Black Home Decor Ideas For A Timeless Interior

If you love the color black and want to bring it into your home, you can do it with clever design know-how. Whether you love gothic decor or simply want to create a cozy neutral feel, there are ways to get your dream interior. So, go to the dark side with your paint choices!

Black can be a polarising color, so it’s essential to be sure before putting it into your home in a big way. But, on the other hand, using too much black can mean ruining your interior, making you not want to stay in your home! So we’ve given you a handy guide, including ideas for decorating your space to prevent this. 

Whether you want a bohemian, Scandinavian style, contemporary, maximalist, or minimalist interior, you can achieve these with a black color scheme. The advantage of using this dark hue is that you can create a luxurious feel with many colors.

When using black, take care to use it carefully because there’s a fine line between making it cozy and cramped. So, to learn more about decorating with this tone, read the article below!

Home Decor Ideas Using Black

Black Living Room

It’s critical to make a living room comfortable, which means you need to think carefully before applying the color black to achieve this. In addition, it’s vital to bring in warm lighting and reflective materials to stop the space from appearing too dark. 

To make sure the room is bright enough, you could use shiny candlesticks, reflective metallic artwork, and atmospheric lighting. Ambient lights are excellent for bringing coziness to a place where you’ll be relaxing. In addition, you could bring in soft lampshades, which can cast a warm glow across darkly painted walls. 

Combining Colors

If you want to bring yet more brightness to the living room without using lighting, you can! Neon colors are particularly effective at popping against black. However, be sure to use them sparingly to avoid overwhelming the space. Coral shades are another exceptional choice for bringing warmth to this room. 

For those who don’t like bold and vivid colors, adding gorgeous foliage in the living room is a natural way to add contrast. Green leaves work against black particularly and highlight these plants.

Bohemian Decor

In particular, if you love the bohemian decor, you can still use black. Warm colors often used in this aesthetic can suit having black accents to ensure they don’t take over. Gold, browns, snowy-white shades bring an organic feel contrasted with black. 


The accessories you put into your black living room can make the difference between an uninviting space and a homely one. Cushions, lampshades, plant pots, candlesticks, and rugs are an excellent way to bring color or variety to a black room. 

We recommend adding gray, white, and cream soft furnishings if you want a neutral space. This will help bring variety to your room’s black decor, which elevates this space from being filled with a collection of items to a well-designed living room. 

Small furniture items such as storage, side tables, and cozy armchairs can bring further colorful diversity. Earthy tones are essential because they aren’t jarring in the room. 

Black Kitchen

Kitchens are such functional rooms, which often have much less decor than living rooms. However, this doesn’t mean that they have to be unfashionable as there are many ways you can bring black into the scheme. Black is a beautiful addition to many kitchens because it can give a clean and sleek vibe.

If you don’t want to go all out with black in your kitchen, you can pick out granite worktops and black cupboard handles. In addition, black dinnerware sets displayed in a cabinet can bring the dark accents you’re looking for without overpowering the design. 

However, if you want your kitchen to be nearly entirely black, painting the walls this color and picking matching cupboards is a good idea. To stop this room from feeling like a black hole, add warm touches such as picture frames, artwork, and blossoming plants. 

If you are going for a heavily black kitchen, we advise you to leave lightbulbs exposed so that you can bring brightness. A bold patterned rug can help use metallic chairs, which will reflect the light. If you have a large window in the space, this natural light will help elevate the area from a cave to a cozy kitchen.


A great black kitchen has dark surfaces because stains and everyday marks from cooking won’t show up. In addition, getting black appliances is an excellent way to ensure the products from different brands tie together. Finally, make sure you use a very bright light when cleaning, though it wouldn’t be good to accidentally create a health risk with your black design. 

Black Bathroom

We believe that a bathroom suits bright touches because they’re often small rooms. However, using black can ensure the room has a timeless feel, which oozes sophistication. If you put black paint on wooden paneling, you can take this Victorian-style from old-fashioned to chic.

Black looks incredibly wonderful in a period bathroom, especially when paired with fancy gold features such as taps and light switches. As metallic elements work well with black, this tone lends itself to a bathroom. Using a contrasting cream or white bathtub is a great way to prevent the bathroom from being too dark.

If you don’t want to go all out, matte black fittings with light gray walls are a lovely way to ensure the bathroom doesn’t feel entrapping. In addition, a shiny ceramic black tiled shower space is a beautiful way to create an atmospheric experience whenever you need to wash. 


Creating patterns with tiles is easy, especially in a bathroom! Checkerboard black and white flooring tiles create a timeless effect. In addition, monochromatic designs are often a great way to make a space that suits many people. 

Making the walls, flooring, and appliances in black and white means you can easily change color pops through decor. So, you can allow your style to evolve with you without renovating the whole room and altering the tiling. 

Angular tiling is a great way to add depth to a bit of bathroom, too! 

Black Bedroom

Bedrooms are a sanctuary for many people because they inspire cozy reflection and peacefulness. To make sure the space is a retreat for you, we advise you to keep it as uncluttered as possible.

The less stuff crowding in the room, the better generally. Although, it’s essential to add some items that show your personality and make you feel at home.

It might seem like a curious choice to make the bedroom black. However, with the additional right accents, you can make it unique. Leaving the ceiling and area above a curtain rail white ensures that your bedroom feels airy enough while retaining the black walls. 


If you don’t want to paint all the walls black, making one a feature in this dark color is a great idea. Alternatively, you could paint the walls white and highlight the window frames, mirror edges, cabinets, wardrobes, and bed in black. Monochrome is ideal for creating a restful bedroom, which isn’t too busy with colorful details.

A patterned black and white rug is a way to make a monochrome space more enjoyable. In addition, soft textured furnishing like thickly knitted blankets is a way to introduce more variety to the area. Finally, a black frame around a mirror can mean you can take some stunning selfies, which surround your face perfectly.

Specific Design Ideas 

Boho Bedroom 

This wonderful bedroom space used soft furnishings and wooden furniture to soften the black walls. The brown, white and black color scheme is sophisticated and cozy. The fact that the whole room isn’t black stops it from appearing too enclosed. 

The floating white shelf is a bold contrast that allows you to swap and change the artwork as your taste changes. The soft and fluffy accents, such as the fuzzy cushion and grass, soften up the harsh edges. The wooden floor matches the timber on the headboard, ensuring the scheme is cohesive. 

The ladder leaning against the wall is a great way to bring an extra bohemian element, which you can also hang plant pots from. In addition, the woven rug in a natural material adds to the eclectic, well-traveled room. As does the patterned throw. 

Cozy Living Room

Black is often seen as a bold choice for the living room. However, this cozy space uses a large circular mirror to make the room feel bigger. In addition, the black patterned cushions are a brilliant way to make the muted green couch fit in with the dark walls. 

In addition, to freshen up the living room, the plants have been well-placed. They also match the couch, artwork, and rug well. This relaxed room is made more elegant with little extra touches such as the curving candlesticks and large accented lamp.

Black Tiled Bathroom

The stylist has used long black tiles behind the sinks for a fancy twist on a functional bathroom. This serves as an excellent base for reflective mirrors to shine on and creates a lovely feature wall. In addition, the brassy faucets with white basins ensure that the scheme doesn’t seem heavy in black. 

The wooden floating cabinet lifts the storage off the floor, making the room appear slightly more extensive than if the furniture was grounded. And, the snake plant is a straightforward species to look after and contrasts the regimental tiling. 

The orb lighting with black cups holding it up is brilliant to bring brightness. It’s lovely that they’re placed next to the mirrors because this allows lots of light to be reflected. So, the black tiles won’t absorb too much light. 

Maximalist Dining Room

This scheme proves that monochrome doesn’t have to be boring! The walls have been covered with photographs aplenty, which creates a luxurious gallery wall effect. The angular frames are reflected and contrasted with the structured cube design on the floor.

The warm chairs’ setting is a brilliant way to increase warmth and stop the room from appearing too themed. The bold flowers on the table are another color pop, which serves as a naturally pretty centerpiece.


Creating a home with black decor is easy when considering a few simple design tips. To avoid overwhelming a space with a dark color, we recommend putting in black accents, a feature wall, or mixing it up with warmer tones. 

If you want to know more about how to decorate your home, we have plenty more content for you to explore!

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