15 Gorgeous Boho Bedroom Ideas That You Need To Try

When it comes to designing your bedroom, you can’t simply go with an idea half-hearted.

A room as important as your bedroom, somewhere that you’ll be spending half of your time, whether relaxing or sleeping, needs all the stops pulled out for it.

15 Gorgeous Boho Bedroom Ideas That You Need To Try

So, when coming up with design ideas, it’s important to go with something that feels both impressive, but also natural and comforting.

Enter Boho styling, which helps turn that plain old white-walled, white duvet-looking bedroom into something with a little more character.

It could be a single wall, a whole corner, or the entire room. Whatever you choose to go with, it’s a design style that adds that little extra color to your life!

However, with such a massive amount of potential, there’s also the issue of option paralysis. After all, when all the shapes and colors in the world are possible, how do you pick just one, or even two?

Well, this guide is a great starting point, at least!

Here, we’ll go through some of our favorite Boho bedroom designs for you to try out in your own home, as well as a quick guide as to what it is, and what it’s not.

That way, you’ll be able to tell for yourself whether or not a room is or isn’t a part of this resurgent design movement!

What Is Boho Style?

So, if we’re going to look at a ton of different Boho styles, it’s going to be important that we understand what exactly unifies these different room aesthetics into one single design style that we know as ‘Boho’. So, let’s take a closer look at what exactly it is!

Boho style, also known as Bohemian Decor, is a style of design that uses a wide variety of different materials, design aesthetics, and cultural inspirations to create a design that feels busy, colorful, maximalist, and a ton of other ideas.

Effectively, it is a counter-cultural design that attempts to go against the grain of what is popular, to do its own thing.

Bohemian and Boho styling and living has technically been a thing for over a hundred years, as it has its roots in countercultures of late 19th century Europe, before becoming popular for young and artistic people across the world.

While it fell out of style in the mid to late 70s, being considered cluttered and kitschy, it has since made a big comeback.

In our modern world of minimalism, sharp bare edges, and all-white walls and decor, the Boho style is a shot of color and natural organic tones and shapes that bring life back into a room.

They turn a space into something that isn’t just pretty, but something that you want to live and spend time in.

And, with a room as important as a bedroom, that little bit of life is what you need!

1. French-Styled Boho Bedroom

While Boho can be a style that comes from anywhere in the world, a lot of its roots come from continental Europe at the turn of the 19th century.

Because of this, many people look here to get a good start on something that feels right for Boho style.

It’s certainly where this first entry takes a lot of its amazing ideas from!

Designed by LA-based French designer Siham Mazouz, and shown in her design book and portfolio How the French Live, this Boho bedroom follows a lot of the design sensibilities that Mazouz would have grown up with.

We particularly love the heavy use of rustic textures and colors in this bedroom. The 1960s-style shaggy rugs, the striped pillow designs, and the old/restored bedside table.

This is one of the designs that benefit from a few visits to some antique shops, and a keen eye for color coordination and decor comes in handy.

The antique art piece that Mazouz uses in this design also helps bring some furnishings and life to white walls that might be a little too minimalist for our tastes!

2. Bohemian Chic Painted Arches

One of the main features that many Boho-designed rooms often have is a heavy emphasis on organic shapes and curves added to an aesthetic, leaving behind those sharp bare corners that you’ll often see in so many different minimalist designs.

This room adds those organic shapes and colors through the clever use of both natural materials and a well-executed paint job on the walls of this room.

The wooden bedside tables and backboard of this room help bring more natural elements back into a room that might otherwise feel a little too plain, even with some added color from a vibrant or retro duvet or bed design.

Plus, that wood also makes the natural warmer colors of the wall design look a lot more at home here, something that’s important to all Boho-designed rooms.

The rounded tops of the painted pattern here help evoke a nostalgic organic shape to the room, bringing that retro feel that many Boho-styled rooms have.

All in all, it’s a very simple, yet incredibly effective way of making a room feel a little more Bohemian in its vibes.

3. Warm Woody Tones

As we said in the last entry, wood is an incredibly versatile material to use when coming up with a good Boho bedroom style. In fact, for many, it’s not just a great compliment, it’s a necessity!

But you wouldn’t recognize it in many designs, like this beautiful design by Sara Combs!

Everything, from the woven basket lampshade to the low wooden bed frame that is used, lends a subtle styling that makes all the difference as the different furnishings add up.

The Wooden basket under the end of the bed, the shelving, heck, even the organic wooden bedside tables, and decorations

If any one of the wood items in this design were made from metal, you’d notice instantly.

If you’re looking for good wood furnishings for your home design, make sure to check out local antique or thrift stores.

Many older items from elderly homes tend to have items that, while maybe kitsch just a few years ago are all the rage once again!

While a single type or color of wood makes for a unified room aesthetic, having different tones and hues does add a little color variety to rooms, from browns to burned orange or even mustard yellow.

Try and find the right combination of tones for your bedroom design!

4. Effortless Look

A big part of the Boho style is that the colors, tones, and furnishing that you choose are not just supposed to look natural color or material-wise.

It’s supposed to feel like the look of the room has built up organically.

It’s that classic conundrum of trying too hard to make something look cool, you know? The Boho style is the same. The aesthetic should look… well, natural!

Take this bedroom design from London. While the more neutral and less saturated color palette might seem to stray a little from the more maximalist designs we’ve covered, it helps keep the room design both consistent and not forced.

It’s effortlessly stylish, without even feeling like it’s trying.

It’s still got plenty of furnishings that we might associate with a modern retro-esque bedroom, such as the Eddison-style lightbulbs over each bedside and table and the macramé wall hanging over the bed.

Simple, yet elegant features that feel like a necessity for any trend-setting design.

But here, these help draw the eye of a person to a point, rather than feeling cluttered in a room that might otherwise feel too busy trying to look trendy, by overstuffing it with decorations.

You may not notice them in a more saturated room, for example.

Remember, make it look cool, but make it look effortless at the same time. It’s not an easy task, for sure, but this room proves that it can be done.

5. Neutral Bohemian Style Bedroom

After the whole spiel, we gave about making something look natural, suddenly going with a ‘neutral’ look might seem like it flies in the face of the advice we just gave.

However, we think that this room shows just how versatile Boho design and styling are!

The crocheted/knitted patterns and textures of this room’s furnishings, from the rug to the blanket over the bed duvet, add that little extra layer of detail to a room that helps qualify it as a Boho design. At least, in our eyes.

Plus, there’s a ton of furnishings to the room too, such as the feathered reed plant decoration, and the ornamentation around the windows, that help make this room a place that feels lived in, and not just a simple bare white wall with no decoration and life to it.

Plus, the white colors of the room help the colors that you do use stand out that much more, like the woven plant basket that they use here.

We might have thrown a little shade (metaphorically speaking, at least)) on minimalist design aesthetics in this list, but we don’t hate the style.

In fact, in moderation, and with the right furnishings as this bedroom uses, it can make for a truly jaw-dropping master bedroom idea.

We just prefer our minimalist bedrooms in moderation, that’s all!

6. Old-World Charm

As we said before, a lot of the sources of inspiration that modern Boho-styled rooms draw on are the trends, fashion, and aesthetics of early to mid-20th-century Europe.

So, we love it when a good room design uses them to their fullest, like this next idea!

If you want to draw on the same old-world designs that this room does, make sure to research furnishings that you would find in Europe in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

So, old Art Deco and Nouveau styling are perfect, as well as Turkish rugs and chairs!

7. Pink Room Styling

While there are plenty of colors that are regularly used in Boho-style rooms, we rarely see pink as a central color.

Maybe it’s because it’s seen as a little too gendered for some people, or maybe it’s just because it’s a strong color to use for a primary wall or room color, outside of a child’s imagination.

Whatever the reason, it’s simply not used as much as we’d hope.

However, this means that, as far as against-the-grain designs go, a pink Boho bedroom that uses pink has to be one of the most striking out there. So, we’re amazed to see how it was used here!

This room manages to make excellent use of pink as the main wall color, by combining it with shades and patterns of white/light beige in square patterns.

It breaks up the pink and stops it from being too overwhelming.

The square and checkered patterns used on the wall are repeated in the furnishings here too, like in the set of drawers in the room, without the pink color, of course.

Still, that design motif helps make what was already a beautiful motif feel like an even bigger part of the room.

Overall, it’s an amazing way of using an often-overlooked color that we just can’t get enough of!

8. Traditional Bohemian-Styled Bedroom

‘Traditional Bohemian’ is a style that varies so much from region to region, we were honestly a little iffy on using the term at all in this guide.

However, just one look at this room tells you that this might just be the quintessential Bohemian-styled room!

Outside of the off-white, yellows, grays, and beige colors used for the wall and bedding and blankets (which look great in any room, to be fair), we’re particularly big fans of the floral wall hanging pattern here.

Wall hangings have always been a cost-effective way of adding a little extra decoration and texture to a room, and this is one of our favorites.

Remember, Boho styling doesn’t just include the hipsters of history, but also countercultures and creative styling that were not popular, maybe even derided, in their day, which also often means having less money and still trying to design with a tighter budget in mind.

It’s also a pattern design that has been a popular style for Bohemians throughout the years, which helps reinforce that Boho–styling, without necessarily going into the territory of cliché or tired designs.

Who doesn’t love a good floral pattern, after all?

Add a few real plants into the room, and you have a design motif that elevates the room overall.

9. Layer Up Those Textiles

One of the things that many designers seem to agree on in the Boho style is the maximalist approach that it has to furnish and decorate, especially when it comes to textiles and fabrics. The more, the better, it seems!

So, if that’s a style that you love to emulate, you’re going to love this next bedroom idea!

10. Plant-Friendly Green Bedroom

And speaking of plant designs, who doesn’t love a nice plant in a room? It adds a little extra life to any space you put them in, Quite literally, in this case!

However, this next room takes that aesthetic to the next level, with both a heavy use of wood and other natural brown and dark yellow hues, but also plenty of plants to boot!

This bedroom design uses plants of all shapes and sizes. Ferns, succulents, and palm plants are all perfect for this nature-inspired bedroom design.

These darker green colors also allow deviations in color to stand out even more. The rope-hung pod chair stands out even more against a backdrop of indoor plants.

Alternatively, having the wooden frame in more natural yellow/orange and brown varnished tones is a perfect way of making this room feel like a secret indoor treehouse.

Plus, being indoors provides a more stable environment for different plants, meaning that you can include a lot of different colorful and wonderful species here.

If a palm tree can’t grow outdoors where you live, it might be better off in your bedroom!

Considering that keeping plenty of indoor plants in a home is a cornerstone of what people think of when they think about ‘Bohemian’, you’re also honoring a time-honored tradition when setting up this new Boho bedroom design.

11. En Suite Addition

En suites have been a big trend in home designs for a while now. After all, who doesn’t love an easy-to-access bathroom and toilet in their home?

And it’s also a great way on saving space, not just for the convenience of it.

However, we’ve seen surprisingly few bedrooms use this design for their en suite. And that’s a real shame!

Having the wall act as a separation point between the wider bedroom and the en suite is a great move, one that is used well in other parts of the home like island kitchens, but underutilized in bedroom design.

This is still a Boho design list, so the more rustic aesthetic from items like the wooden ladders and door frame help make this feel like a homely little space to enjoy.

A well-executed tile pattern across the cut-off wall is also a great little touch that will help push the concept into a full Bohemian-style room.

Of course, make sure that you can get plenty of ventilation if you’re going with this kind of en suite as a room design.

You’ll find that condensation and humidity can be a real issue if there’s no way to let all that warm air and steam out!

12. Bohemian Bed Canopy

Bed canopies have long been a popular feature in bedrooms.

They offer that little extra bit of privacy in your personal space (perfect for the friends and family that love barging in unannounced!)

That maximalist design tendency also fits neatly into a classic Bohemian bedroom design, making it a popular fixture for many counter-cultural folks who love keeping a super-secluded spot in their room, even in the middle of it!

The key detail with a Boho bed canopy, like with many other Boho design aspects, is the texture and design of the canopy you’re using.

13. Black Accents

Sometimes, you don’t need to add every single color of the wheel to make a room feel Boho in design. Sometimes, you just need something that helps add that little highlight to your room.

It’s something that this next Boho bedroom does amazingly, drawing your eye to the bed frame, and allowing it to wander across the rest of the beautifully detailed room!

14. Modern Boho Bedroom Decor

Because of its associations with both the late 19th and early 20th century, it can be kind of hard to untangle Boho style from a more vintage idea of what it ‘should’ look like.

However, the beauty of boho design is that it can be from any time and place.

So long as it feels like it goes against the grain, and it feels like it belongs, you can do pretty much anything with it. Like this next room does!

15. Modern Striped Boho Bedroom

For our final entry into this amazing guide, we want to circle back around to a design motif that we mentioned back in the first entry.

And that’s a good stripe pattern. Here, taken to the extreme!

That stripe motif, whether it’s across the walls, floor, or even the duvet and bedding, is something that we just can’t get enough of!

Final Notes

So, there you have it. This an incredible list of the best Boho bedroom ideas and concepts out there.

Some Boho designs can rack up quite the bill on them, we acknowledge. It’s kind of ironic, considering that Bohemian has always been associated with folks that go.

However, some clever thrift and antique store hunting, and a good eye, can go a long way toward making a Boho-style bedroom that much more achievable on a budget.

So, which design will you try out for yourself first?

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