Farrow And Ball Colours: Top Five Paint Colours Revealed

At the beginning of every year, Farrow and Ball color curator Joa Studholme makes a prediction of which paint colours will be the most popular during the year.

Farrow and Ball Colours Top Five Paint Colours Revealed (1)

Based on ongoing trends, Studholme’s predictions often hit the nail on the head – so we expect that this year will be no different. 

If you want to get ahead of the rest and decorate your home with some of the most sought after and desired shades of paint, then take a look at them below.

We will also be going into how you can use these colours and what other colours you can combine them with to make some amazing palettes. 

So – let’s take a look at Farrow and Ball’s top five paint colours of 2022!

School House White (No. 291)

A neutral color that is oddly nostalgic, this shade of white is sure to transport you back to times long past. 

School House White is more than just a plain white paint for a basic wall – this color is one of the lightest on offer at Farrow and Ball that feels timeless and familiar.

This brings it a sense of coziness not often felt with white walls so if you want a neutral color that will brighten a room without cooling it down, School House White is one of the best. 

Being a neutral color, School House White can pair with pretty much anything light and solid. It also goes well against natural browns and wooden tones, channeling vibes of traditional sculleries and kitchens to give your home a rustic feel. 

But this paint isn’t old-fashioned. In fact, it can help brighten more modern-styled rooms that still use natural wooden flooring and wall panels like in Scandinavian-styled homes. 

We would recommend using School House White in wet rooms, kitchens, and studies. Wet rooms and kitchens are rooms that can make great use of wooden paneled walls, and a coat of School House White can brighten those walls while complementing brown-tiled flooring or wooden floorboards. 

It can also be used to flight the atmosphere of a study so you have somewhere clean and minimalist to concentrate in without the sterilizing atmosphere that can often come with white walls. 

So, if light yet cozy is your aim – then try using School House White with natural browns and wooden furniture.

Babouche (No.223)

Bright times are ahead, so it only makes sense that we begin to reflect our hopes and excitement for the future onto our homes.

Babouche is a distinct shade of yellow that perfectly balances cheer without ever being garish. It intensifies the color in certain rooms, drawing attention to certain features or areas that you want to highlight in your home.

So if you are after a color that evokes happiness and improves the mood of a room, Babouche is definitely one for you to consider. 

Yellow has always been a symbol of good times so you can bring some sunshine indoors by adding touches of Babouche in your decorating.

What makes Babouche so special compared to other shades of yellow paint is that Babouche is muted without sacrificing color. It brightens but is not blinding, it’s strong but not gaudy – a perfectly balanced shade of yellow. 

Due to its uplifting properties, we recommend you use Babouche in entryways and halls as a way to cheerfully greet your guests. 

It’s also a great idea to add Babouche to areas where your family will congregate and gather in more intimate settings – like in a breakfast nook or in the kitchen.

This will pair the cozy and homey atmosphere of the kitchen with the optimistic cheer of Babouche incredibly well, and bring more personality to your home. 

Breakfast Room Green (No. 81)

Help disguise cramped and limited spaces by using a touch of Breakfast Room Green to your walls. 

Green promotes health and channels thoughts of nature and forestry, so the freshness and clarity of the outdoors into your home. 

Breakfast Room Green is another cozy shade of muted green that looks natural in any kind of lighting, from harsh sunlight to soft firelight, but don’t let this fool you!

Breakfast Room Green is a very striking color that can be used on walls and furniture alike, allowing you to create illusions of space to help confined rooms feel more open and free. 

This cheerful shade of green works well with traditional and modern styled rooms and thrives in areas that are full of potted plants and furniture that is either white (say, School House White, perhaps?) or natural wooden tones.

This means we would recommend you use Breakfast Room Green in the smaller rooms of your home such as small lavatories, wet rooms, laundry rooms, or in alcoves to help make the space feel larger. 

Incarnadine (No. 248)

For a color that is both proud and classic, try out a deep crimson color like Incarnadine. 

It channels the same traditional and familiar atmosphere as School House White while further enriching every room it features in. It is an almost seductive shade of red – deep, glossy, and unashamedly bold. 

Incarnadine is also a very versatile paint – when paired with deep brown wooden furniture and golden fixings, it makes a room feel like a scene from a Jane Austen novel, but when paired with bright and  blocky colours like white and navy, it can double to bring a more joyful and graphic atmosphere. 

So whether you are aiming for a royally traditional theme or a punk-like edginess to your decorating, Incarnadine is certainly a paint you should consider featuring on your walls. 

This kind of paint is made for large statement rooms like your living room or formal dining area. It practically oozes character that is sure to strike a good impression with your guests.

If you want to be indulgent, then add some Incarnadine to more private rooms like bedrooms and dens to evoke a rich yet warm atmosphere for your inner sanctum. 

Stone Blue (No.86)

Another color to continue these themes of timelessness and tradition is this inviting shade of blue entitled Stone Blue. 

Stone Blue is a cool yet uplifting shade that is a more elegant and subtle option for those who like to make a statement underhandedly.

It still channels the same positive emotions as Babouche but is far calmer and soothing. It also evokes the same ideas of royal glamour and power as Incarnadine but in a more sophisticated manner. 

It is the perfect choice for those who like a clean and calm home that is still proud and impressive to guests. Stone Blue helps achieve that aim by creating an elegant atmosphere, especially when paired with neutral shades of gray and light white fixings.

This creates a vintage theme that still complements modern furniture, merging the two worlds together seamlessly.

This makes Stone Blue a great color to choose for studies, living areas and meeting areas as it can juggle both themes of  professional and comforting. 

That’s not to say Stone Blue is no fun – pair it white solid colours like red and white to help balance the excitement of these other shades with something a little more soothing. 

This color palette would be ideal for a nursery or playroom where children can both be excited by the blocks of red and white while calmed with the shades of Stone Blue. 


So the five top colours from Farrow and Ball for 2022 are: Incarnadine, Stone Blue, School House White, Breakfast Room Green, and Babouche. 

Farrow and Ball Colours Top Five Paint Colours Revealed

All five are bright, strong colours to help promote a positive atmosphere going forward and to help encourage us all through the last few leagues of these unprecedented times.

They each are used to uplift our moods and give us hope for the future, for it is certain to be as bright as our homes.

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