The Pastel Aesthetic: How To Incorporate Pastel Colors Into Your Home

Just like fashion trends are ever-changing, so are interior decorating styles and trends. One of the biggest trends currently sweeping Pinterest, Instagram, and TikTok is none other than the Danish pastel trend. 

The Pastel Aesthetic How To Incorporate Pastel Colors Into Your Home

From the trendy colors used in retro 50s and 60s interior decor to the bold and bright color and pattern choices of the 70s and 80s – color has always been a means to create ambiance in our home and express our individualism. 

The pastel color aesthetic has come a long way in recent years from its sole use in baby nurseries. And today it’s extremely popular to play around with pastel colors in your home. 

Some elements of the aesthetic include colorful wall collages, checkerboard patterns, chunky and eccentric candles, and curved accessories and wall decals.

It seems that the trend has borrowed a lot from the wacky styles of the 90s, but they have been given modern, cleaner looks. 

What’s most exciting about this trend is that you don’t have to makeover your entire home to cater to the aesthetic. With a neutral canvas, you can get the ultimate pastel aesthetic in your home by adding some key pieces, details, and accessories. 

In this guide, we’re going to talk about some of the ways that you can incorporate pastel colors into your home, including top styling tips, and must-have accessories. 

Let’s get started!

Pastel Kitchen Ideas

Although redecorating a kitchen can seem like a massive undertaking – and an expensive one – there are some easy ways to incorporate pastel colors into your kitchen without doing much work. This is also extremely handy if you are living in rented accommodation and cannot upgrade your kitchen. 

Even if you’re decorating options are limited, most kitchens have a neutral color scheme, and this is a great base to start with when incorporating pastel colors into your home. 

One of the easiest ways to do so in the kitchen is by swapping out bland, metallic, or plastic-looking appliances for beautiful pastel color swatches. Nowadays, you can buy kitchen appliances in almost every color you can imagine, including ovens, fridges, microwaves, kettles, toasters, and mixers.

Adding pastel-colored appliances into your kitchen is a great way to achieve the aesthetic – from buttery yellows and aqua blues to dreamy lavenders and fairy pinks. 

An additional option – if you can – is to paint your existing cabinets to fit in with the aesthetic. Mint greens and pale pinks look exceptional in kitchens, and painting your existing cabinets is a much cheaper alternative than buying new ones.

If you want to keep them more neutral, however, opt for a bright white or a soft gray as they’ll bring a sense of calm and clarity to the room. 

Pastel Dining Room Ideas 

Now we’ve covered the kitchen, it’s time to move on to the dining room. The dining room is the perfect opportunity to experiment with the pastel aesthetic and is much easier to transform than the kitchen.

The pastel aesthetic abandons straight lines and sharp edges, instead of lending itself to rounded and curved edges. So ditch your traditional dining table and opt for something a little more chic. 

An easy way to play into the wacky, playful side of the aesthetic is to choose a round table. Think clean white table tops with natural wooden legs.

Pair your dining table with velvet dining chairs in your favorite pastel shade – however, we’re big fans of pink velvet! 

If you need a bigger table, opt for a longer table with rounded edges to keep the same vibe. If velvet chairs aren’t to your taste, rounded wooden chairs in bright colors also suit the aesthetic well.

In terms of walls, raw plaster makes for a great canvas that allows the pastel colors to shine. But if you want to take it up another notch, how about creating some fun squiggly patterns on the wall? 

This is a great DIY project and you can get creative. One of the most popular ways to incorporate this into your home is to use 4 or 5 different colors and create a curved “door frame”. This feature wall will transform your dining room into the perfect pastel Pinterest room. 

If you don’t want to get the paints out, then there are other simple ways that you can give your dining room the pastel aesthetic. 

Why not switch your dinnerware and china out for some pastel variations instead? They’re an easy way to refresh your dinner table and will tie in well with the other features of the room. 

Also, try adding some unique lighting fixtures and “bendy” candles. Not only are these on-trend, but they’ll provide some cohesion between the separate pieces. 

Gold accents also lend themselves beautifully to the pastel aesthetic and can add a touch of elegance to a somewhat wacky style. 

Pastel Living Room Idea 

The living room is also a great space to experiment with the pastel aesthetic, and there are lots of simple ways to inject some color into the room. 

Pick out some statement wall art – line art and graphic pieces are really in at the moment. There are also lots of cool graphic text artists who make some cute, funny, quirky, and inspirational quotes that you can cover your walls with.

But don’t worry, they’re not as corny as the Live, Love, Laugh word art!

Now let’s talk about clutter! Although the pastel aesthetic has a relatively clean look, it’s also a step up from minimalistic. Think unique candles, trinket trays, vases, books/magazines, and more. And don’t be afraid to add some accent table lamps. 

You also need to pick out the perfect coffee table. Shy away from conventional rectangular coffee tables – these are so last year. Instead opt for odd shapes or rounded edges, as these fit the aesthetic well. 

But remember, the pastel aesthetic is more than just accessories. You can follow this trend by experimenting with soft furnishings too. 

Colored sofas can make a statement, but sofas are expensive and can be a pain to replace if you decide you want to switch up your interior design.

Soft gray sofas work brilliantly with pastel colors and can make them pop. So, if you want to opt for a neutral-colored sofa we recommend gray. 

You can also reupholster your existing couch with the pastel color of your choice. Pink, blue, and green are often popular couch color choices, but we’re also fans of lavender, yellow, or orangey-peach colors too. 

Pick out some candy-colored cushions as well, and make sure they’re in a range of different colors, sizes, and shapes.

This will help to tie the room together. Statement rugs are also a great way to embody the pastel aesthetic. Not only will it help the room feel more cohesive, but it can be easily switched out. 

As a finishing touch make sure you add as many plants and flowers as you can. Uniquely shaped vases are a great way to add a quirky touch, and keeping them filled with fresh flowers will put the room together a bit more. 

The vivid green of houseplants also compliments the pastel colors, so if you’re a plant parent make sure you home a couple of your favorites in the living room. 

Pastel Bedroom Ideas 

Your bedroom should be your sanctuary, somewhere you can rest and recharge after a long day. Luckily pastel colors lend themselves perfectly to creating a relaxing space – hence why they’re traditionally used for nurseries. 

Picking washed-out shades can soothe you, making you feel comfortable each time you get into bed. We recommend opting for sage green as the focal point of your bedroom as green has been proven to be one of the best colors for relaxation. 

As it’s a non-stimulating color it can help you feel calm and peaceful, and sage green is the perfect blue-toned green shade that can help you get a good night’s sleep. 

Other colors that have proven to help people relax are soft shades of yellow, pink, and blue, so we recommend picking out one of these shades for your room. 

One of the quickest ways to inject pastel colors into your bedroom is to switch out your bedding. Pick one of the colors we recommended for the ultimate relaxed feel. To add a little interest why not opt for ruffled bedding?

This is a simple way to add a bit of drama to your bed sheets without going overboard. 

Once again pick out some cool, abstract wall art, find the bendiest candles you can, and some unique table lamps for your bedside tables. Just like the living room, you can also pick out a statement rug and some candy-colored cushions. 

Of course, every bedroom needs the perfect full-length mirror that you can take your “Outfit of the Day” Instagram pics in. If you want to embrace the pastel aesthetic we highly recommend the “curvy mirror” which you’ve probably seen on TikTok a thousand times over.

Another cool idea is to purchase a clothes rail and create a sort of rainbow effect with some of your favorite wardrobe items. Not only does this add more vibrancy to the room, but it’s also a fun way to incorporate your clothes into your decor, giving them a second purpose.

As for the smaller details we’ve already mentioned candles, lamps, cushions, but don’t forget to add some pastel-colored crates. Not only are they a pivotal part of the aesthetic, but they also provide extra storage. 

Pastel Office Ideas 

If you work from home you may have an office room in your home, or at least a dedicated space for work. It can be hard to get anything done when the environment around you is so dull, but you can transform a lack-luster home office with some pastel details. 

Not only will this help transform the space, but studies have shown that surrounding yourself with color can boost mental wellbeing, so an office makeover can help improve your motivation and work ethic. 

Once again find some of your favorite print and graphic artists and pick out some stimulating prints. 

Additionally, you’ll want to add some color and patterns to your desk. This can easily be achieved with stationery and pen pots. And if you use a keyboard and mouse, why not upgrade them with pastel variations. 

If you’re worried about color overkill, you can start by adding a colorful desk lamp and one or two statement art pieces, and keep adding where you see fit. 

Most importantly make sure you pick out the perfect chair. There are a lot of stunning pastel chairs that fit the aesthetic beauty, but make sure you read reviews to ensure that the one you pick is comfortable. It is important to look after your posture after all. 

Key Features Of The Pastel Aesthetic 

Now that we’ve gone through a few different ideas of how you can transform each space in your home, let’s look at some of the key features of the pastel aesthetic. 

This can be particularly useful if you don’t have the budget to completely transform your home, but you want to incorporate pastels as much as you can. 

Nordic Style Interior

In recent years the Nordic interior has swept through Pinterest, Instagram, and TikTok, and people love it!

The Pastel Aesthetic How To Incorporate Pastel Colors Into Your Home (1)

Some of the key features of this interior style are clean lines, minimalism, muted colors, and function. If you’ve ever owned a piece of Nordic furniture you know that organization plays a key part, and there are lots of creative ways that you can manage your storage. 

This clean, minimalist look works harmoniously with the pastel color palette and can help create a relaxing space. 

Complimentary Wood Finishes 

Pastel colors can blend seamlessly with natural materials, which is great if you’re looking to utilize some existing furniture and features in your home. 

Lighter wood tones such as maple, white oak, and bamboo pair perfectly with the pastel color palette. But if you want to add a dynamic contrast, then cherry wood tones and pink and peach colors are a match made in heaven. 

If you want to use darker wood tones like mahogany, use pastel yellows, greens, or blues for a beautiful contrast. 

Bendy Candles

As far as the pastel trend is concerned, the more bends on a candle the better. 

Although they may not seem like the most practical style of candle, they tend to serve a more aesthetic purpose.

Relatively inexpensive and available in a range of colors, these candles are bang on-trend.

Gingham Print 

A pattern usually associated with picnics, gingham has become a massive part of the pastel trend. 

If you’re not convinced, however, you can add it in small ways such as cushion coverings, table mats, or kitchen towels.

Statement Wall Art 

Having statement art prints is a great way to embrace the pastel aesthetic. Opt for abstract or graphic text pieces to match the style and you’re on to a winner. 

What’s even better about this trend is that there are so many talented graphic artists out there with some incredible work. Not only will your house look like a Pinterest picture but you can also support a small artist. 

Light Fixtures

Lamps are a great way to fill a space and can add the perfect ambiance to a room. With the pastel aesthetic there are never too many lamps, and you can buy some cool ceramic lamps in a range of different colors. 

Metal lamps are also a great option as they add a contemporary feel. 

Soft Furnishings 

You don’t need to buy brand new furniture to follow the pastel trend. One simple and quick way to add pastel colors into your home is through soft furnishings.

Cushions, rugs, blankets, and even curtains are a great way of injecting color into a neutral space and can create a cohesive look. 

Flowers, Vases, And Plants 

These are non-negotiable when it comes to following the pastel trend. 

As mentioned earlier the vibrancy of green houseplants compliments pastel colors well and makes a room feel homely. 

Unique vases filled with fresh flowers are also an easy way to create a show-stopping centerpiece in any room. It also gives you an excuse to buy fresh flowers as often as you like. 

The Curvy Mirror 

The curvy mirror is almost at the core of the pastel aesthetic and it has spent months occupying Pinterest, Instagram, and TikTok. 

Although these mirrors can elevate any “Outfit of the Day” pic, they can be a little expensive. Luckily there are hundreds of tutorials online on how to DIY this popular feature. 

Can You Mix The Pastel Aesthetic With Cottagecore? 

Like the pastel aesthetic, cottagecore is another popular trend that has swept through every aesthetic-based social media platform in the last few months.

Whether you prefer the shabby chic or the rustic weathered look of the cottage style, pastel colors lend themselves perfectly to the aesthetic. 

Shades of pale yellows, pinks, blues, greens, and whites can bring out the natural wood and stone features of the cottage aesthetic. You can also incorporate your favorite pastel colors through both patterns and solids, or you can mix and match. 

Final Thoughts 

The pastel aesthetic is one of the biggest interior trends at the moment, and it doesn’t appear to be going anywhere anytime soon. 

It can easily be incorporated into your home without the need to spend a lot of money transforming your space. Whatsmore is that the pastel color palette can help us feel calm and relaxed, meaning that you can create the perfect space to unwind after a long day. 

Even if you only add a few features at first, pastel colors can help redefine your space and make you fall in love with your home again. 

Happy decorating!

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