What Color Curtains Are Best For Gray Walls?

Gray has become an increasingly popular wall color in recent years, and it doesn’t show signs of going anywhere soon. From deep charcoal grays to steels, and paler whitish-toned grays, this neutral base color works in every room of a house. 

Not only are gray interiors trendy, but they can create an effortless and timeless look in your home. It’s not just a popular choice of color for walls, however,  but an array of soft furnishings come in gray, including curtains. 

But just because you’ve opted for gray walls it doesn’t mean you have to have gray curtains too. When using a neutral color like gray as your base, your curtain color options are practically endless.

As curtains, like most soft furnishings, come in a variety of colors, styles, and patterns, picking the perfect curtains for your space can be a little overwhelming. Luckily, you can easily narrow down your options by thinking about what style or vibe you want to achieve. 

In this guide, we’ve put together a list of the best-colored curtains that complement gray walls to help you in your design endeavors. 

Some of the best colors that match gray are: 

  • White 
  • Gray 
  • Blue 
  • Tan 

These are just some color ideas to get you thinking, but as we mentioned, tons of colors compliment gray. Let’s get started!

What Color Curtains Are Best For Gray Walls?

Sheer White Curtains

White and gray are a classic color combination, and pairing the two can create a sleek and sophisticated look. When gray walls are paired with white curtains it produces a luxurious look. 

Although white and gray might seem like a rather cold color combination, if you use a warmer gray color as the base, then a room can feel rather inviting. A clever trick that can elevate this feeling is to hang the curtains higher up than the window. Not only will this let more light into the room but it will give the illusion of space. 

Also by choosing white sheer curtains and hanging the curtains higher, the eyes are naturally drawn upwards (especially if the ceilings are white too), regardless of how dark the gray on the walls or the wood tones in a room is. 

If you have dark wooden toned floors then sheer white curtains will reflect the light which will light up the gray walls. This helps a room feel more open, even with dark wooden features. 

As both white and gray are neutral colors they work exceptionally well together in any room; living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, kids’ rooms. And as white is one of the most neutral colors, it works with literally any background color. 

When paired with a medium-toned gray, the eye is almost instantly drawn to the white curtains, which can make a room feel elegant. In addition, using sheer curtains can instantly brighten up a room as natural light can easily make its way through. 

Black Curtains 

Although black can be quite an intimidating color to use for the home interior, it’s a great color to use – especially in living rooms. The use of black curtains is a sure way to block light out, which makes them perfect for movie nights. 

In addition, gray is just a lighter tone of black, so pairing the two will create a stylish monochromatic look. Using gray as a wall color and adding black curtains can inject some formality into your space that other color schemes won’t be able to achieve. 

If you are worried about your room looking too dark by pairing gray and black together, you can always add a third color which will add a little more variation. Mustard pairs well with gray and so do navy. 

In terms of texture, why not opt for silk curtains? Not only do they look luxurious but they are also a pleasure to the senses. 

Beige Curtains 

If you want to create a feeling of warmth in your room, why not add beige? 

Grayish beige-toned curtains are becoming increasingly popular, and pairing them with a warm-toned gray can create the perfect earthy-toned space. Just like white, beige will keep the space looking light and feeling airy, but without the coldness. 

The cream creates a soft contrast and also blends seamlessly with exposed brick. In addition, using lighter-toned woods can help with creating warmth, and will make your space feel welcoming. 

For material we recommend linen. Not only do they look stylish, but they are also thermally insulated, so they can help you save money on your energy bills. You can also add some different textures in your room through soft furnishings such as woven throws, fluffy rugs, and jacquard pillowcases. 

Beige Curtains 

Charcoal Gray Curtains 

Gray on gray can create a sophisticated look, especially when opting for darker shades of gray like charcoal. Pairing charcoal gray curtains with light gray walls create a rather masculine look. 

The contrast of the dark curtains against the lighter walls isn’t too harsh, unlike pairing gray with black, so you can still create a welcoming and warm feel in your space. Using lighter accents, such as gold-framed photos or gold trinkets, can also help the space feel brighter. 

If you want to opt for the monochromatic gray look, why not try mixing textures. Mixing textures in a monochromatic room can add points of interest, and can help individual pieces stand out, whilst simultaneously looking cohesive.

Why not try textured gray walls? By using a texture on the walls and filling the rest of the room with gray furniture and furnishings – like charcoal-colored curtains – you can create a modern, sophisticated look. 

Light Gray Curtains 

Sticking with the monochromatic vibe, let’s talk about light gray walls with light gray curtains. 

Gray is an excellent neutral color to choose from. Not only does it create a modern, sophisticated look, but it’s also timeless. 

If you’re using a light gray color for your walls, choose a gray curtain that’s a shade darker. This will give the room some texture, whilst keeping the flow. 

Keep the rest of the room neutral by mixing gray tones with whites or creams.

Chalk Blue Curtains 

Blue and gray are a match made in heaven, so whatever shade of blue you use will work just fine. With that being said, there are some shades of blue that pop against muted gray tones, and that’s where chalk blue comes in. 

This ‘dusty’ shade of blue has a slightly gray undertone to it, which means that it fits perfectly together with gray. Using this softly toned blue as an accent color will create a soft look, rather than contrast. This can make a room feel both warm and relaxing. 

If you’re going to use chalk blue for your curtain color, make sure you use it in other aspects of your room, particularly for soft furnishings like cushions, throws, and rugs. You can even add a feature wall in the same blue shade, which will also look great when paired with gray. 

White also pairs exceptionally well with gray and dusty blue tones. 

Teal Curtains 

Another shade of blue that works particularly well with gray is teal. As both have a cool undertone, you can create a modern, natural look that still has a colorful vibe. 

Teal looks best when paired with a medium to dark gray, as the darker tone of the gray helps to make the blue pop. Although two cool-toned colors, teal and gray can combine to create a cozy look – perfect for living rooms or bedrooms. 

As we suggested with chalk blue, find ways to incorporate teal throughout a room with other soft furnishings and decorations like plant plots and lighting fixtures. This can help create a cohesive look. 

As we already mentioned, blue and gray pair beautifully with white, so adding white furniture throughout your room will create a sleek and stylish look. 

In terms of curtains, try pairing sheer white curtains under thicker teal curtains. Not only will this add a little more dimension, but it’s a great trick for conserving heat, and can help maintain privacy. 

Ocean Blue 

For our final blue shade, let’s talk about ocean blue! 

If teal or chalk blue is too muted for your liking, why not opt for ocean blue instead? As you know by now, blue and gray are an exceptional pairing, and the soothing tone of ocean blue will stand out against gray without being too overpowering. 

Blue is also a relatively calming color, and studies suggest that it is the best color to use in bedrooms as it helps promote relaxation. Why not try using an ocean blue and gray combination for your bedroom? 

Mustard Yellow 

If you’re someone who likes to make a statement, why not opt for mustard yellow? This color will bring a touch of sunshine to your room and will stand out against the gray. It’s also worth mentioning that mustard yellow is having its “moment” right now in interior design, which means that there are tons of soft furnishings in the shade, including curtains. 

The combination of gray and mustard yellow can work in a variety of different interiors, from contemporary to classic, from vintage to modern, it works for them all. 

As mustard is quite a rich shade of yellow (and doesn’t look as childish as brighter butter-colored yellows), you can create a sophisticated space by incorporating touches of mustard into a gray room. 

If you want to add to the drama, opt for floor-length curtains, and use our tip for placing them slightly higher than your window. Not only will this help to create an illusion of space, but it will also be a grand-looking feature in any room. 

Mustard Yellow 

Tan Curtains 

If you like yellow shades but are intimidated by using colors as bold as mustard yellow, why not opt for tan-colored curtains and other soft furnishings?

Gray is such a versatile color that it can be paired with an array of different neutrals, and opting for tan can add a little warmth into a room that crisp white can’t. 

You can also take it a step further and use “greige” on your walls. This is a mix of both gray and beige, and what’s great about this color is that it’s easy to pair both gray or tan furniture pieces to it. Not only does this give a modern feel to the room, it feels cozy and inviting, which is something that just white and gray often fail to achieve. 

Olive Green Curtains

Green is a pretty similar color to blue (seeing as though it’s made from mixing blue and yellow together), however, it can have a much warmer undertone. The darker the shade of green, the warmer a room can feel. 

Green against gray creates a beautifully natural contrast, and when paired with other green furnishings, like cushions and throws, it gives a room a fresh look. Just don’t forget to add your favorite house plants to complete the look.

As well as olive green, we are quite the fan of natural-looking greens, and the best part is that you can get a lot of natural green curtains that are patterned. Cute florals and jungle prints are pretty big right now, and these can help you make a statement, without going overboard. 

For the ultimate “warmth”, pair green and gray with brown leather sofas or tan-colored chairs, but also add in a few touches of white. This will create the ultimate oasis for you to relax. 

Like blue, green has been scientifically proven to be one of the best colors to use in a bedroom to help with sleep. The calm and relaxing connotations that green has can help us get a good night’s rest. 

Red Curtains

If you like to go bold, there’s no color as bold as red! Mixing red curtains with a charcoal gray wall creates a unique design that feels romantic and passionate. 

This is the perfect color combination for those that want to inject some life into their formal spaces. It also has some gothic connotations, so if that’s your style why not opt for this bold color combination? 

Coral Curtains 

If red is too bold for you but you still want to inject some color into your room then coral can be a great alternative. It’s still bright, but it’s got a softer tone to it which balances well against dark gray.

By incorporating coral furnishings and pieces throughout a room you can soften up the harshness of charcoal gray. It looks exceedingly good in bedrooms and adds a chic look. 

Dusty Pink Curtains 

Gray and pink are a winning combination. Gray on gray may create a masculine look, but adding dusty pink can bring a feminine touch to your space. 

By combining gray and dusty pink, the two effectively neutralize their impact, which helps you create a space that feels cozy and looks cohesive. 

This feminine feel can be achieved in any room. Even if you just use a few hints of pink throughout a room, this can be exaggerated by using heavy dusty pink drapes. It helps create a dramatic effect that isn’t as harsh as red or even coral. 

Bold Patterned Curtains 

What’s great about gray is that it is a neutral color, and as a neutral color that means that you can incorporate whatever bold print you’d like into a room without it overwhelming the space. 

When it comes to picking out curtains you can enhance the feel of a room by opting for patterned curtains over solid colors. However, if you are intimidated by patterns, try and opt for some that have larger prints. Larger prints don’t look as overwhelming as intricately detailed prints but they still make a statement. 

Why not try finding patterned curtains which incorporate some of the colors we’ve already mentioned on the list? 

Hot Tips 

When choosing a color for your curtains, make sure that the rest of the furnishings in your room match with the walls and curtains, as you want to create a cohesive look. For instance, pairing a red sofa with mustard yellow curtains isn’t a great look. 

If you’re opting for gray walls, sofas and couches work well in similar gray shades. You can brighten up the couch with other soft furnishings like cushions and throws that match the curtain color. 

If in doubt, use neutral colors in a room, but remember you’re not just limited to gray if you’ve chosen gray for your wall color. White, cream and beige all look great with gray and can help to enhance the space. 

Final Thoughts 

It can be hard to choose the perfect curtain color to use in a gray room, especially as there are a wealth of options to choose from. It’s also especially difficult as curtain color can often change the way a wall color looks, and opting for the wrong choice can ruin the aesthetic of your room. 

With that being said, don’t be afraid to go for color if you want to, not everything needs to be neutral. 

We hope this list has helped you with decor ideas and how to find the perfect curtain color for your gray room!

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