10 Of The Prettiest Interior Door Colors

When you’re decorating your home, it’s easy to neglect your doors. 

However, a door is so much more than just a door. Your doors are a centrepiece, and a statement of what’s to come – at least they can be if you treat them to a little TLC! 

10 Of The Prettiest Interior Door Colors

In need of some inspiration? Here are ten of the most beautiful colours you can use to decorate your interior doors. 

1. Light Grey 

First up, we have light grey. This particular shade is neutral, refreshing, and classy all at once, making it the perfect colour to add to any of the interior doors in your space.

This shade of grey is particularly modern and pairs well with industrial-themed decor. Grey interior doors stand tall and proud, and they’re a great way to make a statement in any of your entryways. 

Grey doors look at their best when they sit against a white wall, so avoid introducing busy patterns or bold colours in the surrounding room to avoid a potential clash.

If you want a formal, mature look that’s not as imposing as black, this dreamy grey is a wonderful alternative. 

2. Deep Blue 

If you really want to make a statement, why not opt for a deep blue door?

This particular shade is nothing short of luxurious and can complement a variety of other colours, including gold, white, green, and brown. 

A deep blue interior door is often considered a ‘daring’ choice, but when it’s balanced out by other colours and textures in its space, it can demand attention without being overbearing. 

If you want to be even bolder, paint the walls around your interior door another shade of dark blue for a more intense feel. 

3. Red 

Red may not be the first choice for your interior door, but the right shade can inject a vibrant, modern feel into almost any space. 

There is also no right or wrong way to use this colour, it just depends on the type of look you want to create.

You can balance your red out with more neutral colours, or opt for a bold pattern on your floors or walls to transform your door from the centrepiece of a room, into a vibrant, complementary addition to a fun space. 

If you want to pair your red with a vibrant pattern, we’d recommend using a deeper shade.

If you’re going to throw in more neutrals, choose a pastel-toned paint for an uplifting, rather than demanding, look. 

4. Taupe 

Taupe blends tones from the brown and grey spectrum, to give an end result that looks like a cross between beige and grey.

Taupe is known for its elegance and simplicity, and wherever you use it in your home, it’s sure to make a stylish statement. 

Taupe is one of the most versatile colours you can use for your interior door, and with a whole palette of shades available, you won’t struggle to find the perfect tone for your door.

This colour also has the power to either stand out or blend in – it’s a true classic that can be used with a variety of modern and classic schemes! 

Taupe belongs to the neutral colour family and can’t be found on the traditional colour wheel. Like most neutrals, it will pair well with other neutrals and more vibrant colours.

Whatever look you’re trying to create, there’s nothing an injection of taupe can’t complement. 

5. Pastel Yellow 

Fancy something a little more uplifting? Why not opt for this irresistible pastel yellow? 

If you don’t want the boldness of a deep yellow, this pastel tone can be a more gentle, muted alternative.

A pastel tone is a great way to bring an uplifting feel into your home, without using any bold colours.

This could be a great choice for you if you prefer neutral schemes, or if you already have other vibrant colours in your space that you want to balance out. 

According to colour therapy, yellow can also make you feel happier and more uplifted, and when paired with other pastel tones like pink or lilac, it looks nothing short of dreamy and romantic.

If you want a more modern look, why not use it to distract from some of the intensity of other darker colours in your space like black or brown? 

By using pastel yellow on your entryway, you and your guests will feel automatically more positive and refreshed as soon as they set foot in your space. 

6. Green 

Green is such a versatile colour, and it can make a real statement when it’s used on your interior doors.

With over 40 colour variations to choose from, it’s hard not to find a shade of green to suit your interior! 

Green, in one form or another, is almost always in style. It’s also a colour that’s associated with prosperity, growth, and renewal.

It’s also indicative of our hope for the future, so according to colour theory, it can make a great addition to your home. 

Some people are deterred by green, believing that it can be a difficult colour to pull off. However, if you have the confidence to do something a little different, you’ll realise it’s surprisingly easy. 

Choose a tone that resonates with you, and experiment with using neutrals or more vibrant tones with your green to create an interior space that works for you.

Complementary colours such as red, pink, orange and purple tones work well, and almost any other colour in the same tonal colour group, such as yellow or blue. 

7. Coral 

Coral may not be the most popular colour choice for your interior doors, but it works exceptionally well by adding an exciting and refreshing sense of dimension to your space. 

Coral can be paired with other fun colours such as teal and turquoise to create an intriguing and uplifting space.

Coral is also a rather versatile shade, which makes it easy to introduce into almost any room in your home.

Because it’s rather neutral, the colours and textures you surround it with will determine what kind of impact it makes on your space. 

This is a flattering, eye-catching tone that can work in bathrooms, living spaces and even bedrooms.

Coral is a more sophisticated alternative to darker shades of pink, and it’ll make an unforgettable mark on your guests. 

8. Pastel Blue 

If you’re not drawn to darker shades of blue, why not opt for a pastel tone?

This particular shade of pastel blue is instantly calming and relaxing, and it has the power to completely transform the atmosphere of your living space. 

As with most pastel tones, this pastel blue will work in almost any space, and it offers a more ‘mature’ alternative to brighter shades of blue.

Pastel blue works particularly well with shabby-chic decor or coastal themes, and even in country-style spaces! 

If you’re using pastel blue for your interior door, we’d recommend balancing it out with some charmingly simple shades of off-white.

If you want to keep this tone flowing through the rest of the room, you could even choose a complementary pastel-blue wallpaper with a subtle pattern or texture to really make it pop. 

9. Orange

Why not show off your eccentric, colourful personality with a splash of orange in your entryway?

Using orange to paint your interior doors (and even the surrounding walls), can completely transform the mood of your home.

Whether you want to add a simple splash of colour or drench the whole room in its powerful hues, orange does not disappoint. 

Orange is an easy way to add a refreshing twist to your space, especially when it’s paired with a neutral palette.

However, if you want to be a little more daring, why not pair it with bolder tones such as dark blue or black? 

Don’t be afraid to experiment with other colours and textures surrounding your interior door.

Patterned wallpapers can really make your entryway pop, and give your guests a memorable entrance to any room in your home. 

10. Light Purple

Last up, we have light purple. This blissful shade of lilac exudes peace and tranquillity.

If you want your room to be a space to relax and unwind, painting your interior door in this serene shade of lilac can help you get into the right headspace. 

Purple is celebrated for its invigorating and calming abilities, and this particular shade doesn’t disappoint.

When paired with other neutrals, you can transform any room in your home into a truly zen space. When you walk through this door, you can be sure you’ll leave feeling relaxed and at peace with yourself. 

The Bottom Line 

Whether you’re decorating your bathroom, living room, bedroom or guest room, adding a fresh lick of paint to your interior doors can completely transform the atmosphere.

It’s also an incredibly easy task, so what are you waiting for? Your new room awaits you! 

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