out. This store can serve you well by offering fantastic picture frames, blankets, dresser mirrors, and trendy lampshades.

This wonderfully diverse store is great to visit. There are many based around the country.

If you’re throwing a party, looking at their occasion decor online is worth it. This is because they often sell sparkly balloons, banners, party favors, fun little games, and materials to make invitations. 

This store has a massive section for decorating, which includes accessories for wallpapering and painting.

With the tools on offer from The Range, you can brush up on your DIY skills, which means saving money on employing decorators. 

And, that isn’t all they sell! If you have a pet, you can buy cute toys for them to play with here, which means you can even make their accessories fit in with your decor taste!

As if that wasn’t awesome enough, there’s a whole category in the shop that’s dedicated to crafting materials.


For those that like to keep up with the current trends, visiting Boohoo is a brilliant place to go for fashionable decor. This store has many items that can fill an unloved shelving unit.

This includes gorgeous glass vases, pink candle holders, hanging planters, knitted throws, and grass baskets.

Boohoo is particularly good at creating wonderful scatter cushions, which follow several different styles. Boohoo has many bohemian, minimalist, abstract, sculptural, and fun decorations. 

Suppose you’re a university student that wants to make their first room away from home beautiful. In that case, you can do this with Boohoo’s products.

In the past, this store has created wonderful moon-shaped, macrame, and leafy items ideal for decorating a self-proclaimed hippy’s room. 

Boohoo is known for creating adorable decor that’s popular with young people. This means you can be sure that you’ll be buying items that aren’t old-fashioned from here.

If you want to purchase gorgeous clothing, Boohoo sells this too so you can give your interior space a more thorough refresh.


Wayfair is renowned for creating high-quality furniture in many wealthy people’s homes.

It has a massive archive of exquisite products, which have been crafted by highly experienced designers. 

Angel Strawbridge, designer, featured in the popular Escape To The Chateau television series, has produced items on sale at Wayfair. 

Wayfair does many handy decor sets, including cookware and dinnerware.

Buying these ensures that you can have a cohesive scheme when dining, which means that you can create many memories. 

In addition, these sets can make for beautiful wedding presents for loved ones, which are both functional and stylish. 

If you love elegant homeware, you can find many sophisticated items, which are likely to be the envy of your friends and family. T

o give you an idea about the decor on offer, we’re going to list a few outdoor items that Wayfair has put on their store below.

Outdoor decor that this store has listed includes a hummingbird wind chime, sculptural decorative lantern, rustic bridge, and garden stake.

They've also sold decorative tiles, gnomes, ceramic toadstools, and personalized signs.

 There were over 22 pages on their website offering decor for landscapes and gardens when we looked.


For many, when they hear about Debenhams, they think about the big department stores on high streets up and down the UK.

However, some don’t realize that this shop is also available online, which often offers more stock than can be placed in physical stores. 

The home section has a diverse selection, including fun door stops, candles, diffusers, mirrors, and jewelry boxes.

These can be perfect for adding the finishing touches to a new home that you’ve just moved into after finishing up construction and more permanent decorating. 

Debenhams is a marketplace that features many famous brands, including Yankee Candle, Ted Baker, Pyrex, Slumberdown, Tefal, and Royal Worcester.

In addition, there are throws, blankets, curtains, and cushions, which can soften up harsh edges that have been bugging you in your home. 

For those that enjoy overseeing their home’s renovation from start to finish, we advise looking at Debenhams.

They also sell home electricals, lighting features, and small furniture pieces.


For those that aren’t quite ready to order their soft furnishings because their home needs more work, B&Q is a great place to browse through.

In addition, this shop is beloved by keen DIY-ers because it sells handy tools and equipment made for completing structural tasks. 

If you find yourself missing an electric drill, copper pipe piece, paintbrushes, or screwdriver, B&Q will likely have some in stock.

However, if you’re not quite sure what exactly you need and can travel to a physical store, we recommend going to one.

Many store employees also have technical knowledge that can help you out and answer your questions. 

And practical items aren't all that B&Q sells. They have also stocked many decorative items in the past.

So, you may find artwork, pretty plant pots, clocks, and wardrobes that you find work well with your aesthetic.

In addition, B&Q is well known for selling ceramic tiles in different shapes that can give you your dream splashback, bathroom, and kitchen floor.

We particularly love the indoor lampshades on offer because many are super stylish and look much more expensive than they are.

In addition, we love their sculptural ceiling lamps, which make for a functional and aesthetically pleasing feature, perfect for brightening up a dull space.


If you love supporting small businesses, we recommend checking out Etsy because it’s a marketplace made for individual sellers.

You can find all sorts on Etsy, from personalized gifts to seed kits to handmade scatter cushions. 

We particularly love that many wall art pieces would suit a bohemian-style home on this site.

ou can find macrame hangings aplenty here, which come in warm earthy tones and are likely to make your space feel extra cozy! 

Etsy is an excellent place to look for gifts because you can ask many sellers to personalize artwork.

And these customizations don’t have to be tacky. Many artists on this site are adept at integrating names with their work in a tasteful way.

And, buying these products can mean giving your loved one a super meaningful present, which they’re likely to treasure for years to come. 

If you love the unique decor, Etsy is a brilliant place for you to shop because you truly never know what gems you might uncover here.

We’ve seen anything from bee door knockers crushed glass coasters to personalized hanging pub signs.


Another beloved home improvement store amongst DIY-ers, Homebase has many brilliant decor deals on offer. This store even sells blow-up hot tubs, which would make you the talk of the neighborhood!

Finally, for those looking to do some pretty permanent decorating, Homebase has a huge tile selection on offer. 

However, if you’re wondering where the more changeable decor is, Homebase doesn’t disappoint!

A home furnishings section sells rugs, doormats, bedspreads, rugs, wall art, clocks, ornaments, and cushions. 

There are often super reasonably priced festive decorations during Christmas time and this vacation period.

After Christmas has finished, Homebase often reduces the price of its seasonal decor, which means you can get some excellent discounts for next year’s celebrations.

If you have enough storage space in your home, we highly recommend checking out this sale. This is because you can get beautiful door wreaths, artificial garlands, and Christmas tree ornaments.

In addition, there are many items on Homebase’s books that can help you decorate your home all year round.

If your walls are looking particularly bare, this store also has many picture frames on offer. So whether you love minimalist black frames or want something filled with sparkle, Homebase has something for you!


Not On The High Street is brilliant for those who want personalized homeware decor because many designers will do this for you here.

There are categories on this site that help you find seasonal decor, which will help you make your home into an appropriately themed space. 

One of our favorite parts about this site is that it sells crafting kits to help you make your own interior decor.

This means that you can truly make your home your own and even involve your family to make lasting memories. 

We’ve seen some lovely crafting kits on Not On The High Street, including painting your own dinner candles.

We've also found a location map embroidery kit about the place you met your loved one and a stitch of your own dog tapestry.

However, we know that some people want their interiors decorated as quickly as possible.

So, you can get ready-made items from this store for those who like their decor to be as straightforward as possible.

This site has sold velvet cushion covers, hand-painted glasses, spiral soy wax candles, mushroom prints, and handmade daisy mugs.

Many products are unique, which means you can be sure no one you know will have the same decor as you!


Wilko is a fantastic high-street favorite for people who want affordable homeware and bargain cleaning products.

For those who wish for well-made yet wallet-friendly kitchenware, Wilko is the place to go.

The store regularly brings out different collections, which means that you're likely to find something new every time you check out their website. 

Getting your decor from Wilko is often an excellent idea if you're a student. This is because many soft furnishings, plates, and plant pots look lovely and don’t cost much.

But, equally, we recommend that first-time buyers who have spent a large portion of their funds on the home visit this store. 

Wilko is known for being a store that isn’t just made for household products. You can also get yourself a sandwich, crafting tools, skincare products, and stationery.

When we were doing our research for this article, we found Wilko sells many wall clocks in various styles. 

This online store sells some very funky wall art, too! So, if your walls are looking too bare, a quick look on the Wilko website might reward you with a beautiful print.

There’s anything from abstract art to photography, which looks a lot more expensive than they are. That’s a win for your wallet and wall! 


A famous store often found on many town’s high streets, M&S has been a staple for homemakers for decades.

However, you may not realize that this beautiful shop sells furniture alongside delicious sweet treats and comfortable clothing. And these furniture pieces aren’t low quality, either! 

This store sells well-made side tables, sofas, beds, shelving units, and cupboards. So, it's a brilliant place if you suddenly realize you’re missing a coffee table after moving into your new home.

We particularly adore the tableware collections that M&S produces, which suit many different tastes.

As many dinnerware sets made by this company are high quality, you can safely expect to be eating off of a plate from M&S for a long time to come.

However, if you’d prefer to see your homeware in person before buying it, you can if you visit the physical store. This can help you to check the quality for yourself up close.

M & S has an impressive lighting collection, including adorable outdoor lights that can make your garden feel inviting even at night! There are also beautifully fra


Oliver Bonus has lovely decor, which has the grown-up charm you may be looking for, for those who aren't on a tight budget.

We particularly love that in their soft furnishings, this store uses velvet and doesn’t shy away from color pops or fringing! So, it’s ideal for those that love the decadent style! 

Oliver Bonas creates many high-quality pieces with a timeless quality, meaning you won’t have to worry about them becoming unfashionable.

Many decor items have a bohemian feel, such as ceramic plant pots with crackled glaze and rattan shelving.

This shop’s sophisticated style means it’s the place you’re likely to find fun vintage-inspired decor, such as shiny cocktail shakers.

The designer Oliver Bonas products have all been very well thought out and aren’t totally unattainable for many people to have in their homes.

So, even if you don’t want to buy yourself something from this store, we’re convinced that many interior design enthusiasts would be thrilled to get a present from here!

This brand doesn’t shy away from fun prints, sparkle, and contrasting colors despite its sophistication.


Anyone who loves charming interior design is likely to become very delighted when visiting Anthropologie.

The physical stores are a feast for the senses, and the online ones are equally as enjoyable to go to. This is a trendy place, which has a heavily bohemian edge.

Many homewares have a handcrafted feel to them, so they’d suit someone who wants to create an artsy indoor space.

And, this store doesn’t reserve its best design for the kitchen and living room spaces, as is typical for homeware shops. 

The bathroom decor section has some wonderfully vibrant pieces, which are highly likely to brighten your mood when you use the shower.

We particularly love their attractive bath mats with effortless boldness and elegance. This means that you can genuinely let your bathroom shine, even if it’s tucked away from the main party rooms! 

The bold candlesticks, photo frames, and even the doorstops have been thoroughly thought out.

As a result, this exquisite store feels like a luxurious homeware store that you may have found in Victorian times if that period had a fresh revamp.


The UK has fantastic homeware stores, which can suit many with different budgetary requirements. If you don’t have many funds to spare, we advise you to check out Wilko and Matalan.

However, for those that can afford to spend more on their interior or exterior design, we recommend you go to Anthropologie or Oliver Bonas. 

Why not check out our other articles for those searching for more information on styling? You’re likely to find something useful on our site! We hope you find some wonderful inspiration.

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