Cottagecore Aesthetic: How To Create A Cottagecore Home

The newest lifestyle and homeware trend, ‘Cottagecore’, embraces the simplicity of rural homes and romanticizes western agricultural life.

Cottagecore Aesthetic: How to Create a Cottagecore Home

This style considers all the natural parts of the world and how they can be incorporated into your home style.

This timeless trend is a popular way to help to value and appreciate your home in its simplest and most natural form. It is all about turning your home into a more comfy and cozy environment for you to enjoy.

So, if this sounds like something you’d want to turn your home into, then keep on reading for all the essentials on how to do it. 

What Is Cottagecore?

Cottagecore first began to gain popularity during the 2010s, but the term wasn’t used until 2018. Since then, it has become increasingly popular through social media and trends.

Cottagecore is all about being inspired by nature and the outdoors, overgrown gardens, and meadows that are left in their most natural and beautiful state.

The style has also been called ‘farmcore’ and ‘countrycore’. The aesthetic focuses on idealizing the traditional and rural parts of life, and specifically centers on handmade crafts such as baking, pottering as well as foraging.

Cottagecore is closely linked to other movements such as grandmacore and fairiecore. The diverse community of cottagecore is often described as a subculture of Millennials and Gen Z.

Cottagecore Home Essentials

Now that you know what exactly cottagecore is and what it consists of, it is time that you learn the ins and outs of how to make your home a cottagecore aesthetic dream. With the following tips, your home decor will reflect the natural and traditional values of the cottagecore trend.

The Influence Of Nature

One of the main points of influence when thinking about cottagecore is nature. Use the natural world and your surroundings to inspire you and the way you decorate your home.

The key to achieving the cottagecore aesthetic is to interpret nature and traditional values in any way that you can.

Some things from nature that you should draw influence from include: flowers, plants, vines, mushrooms, clouds, pastels, trees, forests, logs, water, ponds, streams, wildlife, nature, owls, birds, insects, etc.

Natural Woods And Furnishings

When furnishing your home look for items made from wood, and if possible in their natural wooden color.

Using wooden furniture creates the illusion of the outdoors and helps to keep your home looking as natural and as far from ‘man-made’ as possible. Wooden tones are great to include within your home for a super-easy way to create a cozier home.

Finding items of furniture from thrift stores is a great way to get the cottagecore vibe you are going for, and makes it less expensive.

Tables, chairs, shelves, and cabinets made from wood will tie your home together. Creating statement pieces that will become staples to any cottagecore home.

The Importance Of Hand-Made Items

Cottagecore Aesthetic: How to Create a Cottagecore Home

Another super-easy way to create the cottagecore aesthetic without breaking the bank is by creating handmade items to decorate your house.

Think about sewing your pillows, knitting your blankets, making your pots and vases, etc. The more handmade goods you have, the more your house will look warm and inviting.

Why not try your hand at embroidery and decorate cushions, curtains, and tablecloths with small designs of your own that will add character to any plain item.

The ‘messiness’ of handmade items helps to add character to your place. The cottagecore aesthetic is all about the resources you can use for yourself and making decor by hand fits into that.

Nothing is cozier than a cup of tea in a home-baked cookie and hand-knitted blanket to snuggle into!

The Need For Florals

As we have previously mentioned, the cottagecore aesthetic is heavily influenced by nature and the outdoors. Using floral wallpapers, tablecloths and curtains is a fantastic way to incorporate flowers and plants into your home.

Floral designs will accentuate the influence that nature has had on your home design. This is also perfect if you are hopeless at keeping real plants alive,

but enjoy the way that they look and the vibe they give off! Large-scale items such as wallpaper and even bedding sets are an easy way to add flowers and floral prints into your home. If you think you have enough floral prints – you don’t! More is more, in the case of cottagecore!

Plants And Vines

No cottagecore home is complete without plants – and lots of them! Honestly, there is no limit on how many plants is enough, just keep ‘em coming!

If you don’t trust yourself to keep real plants alive, invest in fake ones. You can get pretty realistic-looking ones nowadays and no one will ever know the difference! Plants, succulents – anything green that should technically belong outdoors.

Another way to include plants and greenery, especially over a large surface area, is to buy some fake vines and hang them from window to window, decorate your shelves with them – just put them wherever you can!

By adding plants to every room in your home, it will help to achieve that perfect cottagecore look. You can also find some gorgeous plant pots that will also contribute to the overall aesthetic. Not only do they look good – but they will have your home smelling pretty good too!

Cottagecore Aesthetic: How to Create a Cottagecore Home

Wooden Details

The key is always in the details. Adding small details to your home will enhance the character of your house and make it warmer and cozier.

Try to find unique pieces of furniture to add around your house – it does not matter if they are mismatched because that only helps add to the vibe! Look for shelving with intricate details and wooden furniture that has been decorated with carvings or that has been hand-painted on.

If you are a bit of a craftsman, why not try adding your decorations to make the items truly unique to you. This will also help infuse your personality into your home. Cottagecore very much focuses on handmade items and thus adding your personal touches will help complete the look.

Cosy Nook Corners

Creating a cozy nook in the corner of your home, will give it that cozy feeling you are searching for.

Choose a corner, window sill, or small room and fill it with shelves of books and knick-knacks, a comfy place to sit, and decorate the walls with floral wallpaper or hand-painted pictures.

Be sure to add several pillows and cushions to make it more comfortable and to add splashes of character.

Add fairy lights or candles so that in the evening the spot looks warm and inviting. Decide neutral colors with shades of green and other earthy tones.

Don’t forget to add some plants and flowers to add to the overall aesthetic and bring in the influence of the outdoors. A cozy corner is essential to any cottagecore home!


Although clutter is often seen as a negative and something you should avoid in your home, it is something that will help you to achieve that cottagecore look. Clutter helps to make a space look lived in and to make it more ‘homey’.

So, if you have any empty shelf space be sure to fill it with more books, small knick-knacks, and lots of photo frames. You can also clutter your space with plants, drawings, and any other item that gives the house some character.

You don’t want your home to be cluttered in the sense that it is messy, but rather an organized clutter. A clutter that was made on purpose and is there intending to fill any gaps that could make your home look bare.

The more full your house is, the more fun and character it will have to make it cozier and feel more like home. Clutter your house with handmade goods to achieve the cottagecore style.

Color Schemes

Color schemes are super important when you are decorating your living space. For a cottagecore aesthetic, you should stick to an earth-toned color scheme.

This includes shades of green, brown, orange, yellow, blue, etc. Using pastel colors is also a nice way to create a cozy vibe.

Not only this but having and sticking to a color scheme will help to make your home look cohesive throughout. You should keep most walls and floors in neutral colors and have pops of brighter colors for blankets and curtains etc.

Final Thoughts

The overall key to creating a cottagecore-inspired home is to incorporate the feeling of nature and the outdoors into your home and the decor you are using.

Essentially what you need is a home that has been cluttered with handmade goods, wooden furnishings, and lots and lots of floral patterns and greenery. Creating a cottagecore space is very simple and has a timeless aesthetic that will make your house cozy and warm.

So, if you are trying to create the cottagecore feel in your home, then hopefully you have found some useful tips and tricks from this article that will help your home become the cottagecore dream and help you live out the cottagecore lifestyle.

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