What Colour Walls With Grey Carpet Works Best? [9 Excellent Colour Ideas]

You might have noticed that the colour grey is having a moment – in fact, that moment has been around for a few years now, and it looks like it is here to stay.

What Colour Walls with Grey Carpet Works Best? [9 Excellent Colour Ideas]

Whilst it might come across as a daunting colour to use, it is extremely versatile and can be paired with a number of different colours. As a carpet colour, there are a few shade variations to choose from that will suit a plethora of styles. 

If you have recently upgraded your carpeting to a beautiful deep grey, or you are planning to, then you might be wondering what colour to paint or wallpaper your walls.

If that is the case, then you have reached the right place. This simple guide will draw your attention to look at some of the best colours you can use alongside grey within the home. 


Even though it might sound like a bold choice, choosing to put grey with grey can create an elegant and clean looking room. Rather than opting for a deep grey carpet, go for something light, so the room does not look small and dark. 

Different shades of grey work well together too because it can create depth within the room. Think about adding blankets, curtains, and lampshades in various degrees of grey.

For something even different, place bright coloured furnishings within the room for pops of colour. Doing so will also help the grey to stand out more, and make it become a feature of the whole room. 

If you do not want to go too colourful with the items in the room, you could also pick and choose. For example, you can add in a coloured pillow or lamp – just the odd item to pop some colour into the room. 


The colour white is a popular and easy choice to go with when it comes to the walls inside our home. It is completely risk free, meaning you can add various colours within the same room (via furniture, for example), without everything clashing against each other. 

The white paint lets you do whatever colour scheme you want. There is no need to repaint the walls if you decide to buy a green coloured sofa that looks terrible against an orange block colour.

Also, white looks super clean when painted well, or used within a wallpaper, and can make a room look bright due to the light reflecting off every surface. The colour can also work with both dark and light grey carpet, so really, the choices are limitless when it comes to white.


A classic colour pairing, monochrome works well at balancing out a room. It also creates clean lines and style, as well as pure elegance. 

Both of these colours work so well with a grey carpet, especially a light grey colour. Adding them together creates a little more depth to both these colours, rather than them being flat and relying on other sources for creativity.

Because black and white both work with any colour, and so does grey up to a certain extent, you can add a splash of colour by placing a bright chair in the room, for example. It becomes a focal point without taking your eyes off the overall look of the room. 


Yellow, especially mustard yellow, is another classic colour that goes very well with grey coloured carpets. If mustard is not your thing, any colour of yellow will bring a refreshing vibrancy to your room when paired with a duller tone such as grey.

This is because warm shades go hand-in-hand with cooler shades, especially if you are after a modern look within the room. Another take on it is by adding different shades of yellow via a pillow or blanket to make the room even more cheerful.

This one is a little more daring than black or white, but it is still safe enough to not feel like you are going too overboard with the colours. Also, yellow can feel really warm, so is a cosy colour choice during the colder season, yet it feels airy in the summer. 


If you do want something cool, then blue is a good option. Any blue will do, though each will give a different feel to the room. A darker blue or navy will make the space look colder, and it can be used in a bedroom to make it appear more masculine.

A light blue is a little more refreshing and airy, and can remind us of summer due to it looking a little like the sky during the cloudless warmer months.

Blue is also really peaceful, so would be a great option to use in a home office too. You can add accents of copper to really bring out the blue as well.

What Colour Walls with Grey Carpet Works Best? [9 Excellent Colour Ideas]

If this is a colour that you are likely to use, then make sure you pair it with a light coloured grey carpet. This is because grey has blue undertones, and both of these colours blend so well together.


Not many people use the colour green to paint their walls even though it is a fabulous option, especially paired with a grey carpet. There are different shades too, from mint green and sage, to teal green and grass green – the choice is yours.

The reason green goes so well with grey is that they both have undertones of blue. This makes them a match made in heaven, so do not shy away from the colour green.

Green is also related to nature and relaxation, as well as positivity. If you find yourself a little stressed and want some calm inside your house, then the colour green is a great place to start – plus some houseplants, of course!

Purple Or Magenta

If you want to try something daring, and perhaps a little different, then magenta or purple is the way to go. The colour evokes creativity and warmth, and the vibe is very intriguing, especially to guests – who will be amazed, by the way.

The trick for adding this colour is to make sure the brightness of the purple or magenta does not completely take over the room. The grey will help to tone it down, even if you do use magenta and purple in other areas of the room, such as the curtains.

Keep the ceiling white to make sure the room does not begin to look small. Also, adding other colours such as hints of silver or gold can bring an extra dimension to the room. 

Brown Or Beige

The use of brown, beige, or tan can give any room a warm feeling, but they are also safe options if you want the warmth without the brightness of an ‘out-there’ colour such as yellow. 

What Colour Walls with Grey Carpet Works Best? [9 Excellent Colour Ideas]

Neutral colours generally tend to work well with grey, and it can give the overall space an understated yet clean look. If you do not want to use vibrant colours on the wall, hence you are using a beige colour, then you can add bright colours into the room via furniture. 

Doing this will give pops of personality and colour into the room without making it ‘permanent’ on the walls. Basically, it is less effort to move furniture than it is to re-paint the walls. 

Deep red wood is a good accent colour for beige walls and a grey carpet. It has a classic feel about it, rather than modern, so would suit a room that does not care too much about the latest trendy styles.


Red can be a difficult colour to use, but it works perfectly with grey. The difference with this colour compared to others is that red, just like with the magenta,

works well on one statement wall or area, rather than the whole room. This is because it can become too overbearing, as well as make the room look smaller.

The red provides a huge contrast to the grey, and would make a great backdrop to a bed, for example. Also, black or white furniture works best with the glowing colour of red. The heat it brings to the room is cooled down by the grey and monochrome items. 

Why Choose A Grey Carpet?

A grey carpet can make the room more dramatic and moody, rather than dull, flat and lifeless. By adding bright colours, such as with furnishings, it can create an overall stunning room.

Grey is also a really adaptable colour. You can change the room’s style no matter how you are feeling without the need to change the colour of the carpet to match something else. Due to it being able to be paired with so many colours, you really are spoilt for choice. 

Does A Grey Carpet Hide Debris And Dirt?

One of the main reasons people choose a darker carpet is because they want to make stains less visible. Whilst you should be taking care to clean your carpet, stains do happen.

If you have children, for example, or even a dog or cat, stains might appear more frequently. When this is the case, you might think that having a darker carpet is your only choice. It means you can give the carpet less maintenance, though do not ignore it altogether, of course.

So does a grey carpet hide stains? Yes and no. If the carpet is a darker grey, then it is likely to hide stains, but if it is a lighter grey, then it will not. The lighter the grey, the more it will start to look like a neutral colour. 

Can You Use A Grey Carpet In Every Room?

Just like with any other carpet, grey flooring can be used in every room in the house to make them look extra spacious. If you want the grey carpet to be more versatile and work with different coloured walls, then you will need to use colours that work with that type of grey. 

Should I Choose A Light Or Dark Grey Carpet?

Grey is a trendy alternative to neutral coloured carpets. Gone are the days when everyone wanted cream colours – the grey carpets are certainly here to stay. Not only can they make a home look classy and elegant, but they also bring a modern and versatile aesthetic to any home. 

However, whilst it is such a simple colour to use, it can be difficult to know which shade of grey to pick to go with a particular wall. To make it easier, here are a few things you should note before investing:

Light Or Dark – if you have light coloured walls, then you can choose a dark coloured carpet. If the walls are dark, then team them up with a light coloured carpet. This means the room will feel spacious, rather than small and dark.

Sizing – if you have a small room it is always best to use light grey carpeting rather than dark. This will make the room look more spacious.

Light Coloured Furnishings – if you have bright colored furnishings and want them to pop, then a dark grey carpet is the best option. A light grey carpet will not give your room the same effect.

Final Words

Grey carpeting is becoming more popular due to people realising that it is versatile and easy to pair up with colours and styles. Even so, the majority of us still find it confusing when working out what colour grey to use, and how it might affect the look that we are after.

There are many colours that work well with grey, whether that is a mustard yellow or light blue – there really is so much choice. One thing is for sure though, grey always looks modern, stylish and ever so elegant, no matter what colour you pair it with. 

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