Hale Navy: The Best Navy Paint Color

If you are looking for a paint that is bold while not standing out too much, then you have to look out for Hale Navy, a shade offered by Benjamin Moore. 

This is a bold shade of navy blue that works in plenty of different settings where a different shade of blue or navy wouldn’t work. 

Hale Navy: The Best Navy Paint Color

You have likely recognized situations where different blue hues of paint can quickly start to go awry. However, this is not something you have to worry about with Hale Navy.

This is a classic shade of navy that plenty of different designers rely on to get a unique look with various design finishes. 

However, when it comes to choosing a color of paint, it can be a pretty impactful decision. 

You should ensure that you are fully informed when choosing a color of paint.

Because of this we have put this guide together to give you all the information you need on how to use Hale Navy effectively and to help you work out if it is right for you. 

So, if you are considering Hale Navy, but are not completely convinced, keep reading!

Hale Navy – Warm Or Cool?

One of the most important considerations to make when it comes to paint is whether the color is warm or cool — Hale Navy is a cool color of paint. 

However, this does not limit the color too much since it can work equally well with paint colors that have a cool or a warm undertone to them.

If you look closely at Hale Navy, this is a true navy that is completely absent of any green undertones. 

These green undertones can be found in plenty of other shades of navy blue, and because it is not in Hale Navy, the color can work with a wider selection of colors. 

Hale Navy paint has a much deeper hue when compared to other blue shades of paint, and when it is used in low light it can appear black. 

So, if you want a deep blue paint but you are not a fan of the green undertones a lot of these paints come with, then going for Hale Navy is a good idea. 

However, if you want these green undertones to help match other accents in the room, then there are other shades of navy or blue which are better suited than Hale Navy.

Hale Navy – Complementary Colors

So, now you know that Hale Navy is a cool color with no green undertones, let’s discuss what colors look great alongside it. 

As we mentioned earlier, part of the reason why Hale Navy is used so often by designers is because of how versatile this shade is.

This means that it works with plenty of different colors no matter what you are looking for. 

The broad applications of Hale Navy are why it’s often categorized as a neutral color of paint.

When you are using Hale Navy in your decor, it will look its best when you pair it with wood and wooden tones, no matter what shade. 

We also love using Hale Navy in open concept spaces as well.

In these settings it can really work well with anything, however, for the best choice, we recommend going with colors that have a blue or gray hue so they fully complement the Hale Navy. 

Some specific shades which we think look great with Hale Navy, especially in open concept spaces include; sea foam, sea salt, repose gray, gray owl, and Palladian blue.

We also love using Hale Navy as an accent color as well. Because of this, it is often chosen as one of the best colors you can use in a living room. 

You can even use Hale Navy alongside other shades of black colors. However, if this is the plan you will want to ensure that there is also a lot of natural light in the room as well. 

If you are using Hale Navy and black tones in a dimly lit area, the colors will look a little too similar, and the area will lack dimension making it feel more oppressive. 

What we are trying to make clear is just how versatile Hale Navy can be, but if we have to choose one aspect that will complement Hale Navy the best, it is wooden tones. 

This is why we love using Hale Navy as an accent in kitchens that feature a lot of wood, and this is a popular choice since wood is a timeless option for a kitchen, and the Hale Navy will work with this!

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Hale Navy – Undertones And Lighting

As we mentioned earlier, Hale Navy does not have any green undertones, which is unique for a blue or navy shade of paint since this is something they often feature. 

The lack of green undertones makes Hale Navy a lot more versatile as a paint option. The undertones that Hale Navy does have are blue and gray. 

Both blue and gray are very versatile colors, and they are incredibly easy to style and pair other colors with as well.

The time when you will recognize the colors most often is when the paint is under lighting, so how does Hale Navy work when it is under different lighting? 

Similarly to most other paint colors, before you commit to the shade, you should use it in your space to see how it will react to the different light. 

For example, if you are using the Hale Navy in a north facing room, then this will not get much light, meaning the Hale Navy will appear to be a lot darker.

Because of this it will be much closer to black and appear like charcoal occasionally. 

However, if the room you are using Hale Navy in is on the opposite side, and it then gets a lot more sunlight, then this is where you will get a lot out of the shade.

This is where you will see the most navy. 

This shade of navy will best be seen in rooms that have access to a lot of light.

So, if you want a more navy shade, then use the Hale Navy in a room with more light, but if you want a darker shade, then use it in a room with less light. 

Hale Navy – Best Trim

As we mentioned earlier, one thing we love about Hale Navy is just how well it works with wood tones and other fixed elements your space might have as well. 

In spite of this, this is not a guarantee, and before committing to Hale Navy, you should get a sample and see how this works with different furniture and trims — We recommend getting a 12 x 12 sample of your color of choice. 

This can be done by painting a white poster board with 2 coats of paint.

However, if you are choosing to paint your trims at the same time and want something which will compliment the Hale Navy specifically, then going for something more soft and creamy will get the best results to make your space feel more comforting. 

This is why we recommend a shade like Chantilly Lace or White Dove. You can even use Hale Navy as an exterior color as well, and if you use it on a barn door, it will look amazing!


Hopefully, this guide has given you insight into whether Hale Navy is the right paint choice for you!

It’s an incredibly democratic color that has a lot of synergy with various other shades, so there’s a good chance it fits the bill for you and your home.

With blue and gray undertones and a total absence of green hues, it pairs miraculously well with natural wood finishes, but that’s not to say that it won’t play nicely with some additional subtle or bold shades.

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