How To Use Blue In Your Living Room Decor

When it comes to decorating your living room, there are a wide variety of colors and combinations that you can use.

How To Use Blue In Your Living Room Decor

The color blue is easily one of the most popular colors on the spectrum and is used frequently throughout modern decorating and homely features. 

This can be done in lots of different ways, combining lots of different colors. We’ve compiled a list of ways that you can implement blue colors and tones throughout your living room. 

On top of this, we’ll include the most popular combinations involving the color blue. Follow our guide to find out more.

What Are The Best Color Combinations Involving Blue?

We’ll start with the most obvious blue color combination, with blue and white. Nowadays, you can see the blue and white combination is used anywhere, from the American flag to soccer strips and clothing brands worldwide. 

The color combination of blue and white works extremely well because it makes the most of the lighter shades, using the white tone to highlight the blue even further. 

Next, another popular variation that people will opt to use is blue with black. To give your living room a bit of a darker atmosphere and vibe, you can combine black and blue to keep things more subtle.

Black and blue aren’t too far apart in terms of darkness and will complement each other, making a great option to use in your home. 

These work particularly well when combined with another light color, like white.

There are many different versions of the color blue and they all have their benefits of using. Light blue can be great if you’re looking to have a lighter atmosphere, with a sky-like vibe to have in your living room. 

Although, deep blue can be a more subtle color to choose if you wish to have a quieter color displayed throughout your home. On top of this, you can go darker again and pick navy as one way of presenting a blue feature in your house.

Furniture That Looks Good In Blue

The living room is one of the best places to show off your nice furniture to guests and can be the perfect excuse to throw a splash of blue into your life.

One of the best things to include blue with is in photo frames. By using blue picture frames in your living room, you have a subtle way of including the color into an area that people will look at frequently. Pictures are designed to draw the eye of anyone nearby, so the blue gets noticed as well.

Similarly, you can do the same with mirror frames. Because people are expected to look at mirrors when they’re close, they can get a bit of blue implemented into the background as they fix their hair or look at their makeup. 

With selfies staying as a fast-growing trend, you can have everyone on social media seeing the blue on the mirror in pictures taken! 

If you want a much less subtle way of displaying blue throughout your living room, you can always look to have blue blankets and cushions. It’s easier said than done to get a blue sofa because a lot of people may already have one of a different color, but you can alter the features on top of it. 

How To Use Blue In Your Living Room Decor

If you have a white sofa, for example, then adding a blue throw blanket on the top can make a huge difference and add another layer of color to your room. Combine this with blue cushion covers and you’ve got a lovely white and blue feature for your living room.

Adding blue coasters and placemats can be another way of adding subtlety to your room. When you have guests over, you’re likely to offer them some sort of refreshments like a glass of water or a cup of coffee. 

By having blue coasters you can have people notice the color against a color at the other end of the spectrum. Having a smooth, blue coaster can work brilliantly with an old-looking brown table.

Blue rugs are a great way of complimenting your living room if you have lighter paint or wallpaper. When it comes to the most common colors of a room, white is usually up there for wall color and tone. 

By having a blue rug, you can match these lighter tones of the walls with a darker combination, finding a great balance between the two. With regards to having blue cushions on your sofa, a blue rug would be a good matching combination.

Oppositely, you could have light blue wallpaper or wall paint to have something different from white. Because it’s seen so frequently with decorating, many people may see white as quite a generic design to go for, so why not use a blue off-white color or a light blue? 

This keeps all of the bright tones of the white walls, whilst adding the blue personality and characteristics you want to include so much.

You’ll struggle to find a living room in the world that doesn’t have at least one window. Window Sills and skirting boards are a great place to include your dash of blue, making a nice little feature available in the living room. 

On top of this, you could also include blue curtains of all different colors. Dark ones provide a nice contrast between natural light and the blue of the interior. However, you can also opt for light blue to complement the natural light and draw your eye towards the windows.

Blue Appliances In The Living Room

How To Use Blue In Your Living Room Decor

There are lots of different appliances that are featured throughout living rooms worldwide, with a lot of them available in different colors. One of these appliances that can be found frequently in the home, is the TV. 

Nowadays, it’s a rarity to find a house without a television, so why not grab a blue one? Using a blue TV in your room can complement the other blue colors around the room and fit right at home.

Because people will be focussing on the TV screen, rather than the rim, this method is more subtle than some other options.

Portable Bluetooth speakers are a useful tool to have when having people over for dinner or when hosting a party. These allow you to play whatever music fits the situation and can add some ambiance to your gathering.

A lot of these speakers will have blue lights that flash or add a bit of atmosphere to the room, which can make things feel like a proper party.

LED lights are great for when you want to add a different mood to the room. Lots of these strips can be attached to the ceiling or the walls using a sticky adhesive and can offer a different sort of vibe to your standard lights. 

Because of the range of colors available through these lights, you can choose a variety of different shades of blue to suit your room. It’s always nice to have a few options at your fingertips!

On top of this, you can also get lava lamps to add a bit of flair to your living room. Available in lots of different blues, like the LED lights, you can make sure that people know you love blue around the house, whilst lighting the room at the same time. 

The color of the lava can also come in different colors, but it’s unlikely you’d have blue lava and blue lights in the same lava lamp. You choose which you’d rather have!

Adding blue art to the walls of your living room can not only add color to different areas but can also fill up the blank spaces that may be around the room.

There’s no worse feeling than having an empty wall without anything to go there, so why not choose some blue-colored art to brighten up the place and make you feel more comfortable in your space.

Final Thoughts

Adding blue to your living room is a great way to add an extra layer of color. White and black can be so boring when everyone uses them on their own,

but blue can give you an extra feature to your place that makes things even brighter, or darker, depending on what direction you might choose to go in.

The best way to choose either light blue or dark blue falls down to your personality type and characteristics.

As long as you’re happy with how your living room looks, that’s all that matters! What are you waiting for? Add a splash of blue to your life now!

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