Pink Bathroom Ideas And Accessories To Get You Inspired

Adding colour to your bathroom is an easy way to brighten up the space. And while you may feel soothed by elegant black accents and blue hues, there’s something entirely refreshing about adding the colour pink to your bathroom’s design. 

Pink Bathroom Ideas And Accessories To Get You Inspired

Thanks to a recent resurgence in the demand for retro home decor and a vivid colour palette, we can confidently state that pink bathrooms (and accessories) are back in style. Using rose, or a blush pink can create an elegant look, while hot pink and magenta colours exude vibrancy, and make a bolder statement. 

Although pink might appear to be too intense for a bathroom, there are various tones to suit various interior designs, whether you’d prefer to create a modern and chic aesthetic or stick with a far more traditional look. 

But don’t stress if you don’t know exactly what you want – we’re here to lend a helping hand. These pink bathroom ideas and accessories will hopefully provide you with some inspiration for your bathroom renovation, whether you’re doing a complete overhaul or adding small pops of colour.

Choosing The Colour And Design

Decorating is all about choosing a colour scheme and interior design that best suits your individual person. Some people prefer natural tones including grey, beige, and white, whereas others opt for brighter colours like orange and pink that immediately catch the eye.

Either way, selecting a colour for the re-designing process is not always easy – especially if you want to find the ideal pink shade to make your pink millennial bathroom dreams come true. 

Pink is one of the trickiest colours because there are an insane amount of available shades to pick from, to the point where it can be overwhelming. From subtle blush to a vibrant coral, there are many tones to fit everyone’s preferences. 

Dark pink paint shades tend to work better in smaller spaces where they can add depth, whereas lighter pink shades act as a great base for complementary paint colours. These lighter shades are also our top choice for bathroom accessories including bath mats, artwork, plants, and towel holders. 

But figuring out your perfect shade is just the first step. You’ll then need to think about the flooring, walls, furniture, and whether you want it all to match. You may also want to consider the accessories in your bathroom, too. 

Pink Bathroom Ideas And Accessories

Here are some design ideas that will help you to achieve the pink bathroom of your dreams. Whether you want to add tiles, wallpaper, or paint your walls – we’ve got some design ideas laid out for you below.

Pink Bathroom Wall Tiles

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Not only are tiles great for creating a durable, waterproof, wipe-clean surface for your bathroom, but they also help to make an instant statement.

You could choose to add a single pop of eye-catching pink with a bold coral or hot pink splashback tiles or feature wall. You may even want to opt for wall-to-wall tiles to create maximum impact. 

But if you want to cover a larger surface area without feeling overwhelmed in the space, we’d strongly recommend deciding on a muted shade such as blush pink. It’ll satisfy your pink cravings, but will keep the colour a lot more low-key. 

Pink Bathroom Floor Tiles

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Similarly, you could choose to implement coloured floor tiles for a pop of pink in your bathroom. You might not have thought about incorporating a pink tile floor, but it’s a really inventive way of commanding attention without really having to try. 

If you opt to make a statement in this way, we’d suggest keeping your walls white (or another similar neutral shade) so that the pink floor tiles stand out, and you create a happy balance of colours within your bathroom.

You could also mismatch the colours of wall and floor tiles to add effortless contrast!

Experiment With On-Trend Pink Paint

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If you find yourself wondering whether pink paint would suit your bathroom, then we’d highly recommend paint swatches.

Select your top three favourite shades of pink and apply a small swatch of these colours to all the walls. This is essential as each individual wall will be exposed to different levels of light, so you’ll want to see how the colours look on each wall. 

Leave the swatches for a few days to about a week so that you can fully assess which shade of pink best suits your bathroom.

If you’re torn between different tones, you may even want to paint your bathroom walls two different shades of pink to create an ombre accent wall. 

Adorn Your Bathroom Space In Pink Wallpaper

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The bathroom is the perfect place to experiment with bold wallpaper. It’s usually a smaller sized room, meaning it shouldn’t be extremely expensive to cover. And, if you don’t like the design, it won’t cost you the end of the world to redo, either! You can opt for: 

  • Subtle floral wallpaper (to not overpower the room)
  • Block colour wallpaper (in your favourite shade of pink)
  • Slightly patterned wallpaper (polka dots or stripes)

Pink wallpaper can look exceptional in a bathroom, provided you choose the most appropriate kind. By this, we don’t mean that you have to restrict yourself in terms of design. After all, it’s your bathroom to do with as you please! 

What we actually mean is that you need to make sure that you put up bathroom-suitable wallpaper that won’t disintegrate from exposure to water.

Pink Accessories

No matter how much you love pink, a total bathroom overhaul isn’t always the most practical path.

But if you are looking for ways to turn your bathroom pink without breaking the bank, you can begin by swapping out your old bath towels and any other accessories and replacing them with pink versions.

The best way to decorate your bathroom is to think small, yet effective. For example, you may find that having fewer decorative pieces in your bathroom is a more perfect choice, as it means you can add a pop of colour and design to your bathroom without the clutter. 

Pink Bathroom Furniture  

Source: Pinterest

Pink storage and pink furniture such as drawers, lockers, or cupboards (as seen in the above image) represent some effective ways to turn your existing bathroom into an on-trend pink bathroom. But don’t panic! You don’t have to buy new furniture for your bathroom! 

Sure, this statement is a little obvious, but there are ways and means to refresh your existing furniture to save yourself a bit of money in the long run.

You could attempt to upcycle an existing chest of drawers with paint, or even splash out on a piece of statement furniture that is pink. 

Smaller Accessories

Thinking smaller will still get you some results. You can tap into the pink bathroom trend by adding small accessories like bins, soap dispensers, shower gel, soap, mirrors, and toothbrush holders to pad out your pink room. 

Source: Pinterest

You could begin by putting your favourite green plant into a pink pot, and resting it on a shelf to match the rest of your bathroom (much like in the above image). This will also pop perfectly against your walls. The rest of the room will then fall into place.

Source: Pinterest

As another solution to your design worries, you could try adding a pink bath mat or runner to create a contrast between your chosen flooring, furniture, and the rest of your bathroom.

We’ve sourced a hot pink runner in the image above, set against white furniture and a wooden floor, to demonstrate that making a statement with the colour pink isn’t all that difficult.

In fact, a lot of pink shades would look great when set in a white, grey or green bathroom. We’d strongly recommend trying various shades of blushed pink to achieve a more relaxed look, or bolder shades for a more contemporary, uplifting look.

What Colour Goes With Pink?

It can be quite hard to visualise how the colours will work together in your bathroom. We’ve included some of the most popular colour schemes below for you to take a look at.

You can either play things safe by sticking with neutral colours like white, beige, and grey, which will help to maintain a vintage feel, or you can enhance this by selecting bolder, retro colours, including turquoise. 

A black base, or black accents, will help keep your pink scheme from looking too bright and will work best when paired with earthy pink tones, such as terracotta, or peach coloured pinks.

We think that the best pink colours in the bathroom are peach, which pairs well with brass and marble or dusty blush, which pairs well with concrete finishes, Crittall-style shower screens and dark taps and brassware.

Adding colour to architectural features is an effective method of adding a flush of blush or burst of pink-tonal terracotta.

Pink & Green Bathroom

Source: Pinterest

Thanks to their uplifting nature, pink and green rooms are on-trend at the moment. In a combination of pastel tones, namely powder pink and mint green, the pink-green combo has a delightfully nostalgic feel to it.

Mixing pink furniture and green botanicals together creates a fresh and hip look. In the above image, the combination of green panelling, plants, and pink and white furniture contrasts well against the pastel pink walls.

Source: Pinterest

With pink working so well with green, it also makes complete sense to fill your pink bathroom with the greenest plants you can find!

Choose greenery that thrives in lower light levels if your bathroom doesn’t have much exposure to natural light. Your bathroom may also benefit from darker accented furniture.

Pink & Grey Bathroom

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A pink and grey colour scheme would suit everyone’s home. In fact, this combination is one of the most popular bathroom colour schemes – and it’s easy to see why. Together, these muted colours create a cosy environment for those pamper nights where you’re looking to relax completely while soaking in your bathtub. 

To prevent your room from looking too dark and closed off, you can use white and wooden accents to break up the colours. A splash of greenery works just as well, too! 

Pink & Gold Bathroom

Source: Pinterest

For a more elegant look, choose pink and gold as your main bathroom theme. This colour combination symbolises the glamour of an Italian villa, or a boutique hotel, and is a sure-fire way of making your bathroom look as appealing as possible.

The blend between gold accessories (including mirrors and taps) and pink accents can be as subtle or as bold as you’d like.

As you can see in the image above, blush pink tones work exceptionally well when paired with gold accents. To create an even more luxurious space, try adding hints of pink marble to your bathroom.

Pink & Yellow Bathroom

Source: Pinterest

If you love bright colours, turn your eyes towards pink and yellow! This combination is uplifting and playful, and would look amazing in a larger space with lots of open light to really bring attention to the colours. 

The millennial-pink walls in the above image make a great canvas for the bright yellow bathtub and matching flowers located nearby.

And, if you find that this colour combination isn’t working to the effect that you want, we’d recommend adding pops of baby blue, as well as white, to prevent your bathroom from looking too over-the-top.


Whether you’d prefer a more elegant bathroom, or one with a more chilled-out appearance, pink is the perfect tone to use to achieve these looks. The colour is largely versatile and can be adapted to fit into your existing space. 

You can mix and match pink patterns and designs to make a bolder statement, or you can simply opt to use a neutral coloured backdrop (white, grey, beige) and pink accessories to generate a distinct contrast.

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