Where To Put A Rug When The Bed Is Against The Wall? Your Complete Guide

Do you want to put a rug in your bedroom but don’t know where to place it? Maybe your bed is against the wall and you don’t know the best placement for the rug? Or are you curious and want to know more? No matter the reason that brought you here, we have the answers for you! 

Where To Put A Rug When The Bed Is Against The Wall? Your Complete Guide

Figuring out where to put your rug when the bed is against the wall can be tricky, especially if you have never added a rug to your bedroom before. You head online for some guidance but are met with pages and pages of conflicting and contradicting advice that leaves you unsure where to turn or who to trust.

Frustrated and disappointed, you wonder if you will ever know where to put your rug when a bed is against the wall. 

Well, no more! Today, we are here with the answers you need. Keep reading for your complete guide to adding a rug to your bedroom. If your bed is against the wall we will tell you where the rug can go and how to style it in your bedroom. 

How To Choose A Rug For Your Bedroom 

Let’s begin by choosing a rug for your bedroom. When placing a rug in your bedroom, there are a few factors you should consider. Don’t worry, none of these is daunting! Let’s look at what you should consider before purchasing your rug now. 

Size Of Your Room

First, you want to consider the size of your room. You don’t want to buy a rug that’s too big or small for the space! Measure the space you want the rug to sit in the room, and consider how it will look in the room. 

If your rug is too large or small it will look out of place in the room, throwing everything out of whack! Buying an oversized rug for a medium or small-sized room can overwhelm the space with patterns, textures, and colours that don’t match your decor.

Similarly, a small rug in a large room can look smaller than it is and get lost in the space! 

Type Of Bed

You should also consider the type of bed that you have, or want to purchase, before choosing your rug. Is your bed a standard or non-standard size? This will impact the size and style of rug you should add to your room. 

If your bed is wider or longer than the standard size, opt for rugs that will match the dimensions of your bed. This saves you from wasting time and money with rugs that won’t work in the space. 

Rug Style 

Next, you will want to consider the style of your rug. You want your bedroom to be a luxurious and comfortable space, something that the right rug can help you achieve! 

The best way to do this is to contrast your design elements. You should know how they complement each other before you decide where anything should go in your room.

Say your bedding has a pattern, and then you will want to keep things simple on your rug. This might be a colour variation, a subtle pattern, or a solid colour.

By pairing this with your patterned bedding, you create eye-catching visuals where one thing becomes the focal point and stands out without decor clashes.

If you are looking for a big rug that makes an impact, avoid multiple colours. You will want one colour or a simple pattern that helps to create an effortless look in your bedroom.

A neutral-coloured rug is a good option, and it can help keep your space calm. Even a huge neutral rug won’t overwhelm your space as a brightly coloured one would. 

Rug Material 

Finally, you should consider the material of the rug. A rug in a low-traffic area of your bedroom is a vital purchase, one where comfort is key! You must consider the thickness and material when choosing your rug. 

Consider what material will feel good on your bare feet when you step out of bed or move across your room. Wool or polypropylene rugs tend to feel plush and comfortable compared to coarser fabrics. 

But there is an argument for purchasing a rug with a coarser fabric, like sisal. Sisal rugs are far more durable than others, ensuring longevity and good value for money. But they can be coarse and uncomfortable for some people to walk across barefoot. 

If you find sisal rugs too coarse, a good alternative is Jute rugs. Jute rugs are still organic, but much softer under the feet than sisal. 

We recommend trying out some rug samples before making your decision. Spend some time feeling the fibres of different rug materials and their thickness to find one that works best for you in your bedroom. 

Rule Of Thumb 

When it comes to finding the perfect size rug for your bedroom, there is a general rule of thumb that you can follow. Now, this won’t work for everyone, but it is a good starting point if you are unsure how big your rug should be in your bedroom. 

The rule of thumb is based on the size of your bed. If you have a standard-size bed this will be helpful. For those that don’t have a standard-size bed, don’t worry, we have lots more tips and tricks coming up for you today! 

If you have a standard-size bed, here are our recommended rug sizes: 

  • Twin-Size Bed (38 x 75 inches) – 5 x 8 feet 
  • Full Size Bed (53 x 75 inches) – 6 x 9 feet 
  • Queen Size Bed (60 x 80 inches) – 8 x 10 feet 
  • King Size Bed (76 x 80 inches) – 9 x 12 feet 

For those that don’t want to use the size of their bed to decide the size of their rug, we have another rule you can follow. Generally, your rug should cover 18 to 24 inches on all three sides of your bed (if your bed is against the wall). 

This offers a buffer zone where the bed ends and allows you to walk around the room without stepping onto an area covered by furniture or carpeting.

Now, this guide won’t fit every bedroom, but it’s a good guideline that can be used to decide what size rug you need to buy for your bedroom. 

Where To Put A Rug When Your Bed Is Against The Wall 

There are a few places you can put a rug in your room when the bed is against the wall. All of these methods are suitable for different-sized beds or bedrooms, so there is a solution for everyone! Let’s see where you can put your rug when your bed is against the wall now. 

Next To Your Bed

First, you can place your rug next to your bed. It is a handy way to fill the space next to your bed when it is against the wall. Plus, it means you can step out of bed and onto a comfortable and soft rug! 

We recommend using a small or medium-sized rug next to your bed. This creates a cosy and interesting focal point in your room and offers you plenty of space to get off your bed and stretch. 

Another option here is a bed runner. These long and narrower rugs can run the length of your bed, or you can place two smiley rugs at either end of the bed.

We recommend placing two smaller rugs on either end of the bed if you have a larger room, it can make the room seem bigger and better spaced out. 

Take care when adding a rug next to your bed. You don’t want it to be too close to the edge that it can be tripped over, nor do you want the gap to be too big that it could get damaged as you move around to other areas. Spacing is key too! 

Foot Of The Bed 

Foot Of The Bed 

Another option is to place a rug at the foot of your bed. This helps to make your bed the central point of your room design-wise. Positioning your rug at the foot of the bed does depend on if the width of your rug matches the size of the bed. 

For example, a narrow bed, or one with bedside tables on either side, a rug at the foot of the bed can work well. If your rug is the same width or less than your bed, be sure to add 12 to 18 inches of exposed floor around the rug. 

If your rug is wider than the bed, try to place at least one foot of it under the bed. 

Underneath Your Bed 

Finally, you can place your rug under the bed. You will want to do this so that a portion of the rug is under the bed and the rest spills out on all sides of the bed.

Doing so grounds and anchors your bed and makes it a focal space. It works in wide, open bedrooms, or smaller bedrooms too. 

If you want a cosy feeling in your room, stretch the rug to your headboard. Not only can it make your room feel warm and inviting, but it means you will step out of bed onto a comfortable rug. 

You can also use an oversized rug and put the top part underneath your bed. Make sure that it is symmetrical on all sides and you can transform your bedroom! It will look chic and elegant regardless of your style of bedroom. 

How To Decorate A Bedroom Rug

Decorating and placing a bedroom rug in your room can be tricky, but we have a few options that you can explore. We have lots of options outside the traditional rug layout, so let’s take a look at them now. 


First, you can place your rug at a diagonal angle. This adds an aesthetic edge and gives your room avant-garde vibes! Placing your rug diagonally can make your room seem like an art gallery, so why not try it?


We touched on this earlier, but you can make your room look more inviting and homier if you cover part or half of your rug with the bed, leaving the other half exposed.

This works especially well if you have a patterned or interesting rug that can add some personality to your bedroom.


Layering rugs can be a great look in your bedroom, but it can be tricky to get right. You should focus colours together to add some depth before adding contrasting colour combinations that will draw your eye to different areas of your room, creating more interest as you do.

Try and pick colours that are opposite each other on the colour wheel for maximum impact! 

You also don’t need to rely on one plain coloured rug in your bedroom. Try layering lighter colour rugs over bolder ones to add different textures and looks to the space. 


Another design choice when adding your rug is to match your style and personality. You could match the rug to your bedding, curtains, or pillows to create a cohesive look.

You could also match the rug to accent chairs, nightstands, or anything else in your room! It’s a good way to mix patterns when choosing your rug for your bedroom. 

Rug Shapes 

Before you leave us today, let’s consider the shape of the rug you are including in your bedroom. There are a few shapes to choose from and each will add something different to your bedroom. Let’s look at them now. 

Round Rugs 

Round Rugs 

Round rugs are usually oval or circular shapes and can be a creative addition to your bedroom. These rugs work well as a focal point in your bedroom too. 

We recommend using a rug that is 4 to 6 inches in diameter. This makes the rug large enough to attract attention, but not so large that it overwhelms your bed. Beds with bed posts or a circular canopy work well with circular or round rugs. 

You can also place them underneath bedside tables to help them stand out. It can also give your room an art-deco theme! 

Square And Rectangular Rugs 

Square And Rectangular Rugs 

Square and rectangular rugs are one of the most popular shapes! They add a sense of order to your room and can give the illusion that your room is bigger than it is.

Square and rectangular rugs work well in any space, adding a clean and modern look, no matter the colour or size you choose. 

They can also help your room feel more spacious and they are easier to move around if you have limited mobility. 

The only downside to these rugs is that they don’t often work with all types of beds. Some beds might not work well with a square rug. You can overcome this though if you layer other rugs below your square rug, or tilt the position slightly. 

Final Thoughts

And there you have it, your complete guide to placing a rug in your bedroom when the bed is against the wall. You have plenty of options to choose from, ensuring that your bedroom will become a cosy safe haven for you to relax and enjoy. 

Don’t forget to measure the space beforehand and consider all of the factors that we mentioned earlier to help you find the best rug that will suit your space and the style of your bedroom.

Also, remember to use our positioning tips to create a unique space that is inviting for you and anyone else sharing your bedroom!

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