24 Pink Living Room Ideas

As we grow up, we’re often told that pink is not a color for adults, that it is babyish and girly.

Well, there are a multitude of ways that you can include shades of pink within your home to make it look classy and timeless.

24 Pink Living Room Ideas

Different shades of pink evoke different feelings and can help a room seem calm and soothing, fun and bursting with character! We have come up with a list of 24 ideas that you can use to include the color pink in your living room.

Pink For A Living Room

A question that is often asked is ‘is pink a good color for a living room?’ — well our answer is yes!

The fact that there are so many shades of the color pink means that there is an endless list of ways you can use it to decorate. Each shade will complement the room differently, and choosing the right shade of pink for your room is essential!

If you do not know what kind of pink will be best for you and what you envision for your living room, then worry not as we are here to help!

Pink Living Room Ideas:

Feature Couch

Sometimes having all four walls painted pink can be too much and overbearing. So what happens if you love the color, and you want to show it off in your living room without changing the color of your walls? The solution is simple – find and invest in a statement couch in pink to be the focal point of the room.

This way, the color can be incorporated into your room without it being too much. Having a pink couch is fun and unique and a great way to create a cozy yet fun living space.

Painted Pink Ceiling

One wall we often forget when painting is the fifth wall – the ceiling! It is so easy not to consider painting the ceiling as it isn’t typically done, however it can transform a space.

If you want to make a statement in your living area, but something that is still subtle enough that it is not overbearing, then try painting your ceiling with a muted shade of deep pink.

This is the perfect way to create something bold in your living room without sacrificing the comfort or coziness of the room.

Wooden Paneling in Soft Blush

If you are lucky enough to own a home with beautiful wooden paneling, or if you want to add some to your home, rather than the standard and natural wood color, paint them over with a shade of pink for a refreshing pop of color.

This is a great way to add personality and character to your home, especially if you are renovating. Choose a soft blush pink to add warmth to the room, while also keeping it light and fun.

Adding wall paneling is a great and inexpensive way to add another layer of texture to your living room, making it more sophisticated, stylish, and interesting to look at. 

Deep Raspberry Walls

Using a deep raspberry pink tone on your walls will create an effortlessly elegant space that pairs well with most decor aesthetics. The color is bold and will make a statement, whilst at the same time keeping your living space warm and cozy.

24 Pink Living Room Ideas (1)

This timeless color will help make your living unique, colorful, and full of personality. This color pairs well with so many other colors and is the perfect shade to complement any statement furniture pieces you may have. Dare to be bold with pink and paint your walls with this color.

If painting your entire room may seem a little too much for you, then try painting just one or two walls to create a statement feature wall. 

Fuchsia Walls

Much like with a deep raspberry wall, if you want to make an even bigger statement then paint your walls with a Fuchsia pink. This bright and colorful shade will make any room stand out and looks incredible when paired with natural wooden textures.

Pink in general is one of the best colors to add character to a room, and what shade is full of more character than Fuchsia? Using natural colored wooden furniture will help your room still feel tranquil, while the brightness of the walls will make it feeling joyful and vibrant.

The natural tones of the wood complement the pink color and help to make the shade pop!

Retro Furniture and Bubblegum Pink

A bubble gum shade of pink is the perfect color for breathing new life into retro furniture.

The two complement and contrast one another leaving you with a room full of brightness, fun, and energy. The playfulness of a bubblegum color paired with the fun of the retro furniture creates a unique novelty that will bring joy to anyone who enters the room.

It is such a fun and easy way to uplift a room. The room will feel brighter and airier and of course, look just as good aesthetically as it feels to be in. Your bubblegum pink living room will surely soon become your favorite room of your house!

Mid-Century Modern Furniture

Mid-century modern furniture is very likely to have pink within its color palette, and so is perfect for any pink lover.

The colors of the furniture are likely to match your pink room, especially if your walls have been painted with pale powder pink. The beauty with this is the subtlety it has – the main focus is on the furniture, but what is tying the room together is the pink color of the walls.

Mid-century modern furniture is timeless, and having pink walls puts a modern spin on the classic.

Brighten Period Features

If you have, or are moving into a period-style home, then they can easily fall to become looking old, tired, and worn-out.

One way to avoid this from happening and to add a dash of personality is to paint the period features with a shade of pink. This modern twist will brighten your room without sacrificing the beauty of the original features.

If you know the specific period when your home was built, you can take inspiration from color palettes that were used during that time to select the right shade of pink for your home. 

Jewel Tones and Dusty Pink

There is no color more perfect to pair with jewel-toned colors than a dusty pink. A dusty pink shade really helps any jewel-toned shades pop.

Dark emeralds, peacock blues are some of the best colors to match with dusty pink. When they are together they create an incredibly glamorous and stylish-looking room, that is still cozy and warm to be in.

Deep and rich tones are a fantastic way to transform small rooms into cozy snug places, and using dusty pink decor and furniture will help to lighten the room and make the deep colors stand out. 

Pinks Walls and Pink Velvet

Painting your walls pink doesn’t have to be the only way to transform your living room into a pink paradise. You can also try using different fabrics to create multiple dimensions of texture in your living room.

For example, a pink velvet couch is the perfect bold centerpiece that can shape the way your living room looks. The couch can match well with many other colors, and what is most important, will provide an interesting texture to look at inside the room.

Velvet couches are regal and classy and are a timeless piece of furniture that you can incorporate into a room of almost any theme.

Fresh Plants and Greenery

One of the most perfect color pairings are pink and green. The two colors seem to complement each other in a way that no other color combinations could.

The two shades bring out the best in one another and make each opposing color pop. If you have an already pink-painted room, and you are looking for an easy and inexpensive way to breathe new life into it, then try adding some plants and greenery.

The freshness of the green provides a vivid contrast to the pink, creating a fresh and airy space. Plants and fresh greenery are a great way to brighten any room and to add some life and character to it. 

Pale Pink Châteaux

For any fan of French country decor, a chateaux-inspired living room will be the perfect choice for you. Using chateau-inspired furniture, paired with hints of gold and in shades of pink creates the most glamorous and sophisticated living room.

Although the design is very grand, the room will still be comfy and cozy because of the pale pink tones added throughout, and the hints of gold metals giving it warmth.

Using a plush, pale pink for your walls will provide the perfect background for a grand chandelier to be the center of attention.

Ceilings and Beams

Who said that ceilings and ceiling beams had to be painted white? If you are looking for a different way of incorporating the color pink into your room then paint the ceiling and wooden beams with the same pink shade as your walls.

This also creates the illusion that your walls are taller, and your room will look as though it is a much bigger space. This method will create an airy space that can be matched perfectly with a similarly colored carpet to create a warm cocoon of coziness.

This is a great way for your room to look large and tall while keeping it cozy at the same time. It is truly the best of both worlds!

Statement Wall Art

A fantastic way to make any wall art pop and stand out, is to have them placed on a pink base.

A pale pink wall will help to center the focus on the art while complementing the colors of the art itself. Using a pink color as the background for your wall art creates a much more interesting and dynamic space rather than using a simple white color.

It is a unique way to incorporate pink into your room and wall art. An orange-toned pink, such as an apricot color, is the best shade to use when creating a wall for a wall-art. This neutral base is incredible for any loud and colorful wall art or accessories. 

Muted Pinks

An often overlooked way to incorporate pink in your home is to use subtle shades of pink. Soft blush and pale pink colors create a warm and calming space that pairs incredibly well with most furniture and other colors.

Muted pink shades are typically paired well with sage green and baby powder blue shades to create a calming living space. Muted pink walls also look great with matching furniture. Different shades of muted color will tie a space together and create an inviting and soothing area.

Color Pops

If your living room has an earth-toned palette, a great way to break this up is to add pops of pink. For example with a pink sofa or vase, or any other furniture. Shades of pink such as dusty pink and other muted tones look beautiful when paired with earthy tones.

The contrast of the colors adds a brightness to the room that’s created with the splashes of pink. A key piece of pink furniture in any earth-toned room will help to create a warm and soothing area that is perfect for relaxation.

Gold Accents

There is probably no other better metal color than gold to complement pink. Gold pairs well with almost any shade of pink, and creates an elegant and classy contrast to the color.

The addition of gold accents creates an expensiveness to any room. You can add gold furniture and metal accessories to any pink room to bring the room to life. Pink and gold create a room with a sophisticated personality and lots of character!

Contrasting Pinks

Pink, pink, and pinker! Why not? What better color to match with pink than pink itself? Every shade of pink pairs well with one another and using many shades of the same color will create a multidimensional space that is interesting and unique.

Monotone doesn’t always have to be black and white. Different shades of pink will create a fun and quirky room and is an easy way to find pieces of furniture and accessories that you know will match.

Lighter shades of pink will help to contrast darker shades and create a room that is full of life and color – and pink!

Antique Art

If you want to breathe new life into any antique art pieces you may have, paint your walls pink to create the perfect base color.

Many antique art pieces have golden frames, and as we have previously mentioned gold and pink are beautiful color pairings. The pink walls will put a modern twist on the vintage art pieces so that your home still looks modern but with a touch of the past.

Alongside this, pink is a great substitute for white walls when hanging antique paintings, because the shade helps to make the pieces stand out against the background.

Pink and Teal

A modern way to use pink in your living space is to use a pink and teal color palette. As we have said before, pink and green go beautifully together, as do jewel-toned colors with pink, so why not mix the two?

The deep and rich teal color is complemented perfectly with dusty or even bright pink. For a fun twist, you can try painting the trims of the walls with the contrasting color for a unique way to make your room stand out.

Pink and teal together create a regal and expensive look, that is timeless and classy.


For a fun and summery living room, try incorporating pink and white stripes! Whether this is on your walls like wallpaper, or as the fabric of your couch or curtains, the two colors contrast one another in a way that creates a beach-like feel.

Create summer in your living room year-long by using this pattern to create an airy and open space. Who doesn’t want to be reminded of the beach every day? These two colors not only pair well together but also create a room that feels open, airy and light.

Art Deco and Champagne Pink

If you love an art deco vibe, and own interesting and unique pieces of furniture, try painting your walls with a champagne pink.

This shade of pink will create a stark contrast to the pieces of furniture and create a 1920s style living area. With geometric patterns and streamlined shapes, art decor can help a space look not only modern but futuristic.

A subdued pink color amongst the art deco style creates classy and timeless energy to any room.

Blue-Toned Pink

Using a blue-toned pink for your walls will pair fantastically with vintage furniture. Shabby chic furniture often has undertones of blue, and thus matches the shade of pink.

The furniture brings out the undertones and the richness of the pink color, while the pink shade creates a beautiful background for every piece.

Pink and Charcoal

For a sophisticated and classy living room use pink with charcoal. The gray of a charcoal shade contrast with the pink shades to create a beautiful room that is open, airy, and modern. The two colors look great when next to each other.

This is also a fun and easy way to switch up your living room and create a unique space that will be timeless. These colors paired with mismatched and colorful furniture will create an electric, eccentric living room that is fun and full of personality!

Final Thoughts

Although you may want to shy away from the color pink, thinking it is perhaps too bold of a choice for a living room, hopefully now you will see that there are so many ways to infuse the color as little or as much as you like!

Pink is a comforting color that adds a touch of sweetness to any room and can be used in so many ways. From a subtle hint to a full wall of pink, there is sure to be something out there for your living room!

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