The Ultimate Guide To Making The Perfect Cloffice – Ideal For Working From Home!

There are many interior decoration trends circulating at the moment, but the one that is set to make the biggest splash this year is most definitely the cloffice.

The Ultimate Guide To Making The Perfect Cloffice - Ideal For Working From Home!

If you’re never heard of this word then you may be a bit baffled – what are they exactly? Can I make one in my own home?

You can indeed make one in your home, thankfully! We’ve gone out of our way to make this guide for you so that you know everything there is to know about this hot design trend. It’s time to stay ahead of the curve and design an office that you can be proud of! 

Keep on reading to find out more about the cloffice. We’ve also included some handy hints and tricks to help you to make your very own cloffice! 

What They Are

The word cloffice may sound a little silly, but the trend itself certainly isn’t. All you need for your cloffice is some home office furniture and a closet that you can turn into a new office.

Technically though, as long as you use a small space it can still be classified as an office. This could include cloakrooms, corners, cupboards – you name it. The whole point is to turn this small area into an office space. 

The great thing about cloffices is that they are fantastic if you need to have an office and you are limited on space. Inside of your cloffice you can incorporate a bunch of different things that will help you to save space. You can use furniture that fulfils numerous different functions.

In addition to this, you can make your cloffice look extra interesting by featuring some inspiring decorations. It’s the ultimate space for productivity and comfort when you are working from home.

Building A Cloffice 

So how does one build a cloffice? It depends on your own personal tastes and what you are repurposing for your new cloffice. There are a few key things that you will find in pretty much any cloffice, however.


Shelving is a must in any cloffice. You can use all sorts of shelving options as you see fit, including adjustable shelves, open shelving, floating shelves – whatever takes your fancy.

You cannot miss out on this feature because it’s essential for allowing you to access all of the things that you need easily when you are working from home.

In some cases people will use floor to ceiling shelving in their cloffice, though wrap-around shelves can also be a good option for saving on space. Basically, choose a design that’s both practical and works well for you. 

Some spaces can be a bit troublesome for shelving, of course. If this is the case for you then in this instance it may be best to commission some bespoke shelves for the job.

These can fit in tight corners or can sit in a compact way on the wall. You could also take advantage of undulating shelves, and they look stylish too!

It’s a good idea to be creative when you are designing your cloffice. Make sure that you use all of the space in your cloffice wisely, especially when it comes to your shelving. They need to be attractive and practical.


You can’t really have a home office without a decent desk. It’s a complete necessity! Of course, your options are somewhat limited when you are working with a smaller space.

As such, you need to ensure that your desk is as practical and functional as possible so you can really take advantage of it. 

The Ultimate Guide To Making The Perfect Cloffice - Ideal For Working From Home! (1)

Don’t choose a desk straight away. You need to think about the space and how it’s going to be used as a whole. For instance, if you are going to need to have paperwork stacks nearby for easy access, then you need a desk that’s small but can still accommodate that need.

You may need more space for creativity. Or you may only need enough space for your laptop or computer to sit on – nothing more.

Consider how you will be using your desk space and then make a decision from there. It will allow you to work out whether you are going to need a desk with a more traditional design or if you are going to need some help in getting a bespoke option made for you.

If you want to make the desk look especially great then you can add a little bit of paint to it or some resin. Who said your office space needs to look boring?

Some flatpack furniture options simply aren’t going to give you the surface area that you need. If this is the case for you then it’s possible to set up a fold out table in the space that you can use for all of your extra stuff.

You do need to be careful if doing this though as you will want that desk and the table to fit properly in the space. When you have measured the dimensions, you can then speak to a carpenter about getting the work done for you.

It is also possible to create this desk space yourself though if you are particularly savvy with DIY. All you need is some hinges, MDF and the willpower to do it.

If you are getting a fold away desk though then more storage space is likely to be necessary to allow you to have somewhere that you can put your work items when you aren’t working. 

A Chair

While it is possible to have a standing desk – a very ergonomic option – you will also want somewhere to sit while you are working.

As such, having a classic office chair is very important for the overall function and look of your cloffice space. Your chair is also important for allowing you to put some personality into the room.

How do you choose a chair? Well, it’s first important to think about a couple of things right off the bat. You need to figure out where you are going to store it – will it go inside of the cloffice, or will you find somewhere else in the home to store it?

Consider whether you will want it to fit neatly beneath the desk when it isn’t in use, and whether a chair with or without wheels is going to be the best option for you.

After you have thought about these things the next thing that you will need to do is work out what chair style will best suit you.

You could get an ergonomic chair, sleek chairs – there are so many styles available! It should at least fit in with the rest of the space though, so that’s something worth keeping in mind.

The best thing to do is to buy the chair last. Get it after you have bought the storage, the shelving and the desk.

This will allow you to get the right measurements before you order the chair so you don’t have one that doesn’t work well with your cloffice. 

Storage Options

Since your cloffice is going to be in a very small space, it’s vital that you have decent storage there where you can keep all of your key items.

Having well organized storage is definitely something that you will appreciate when your cloffice is all set up. Make sure that your storage allows you to appropriately separate items – a box for paperwork, a box for stationery, etc.

It’s also a good idea to make sure that your office space is as comfortable as possible so that you can enjoy your working day. Since some days are cold, you can get a basket where you can put some blankets and cushions to keep you feeling cozy.

Make sure that you have space for all of those creature comforts that help you to make the working day much more enjoyable. 


When you’re working from home, it’s a good idea to make sure that you separate your relaxation spaces from your working spaces.

It’s good for your mental health and it allows you to be as efficient as possible when you are working. For this reason, having a partition to separate the two areas is a good idea.

You may not need to do this if your cloffice space already has a suitable door. If it doesn’t though you will need to set a partition up for you to use. A sliding door can often work well and it will allow you to minimize the number of distractions as you are working.

You can also use curtains or room dividers if it’s not possible to get a physical partition set up. This option works well though of course it won’t provide the same amount of privacy as a door.

Filing Cabinets

What do you think about when you think of office spaces? Filing cabinets! These things are absolutely necessary for keeping your office space well organized, so you’re definitely going to need some for your cloffice! 

Additional Items

There are also some other items that you can add to bring the finishing touches to your office space. You can buy things like art work, houseplants and photo frames that will make the space look much more like your own.

You can look on sites like Etsy to find some real unique decorations!

In addition to this, you may wish to add some candles to make it feel a lot more tranquil in your office space, or you can use an essential oils diffuser. It’s all about creating the right vibes that allow you to have optimal focus.

Decoration Ideas For Your Cloffice

Your cloffice needs to have plenty of life in it, regardless of whether it’s for work or not. It needs to look attractive and be somewhere that you are looking forward to visiting.

Using some creativity when decorating can certainly help to make the space more like your own. If you feel happy in your office space then you are far more likely to feel productive, after all.

If you don’t really know where to begin when designing your cloffice, here are a couple of ideas.

Functional Paint

It can often be useful to write things down when you work in a place that’s easy to see. Post it notes are so out of style – why not get something like chalkboard paint instead to allow you to write on the walls?


Mirrors can make any space look bigger, which is part of the reason why it’s such a good idea to have them in your cloffice. It helps to bounce the light around too, making the room appear to be brighter. They look great and they are also functional.

There are a lot of different mirror options too. You can use round mirrors, mirror tiles, free standing mirrors – you name it! There’s a style of mirror that will work for pretty much any kind of room.

Mismatched Walls

Who said that all of the walls in your cloffice have to be the same color? In reality, a feature wall can be the perfect way to enhance your mood and bring a bit of personality into any kind of cloffice.

If you want to feel a little more creative while you work then you can add in some bright colors. Of course, using bright colors on every wall can feel rather overpowering in a small space, so it can help to just use one feature wall to make the room pop instead. 

You can do something like paint a wall arch a bright color to make the space more interesting without making it overdramatic. You could use wallpaper too if you want, while the rest of the walls are all one color.

Don’t hesitate to think out of the box either – you may just find the perfect style for you! 

Paintings, Photos and Other Wall Decoration

Now that your cloffice is all set up, you are going to want to make it look a little more interesting. One of the best things to do is to invest in some good wall decoration for the job.

You could hang up some photography, wall hangings, personalized wall art, wall clocks – there are a lot of options. You can get really creative with this too, putting the art work between the shelves or standing alone.

Just make sure that the artwork inspires you and makes you feel motivated – it will certainly help you to get through the work day much more efficiently. 


If you’re working from home then there’s a good chance that you’re going to be spending a great deal of time sitting down so it’s important that you make the necessary preparations to make the space as comfortable as possible.

Having a couple of soft furnishings around cam be great for making a space feel a little more homey. 

One thing that you can do is add a stack of cushions to the floor so you can create another working area that you can go to for a change of scenery!


A cloffice is great if you don’t have a lot of space, and it can really add life to a cramped area in your home that isn’t currently doing anything. It’s certainly worth setting one up if you are going to be working from home!

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