Ten Of The Best Stylish Filing Cabinets For Your Home Office

Working from home can be an absolute dream! No maneuvering parking spaces or dashing out the door with coffee in hand.

For many, working from home allows you to have your own space and work at the best place to suit your needs, as well as allowing the flexibility to really get your creative juices flowing. 

Hmm, well that’s not always the reality, is it? You may not necessarily have a whole office to dedicate to work, or maybe you’ve gone from working a day or two at home to moving the whole shebang over to your house without having time to properly organize or prep a functional workspace. 

If you’ve recently discovered working from home is now your full-time position, or you are just looking for a slice of inspiration, maybe it’s time to bite the bullet and tackle that workspace!

It might be just what you need to inject a bit of get up and go into your work-from-home lifestyle (don’t worry, you can keep the sweatpants on if you insist).

Dealing With Clutter

Sometimes, you don’t know what you’ve got till it's gone. That tawdry office desk at work may not have been pretty, but it probably had a decent amount of storage and functionality, didn't it?

If you don’t have the space for a massive desk in your home, or simply don’t like them, (we hear you, space is a precious commodity, especially when your office is spilling onto the kitchen counters) perhaps a filing cabinet could be the organizational answer to your prayers!

What, I hear you cry? Those 60s looking monstrosities, why oh why would I want one of these in my beautiful, curated home? 

Fear not, below is a list of ten marvelously stylish and beautiful filing cabinets that boast real curb appeal and finally offer you an end to all that paper clutter flying about the house. 

We hope you find some inspiration to kick start your love of your home office and get your creative mojo back.


Midi locker

Did you ever think lockers could be so cool? Launched in 2018, Mustard Made has been designing these epic-looking lockers for your home and office space.

You’ve probably seen them popping up all over the place, and it’s easy to see why. Available at various retailers worldwide, these stylish lockers come in a variety of vibrant and daring colors and are incredibly practical and on-trend.

A personal favorite is their stunning Berry-colored lockers that pack a real punch to any office environment! 

The Midi locker comes with a beautiful key fob for both doors, so you can secure any important documents away from prying eyes, and has two adjustable shelves on each side of the locker. 

The handles are sleek and modern and the brand name mustard is subtly embossed on the front of the lockers. 

Mustard Made has a whole host of other locker styles available from small and boxy to tall and skinny, so you can find the perfect fit for your home office.

They also have the option of buying matching baskets that fit perfectly with their products if you’re craving that organization high. Excuse me whilst I try to fit the whole set into my home…


This stylish and understated filing cabinet is the perfect solution if you’re not keen on your office looking like an ‘office’. This filing cabinet is the perfect size for A4 and legal letters, so you can rest assured that nothing will get crumpled or damaged. 

As these beautiful baskets are handwoven by skilled weavers, each one is slightly different and unique, adding a personal touch to them. 

Did I mention that this thing can roll? This function makes them incredibly versatile and it even comes with carrying handles so you can transport them with ease anywhere you need to go. 

If you’re not using it for papers and filing, it wouldn’t look out of place with blankets and soft furnishings or as a handy tox box for keeping clutter at bay.

If you are in between home and office at the moment it might be worth getting a piece of furniture like this that you can convert to any other use when you no longer need it in the office space. 

It comes with rails inside so you can easily slot in hanging folders of regular A4 size without any hassle whatsoever. 


Brayden Studio

You can keep your details safe and secure with this stylish and sleek Kelemen filing cabinet from Brayden Studio.

A small but mighty 22” size boasts two sizable drawers and a top drawer and it comes in at 28” height so isn’t imposing in your office space. 

Sliding it from place to place is a breeze with its high-quality casters on the base, meaning you can style your room however you like without stressing about moving bulky furniture all over the place. 

You may think white furniture is a pain to clean, but this beautiful cabinet comes with a high gloss finish, ensuring a super fast and easy clean when that morning coffee inevitably ends up in the wrong place.

It also is nice and shiny so you can always feel like a slick business guru no matter what. 

Space-wise, the bottom drawer is the perfect size for standard hanging folders, perfect for organizing your important documents, and keeping those time-sensitive pieces well organized.

The second box-sized drawer is a good size for your office supplies and accessories and the top drawer is ideal for pens, scissors, and keeping all your stationery needs in one place



This gorgeous vintage-looking filing cabinet is great if you’ve got a little more room. It’s functional and practical, whilst still looking modern and swish in any home environment.

It comes in a range of colors, a personal favorite however is the one linked, a beautiful teak wood color with black accents. 

This design features open storage spaces, beautiful storage cabinets, and file drawers which are the perfect size to hold all of your important documents.

This is a perfect size as it's not too high which means you can slide at the side or under your desk for ease of use. 

Despite its multifunctional office use, it'll also blend seamlessly into any home as you can decorate the open storage shelves with any of your regular home decors such as books,  picture frames, or flowers.

This makes it another great choice if you're not sure how long your home office is going to be around and don't want to invest in a piece that only has one use. 

This is the perfect unit if you want somewhere to safely hold your printer or any kind of machinery such as scanners or fax machines (does anyone still use those?)  as it's solidly constructed and can handle a maximum weight of 155 lbs.


Bush furniture

Absolutely stunning, need we say anymore?

This is a beautiful storage solution if you're looking for a small draw to fit in all your legal or A4 size documents.  It also comes with a handy drawer for all of your office supplies so you'll never be short of a pen again. 

The file drawer itself can hold 30 pounds worth of documents so you can be content knowing that everything is safely in one place. 

Powered by dual wield casters, moving this file cabinet is an absolute breeze and you can pop it into any place before locking it in position so it won't roll anywhere. 

 It comes in a beautiful array of colors from restored Gray, Coastal Cherry, and Vintage Gold Pine so this baby can blend seamlessly with your color scheme in your house. 

 This is also the perfect solution if you want something that's dual purpose as this would look equally dashing as a bedside table.

There's nothing better than a filing cabinet that doesn't look like a filing cabinet in our opinion. 

It also comes with a 3-year manufacturer's warranty and has been tested to meet high-quality standards of safety and performance.



A hidden gem from Lowes. 

This sturdy and weathered-looking filing cabinet is the perfect addition if you're looking to create a vintage look in your home.

It is made up of engineered wood and of metal with a deep weathered oak finish and black detailing. 

It comes with just one filing cabinet with a handy open drawer compartment for accessories or office supplies.  

This file cabinet also has four casters of the base and an additional caster to keep it from tipping over when you open it, a feature sometimes overlooked on other products. 

The handle is sleek and understated whilst the top is sturdy enough to handle any office equipment though bear in mind this is pretty small-sized so probably best off with a nice table lamp rather than trying to squeeze a printer onto it.

An excellent choice if you're looking for something small and understated that will still fit all your papers in nicely. 


Poppin Stow

Ready to have some fun? This cabinet sure is! 

Poppins best selling stove file cabinet is the perfect solution to all your filing needs in a gloriously stylish shell.

With the look of an old-school 50s fridge, this stunning little number comes in a huge variety of colors and is sure to pop a bit of fun into your office space. 

Poppin is such a massive fan of this that they actually give it a 12-year warranty meaning you can buy with no hassle or worry about the quality diminishing over time.

It's made of powder-coated steel construction and has a matching painted steel interior to keep all your documents safe and secure. It even has a lock that secures all three of your drawers given the entire cabinet privacy for peace of mind. 

Our favorite color has to be Pool Blue which looks cool, calm, and collected in any office space. 

It features a bottom drawer that's the perfect size for hanging folders, a middle drawer that's great for storing all your doodads, and a top drawer for all your essentials during the office day. 

If you're looking for other sizes it also comes in a mini variety and in a slim variety so you're bound to find something in this range that fits your space perfectly. It's a big thumbs up from us.


OSP Home_B

Anyone who's wandered through the glorious big red doors knows that Target is the ultimate home of colorful and swish home furnishings. This latest offering is a perfectly pint-sized metal filing cabinet that comes in a range of punchy colors. 

Featuring a small top drawer for all of your daily knick-knacks, a regular-sized middle drawer for office supplies, and a load-bearing bottle bottom drawer perfect for hanging files. 

This filing cabinet comes in a beautiful soft-hued purple, pink, sage green, blue, and white, we love the purple personally. 

With a sturdy steel frame, this baby may look cute but she can handle anything. Unfortunately, this one does not come with casters but that does make it look a little bit sleeker so it depends on personal preference.


Union and Scale

Bring out the big guns. 

This gorgeous 2 drawer filing cabinet is locking, the perfect size for legal or letter documents and comes in a stunning white and espresso color.

At 29 inches high, this is sleek and understated whilst also carrying a huge amount of documents and other office supplies. 

This is the perfect addition to any retro-inspired office. It comes with a full-width box drawer offering you all the storage space you could ever need for files, folders, notepads, or any other supplies. 

It has one large file cabinet with a box drawer and one file drawer for letters and legal-sized files. It's made of laminate wood and also comes with a key lock for safety and security. 

This mid-mod collection also comes with a 7-year manufacturer warranty so you can buy a safe in the knowledge that quality is assured.


Linon Peggy

Let’s end this on a high note. This beautiful little file cabinet is sure to blend seamlessly into your home.

With burnished Rose Gold detailing and a smooth white painted finish, this wooden rolling file cabinet is the perfect small solution to your at-home working needs. 

Again, it wouldn’t look out of place in a lounge or bedroom, making it great for multi-tasking throughout the home as your needs change. 

It’s the perfect size for tucking away out of sight (though it’s pretty enough that you won’t mind showing it off!) and would be a great place to pop a printer.

Final Thoughts

We hope this has shown you that whilst a traditional filing cabinet can look good, there are so many other options you can explore in your home to suit your style preferences. 

Who would have thought you could get a wicker basket filing cabinet or a school locker that actually looks cool? Hopefully, with your newly found inspiration, you’re on your way to creating the office of your dreams and making that creative haven a possibility.

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