How Can I Match My Tile Color With My Grouting? – We Show You How!

Getting the look of your bathroom just right is always a Herculean task. It requires a lot of planning and effort so that you don’t have to rip your tiles out and start again.

There are two things that you’ll need to make sure are coordinated: the tiles and the grouting.

How Can I Match My Tile Color With My Grouting? – We Show You How!

You might have often overlooked the grouting, as surely it comes in only white, right? Well, no. You can get grouting of all different colors, which is perfect if you have an unusual color of tile.

But how can you find out what the right pairing is?

Well, relax. We’ve got you covered. We have a list of differently colored tiles and grouting, giving you plenty of options and inspiration.

You can simply copy some of our ideas or you can switch them up, it is totally up to you. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get tiling!

Great Tile And Grouting Combinations

1. White Tiles With Black Grouting

This first design is amazing, and you might have seen it lining the subway or vintage-style bathrooms. These tiles are elongated, with dark grouting running through them which really makes them stand out.

The great thing about black grout is also the fact that it will not show up any mold, which tends to grow in between tiles, especially in the shower.

However, you’ll still have to clean it regularly, as mold will compromise its water-sealing properties.

2. Gray Tiles And Grouting

Because sometimes you don’t have to contrast, you can just match tile with grout for that satisfying uniform look. This gray-on-gray looks very neat and will give your bathroom that muted and relaxed vibe.

Out of the two, we would say that the grouting stands out more, as it is a slightly lighter shade.

This reflects the light nicely, so if you have plenty of windows in your bathroom, then you can be sure that it will never look drab or dark.

3. White Tiles And Grouting

Here we have another matching color scheme that will certainly brighten up any style of bathroom.

These are subway tiles that come with white running through them, illuminating even the darkest of bathrooms.

You can pair this kind of design with plenty of features, no matter what color they are. Why not try a baby-blue showerhead with your white tiles and grout?

Or maybe you can try a black vintage standalone bathtub with your white decorations.

4. Gray Tiling With White Grout

This is another combination of the colors that we have listed above. This time both grouting and tile color serve to emphasize each other.

This type of gray creates a stonewashed effect, which is great for making your bathroom or even your kitchen seem a lot brighter.

The great thing about gray tiling is that it will suit both vintage and modern-style décor. It won’t be that hard to clean this color, all you’ll need is some warm water and a hard-bristle brush.

5. White Grout With Marble Tiling

Now we have something a little different. Marble designs offer a certain regal quality to any room, most of all the bathroom.

This is a subtle style of backdrop, which is great if you like to decorate your bathroom or kitchen with more colorful accessories such as flowers or paintings.

Marble also suits any shape of tile, whether it is the longer subway design or the traditional equal-side square design.

This will really liven up your whole bathroom, which is great if you are not into cleaning it all that regularly.

6. Marble Tile And Neutral Grout

This type of grouting can really blend in with all colors, but if you go with marble cut into a triangular or diamond shape, then the effects can really look spectacular.

The marbled design is something that you’ll really want to show off and having a neutral grout color will really help you achieve that.

Needless to say, a marble tile will match up with a marble tabletop and work counter. Marble is also very durable and extremely easy to clean.

If you compare most marble bathrooms and kitchens with kitchens and bathrooms made from other materials, you will see that the marble will last a lot longer and stays in better condition.

7. Black Tiles With Pale Gray Grout

Now we move onto something a little bolder and more dramatic. A black tile will certainly make your bathroom or kitchen look unique, giving it that cold yet classy effect.

The pale gray grout will also emphasize the darkness of the tile itself.

If you have dark tile for the flooring, then it will also help you to disguise a lot of dirt and streaks. This is great if you don’t like mopping your bathroom floor too often.

We would recommend a hexagonal or diamond shape for your flooring or bathroom wall.

8. Black On Black Tile And Grouting

Okay, here us out. This might seem a little extreme at first, but we can assure you that the result will be mesmerizing.

Having a completely dark wall is not only very alluring, but it conveys sophistication and class from someone who knows what they want.

If you go with a different pattern, then you’ll really have something that will draw in any visitor’s eye. The great thing about black is that it hides all sorts of dirt and streaking, even in the grout.

The same goes for mold and other forms of muck that grout often attracts.

9. Blue Tile And Light Blue Grout

Contrasting a darker color with a lighter shade of the same color always works wonders and will create that pleasing aesthetic uniformity.

This pairs well with gold and brass fittings, so if you have showerheads or taps that are metallic, then why not opt for blue?

The light blue grouting really brings out the deeper blue tones of the tiles, both of which work together to create a very relaxing ultramarine vibe for a bathroom.

If you like to spend most of your time in the tub, then this is a wonderfully serene color.

10. White Grout With Blue Tiling

Mixing blue with lighter colors really helps you to cultivate that bespoke vintage aesthetic.

If you have plenty of light coming into your bathroom, then blue tiles are fantastic, reflecting the light and creating a very vibrant bathroom.

This color scheme goes well with brass and wood finishing. So, if you have taps or a shower head that comes with metal components, then blue might be the perfect partner.

The white of the grouting will also work well with the white of the grouting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Does It Matter Whether Or Not My Grouting Matches My Tiles?

Clashing colors do not create harmony in the human mind. If you have bright orange tiles with black grouting, you will no doubt have a visceral reaction to the very idea of it.

This is why having an even balance of color will be important to feel comfortable in your bathroom or kitchen.

What Moods Do Certain Colors Create?

Again, this will all depend on what colors you are matching and how much light gets into the room where your tiles are.

Blue usually creates a calming and relaxed atmosphere, whereas green is slightly more energetic and organic.

Black is a lot bolder and more dramatic, but it will add a touch of class to your bathroom. If you combine it with white, then the effect is very peculiar, but not in an unpleasant way.

How Easy Is It To Install My Own Tiles?

Even if you have installed your own tiles before, if you are not a professional, then it will take you at least a few days to decorate a medium-sized bathroom.

Kitchens are much bigger on average, so it might take you up to a week to install kitchen tiles.

Before you attempt to install your tiles, you’ll need to make sure that you have a floor plan and layout of your whole room.

You should then measure how much of your wall and floor you are going to tile.

Once you take the measurements of each one of your tiles, then you’ll be able to roughly work out how many tiles you’ll need to complete the job.

How Do I Choose The Right Grout Tone?

You’ll want your grouting to really emphasize the tile rather than the other way around.

Think of the grouting as a frame around a painting, you’ll want something that complements the design but does not overwhelm the final picture.


Grouting and tiling are an art form and you’ll need to put some considerable thought into your design before you lay down your tiles, as it will not be that easy to remove them once you have done so.

We would recommend that you take some samples and make a smaller tile mood board to see how the light and design affect them.

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