10 Excellent Colors That Go With Olive Green

Olive green is a color that goes well with almost every other tone. If you want to add some life to your home decor, then olive green is a perfect choice.

10 Excellent Colors That Go With Olive Green (1)

Some claim it has a calming effect on the mind and body as a natural color. They say that olive green helps us relax, unwind, and positively impacts our mood.

Therefore, olive green is a great color to choose if you want to create a relaxing atmosphere at home. It’s also one of the best colors for those who love nature and want to show their eco-friendly personality. In addition, this color can be used in many different ways.

You can use it as a base or accent color, mix it with other colors to make them more attractive, or you can simply keep it all by itself. With a bit of creativity and a knowledge of creating effective color palettes, you can create a grand scheme. The possibilities are endless!

Olive green is a very versatile color because many different combinations can be achieved. So whether you’re planning to paint walls, furniture, floors, accessories, or even curtains, this color will look amazing.

So, grab your color wheel and read on! 

1. Sky Blue

Sky blue compliments olive green well. This combination creates a harmonious and soothing environment. In addition, blues and greens work well to create a cool color scheme, which makes a bedroom or living room appear bigger.

Lighter colors like blue are a welcome contrast to olive green and can stop a space from appearing too cramped. 

2. Turquoise

Turquoise is another excellent option for adding an extra dose of calm to your home. It works really well together with olive green.

However, remember that you need to go for shades of turquoise that have a slight yellow undertone. Otherwise, they won’t work well with the green hue.

In addition, make sure you have a color with gray undertones, as this will ensure it’s muted. Muted colors are highly effective in graphic design schemes because they remove the garishness often found in pure colors.

So, if you want a sophisticated interior, ensuring you have gray in them will help you out.

3. Yellow

Yellow is another great color that goes well with olive green. However, it’s important to note that you should avoid using pure yellows. Instead, opt for warm tones that have a hint of orange.

The yellow tint naturally found in olive green will be brought out next to this bright color. So why not embrace this warmth by using yellow as an accent color through mirrors, picture frames, and throws. 

4. Brown

Brown is another great color that compliments olive green well and makes it look even better. Olive green has hints of brown in it, which lends itself to being in a bohemian decor scheme.

As brown is a neutral shade, it doesn’t compete with any other color. Therefore, it looks good no matter what you decide to do with it. 

Suppose you consider yourself a hippy and reflect this in your interior design. In that case, this color combination effectively does that. Why not add white macrame touches such as a hanging, which will lighten up the scheme. 

5. Orange

Orange also goes well with green, making it a perfect color for an accent wall. It’s a bright color that adds energy and excitement to your space.

However, it needs to be combined with other colors to get the desired results. For example, many warm colors go well with olive green because they complement the yellow tones naturally existing in olive green.

However, if you’re going to put these colors together, make sure you’re careful with where you put orange. Orange can be a polarising tone, which can cause a design disaster creating a garish interior.

A muted orange is a way to reduce the brightness. In addition, a peachy color is a warm tone with a pink tint, which is a lovely twist on this color combination. 

6. Pink

Pink is yet another color that goes well with olive green and complements it beautifully. If you want to prevent your scheme from looking garish, use a soft pink that gives off a feminine vibe. Pastel colors tend to go well with many green shades, so olive green is a brilliant option. 

If you want to lighten up the scheme, choosing a baby pink color is an excellent way to do this. Olive green can appear too cool on its own, which means that a light pink will warm it up well. In addition, there are lovely Farrow & Ball paint colors, which can ensure you’ll have a beautiful space.

However, this paint isn’t for those on a budget because it tends to be very expensive, so it’s worth looking for duplicates. 

7. Purple

This color is a bit more saturated than others, so if you’re planning to use it as an accent color, make sure it’s used sparingly. Darker purples work best here, which means they’ll suit being used in a bar, restaurant, or club.

Likewise, when you combine purple with olive green, you’ll create a chic and classy space. This is especially true when you pair it with a black-and-white theme. 

Using a lilac is a no-go because it will clash with olive green and create an extremely old-fashioned look. This means your interior will look like a grandma’s poorly decorated living room. And no one wants that! 

8. Blue

Navy blue is a wonderfully versatile color! Blue is globally the most popular color. Combining it with olive green will help you make an interior design that many people love. However, this scheme requires some thought to get right.

You need to find the right shade of blue that works well with the rest of the colors in the room. For example, if you’ve got a lot of reds and oranges in your scheme, then a dark navy blue might clash. On the other hand, if you’ve got lots of greens and pinks, then a lighter sky blue would be ideal. 

9. Black 

Black is one of those colors that’s difficult to pull off and is often too stark and dramatic to be used as an accent color. However, black is an excellent choice if you’re going for a more minimalist look. You can achieve this by using a neutral palette of whites, greys, and neutrals. 

A deep charcoal black looks fantastic against white walls. However, if you don’t like the idea of having a black wall, you could opt for a lighter grey or even a cream color instead. Using olive green as an accent color is perfect for soft throws, cushions, and rugs.

10. Teal

Vibrant teal is bold to your scheme. But, first, you should choose a darker version of the color. The trick is to avoid mixing it with bright blues or yellows, making the room feel garish. It’s also a color that’s easy to integrate with other tones, making it a good option for anyone who doesn’t know what they’re doing.

Olive green and Aegean teal are ideal for creating a seaside vibe in your home. If you want to decorate a place by the ocean, this color combination can help you feel at home in this vacation spot during the warmer months.

During the summer months, what can be better for beach-lovers than having an appropriate color scheme to surround yourself with?! 

Olive Green Color Scheme Interior Design Ideas

10 Excellent Colors That Go With Olive Green (2)

Fun Tropical Wonderland

While this interior design isn’t to everyone’s taste, the olive green feature wall has been paired with light blue to a significant effect. In addition, these powder blue curved chairs lighten up the darker paint behind them. 

We love that the designer has painted the door frame and skirting board white, which neutralizes the scheme. In addition, it picks up the leaves in the carpet design, which ensures the room feels cohesive despite the bold colors.

Finally, the minimalist artwork calms the whole interior down sufficiently so that the room isn’t too overpowering. 

If you can’t see yourself tolerating such a busy interior, why not choose a plain gray carpet? This will ensure a more neutral base to ground the vibrant furniture and olive green. 

Elegant Bohemian Vibes 

Brown and olive green have been used in this stunning living room to create a bohemian feel. The natural wood complements the organic green, reflected in the fresh flowers displayed on the side table. 

Different wood shades have been brought in to create interest, which breaks up the dark olive green walls. Layered rugs and fabrics are often found in bohemian schemes, which is no exception.

The different textures ensure that the space stays interesting even though it’s composed of many different shades of brown and green! 

The bold patterns throughout are a sophisticated way to nod back to nature. In particular, the zebra print works well to neutralize the room.

In addition, the abstract images placed in a disciplined formation are another way to introduce structure to a living room that could otherwise feel mismatched. 

Seaside Sophistication

A muted blue couch sits nicely in front of bold olive green paneling to create a fabulous interior with warm touches. The brassy pieces ensure that the space doesn’t feel too cold.

In addition, the striking yet soft seaside abstract artwork illustrates the theme. Using a choice piece like this painting is a beautiful way to pick out colors in your room to tie them all together.

Despite being colorful, this living room feels minimalist because it has a few furniture pieces. We particularly adore the deep blue rectangular cushion, which is ideally in proportion with the long sofa.

This clever design foresight makes a minimalist room look well-thought-out rather than bare. 

The wooden legs and neutral flooring evoke more earthy vibes, which are picked up in the natural dried flowers in the bowl. 

Final Thoughts 

You may not have realized it before, but olive green goes with many other colors! So whether you like to keep your interior spaces minimalistic, sophisticated, or busy, you can

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