Boho Decor 101: The Best Bohemian Style Ideas

Nothing says free-spirited like Bohemian interior design. It’s eclectic, wild, and above all else, incredibly homely.

This incredible style dates back to the 1880s, and it remains one of the most unconventional and artistic styles in history. 

It’s known for its wide use of materials, prints, and wild color schemes to create unique and innovative home decor.

When it comes to Bohemian design, it’s all down to the individual. 

While there are some key aspects of boho decor that we will discuss together, the great thing about Bohemian style is that it should be catered to the individual. No home should look exactly alike. 

It’s about embracing all the differences we have in life and celebrating them in a very natural and electric way. 

So, if you’re ready to discover some gorgeous Bohemian-style ideas, then keep reading! 

What Is Bohemian Style Decor? 

First, we should go over exactly what Bohemian style and decor is. 

So, the word ‘Bohemian’ is used to describe a type of person that is socially unconventional, and usually quite artistic.

This ethos is applied to interior design, and as a result, Bohemian style can be labeled as that which is unconventional and art inspired. 

A Bohemian-inspired space can be catered to the individual. In fact, Bohemian is all about individuality – and embracing our true selves.

That means any traditional rules generally go out the window because Bohemian is all about breaking tradition and being free. 

This means you will come across a wide variety of Bohemian designs, and while they are all unique, they mainly share some of the same characteristics – which we will later discuss. 

The main objective of making a space boho-inspired, other than individualism, is making a place feel homely, cozy, and creative.

It is a type of interior design that is supposed to be both energetic and relaxing – soothing and inspirational, a space that is both wild, and free. 

So, that means that there are both electric boho interior designs, and also more subtle, Bohemian designs.

In both cases, these are often intertwined, but one style has more focus on one aspect. 

Electric Boho Designs – electric boho designs contain a wide variety of bold colors, a mixture of color pallets, and a range of patterns and textures.

There is no one set ‘theme’. The collection of wildness creates the overall Bohemian aesthetic. 

Subtle Boho Designs – subtle boho designs are generally more muted and neutral, but paired with a couple of eclectic textures, patterns, and pops of colors.  

As stated, most Bohemian interior designs have a combination of both electricity, and subtlety.

These can either be balanced, or one area can be more focused on, which will make the room appear more subtle, or electric. That is down to the individual, and their creative preferences. 

So, now that we have given you a quick overview of what Bohemian style is, we will now provide a wide array of beautiful Bohemian style ideas, so keep on reading! 

The Best Bohemian Style Ideas

Below, we have a selection of the best Bohemian-style ideas, that will give you inspiration for decorating your own space! 

Embracing Patterns 

Vital to any Bohemian style is the use of patterns. 

The patterns can be anything that makes you happy, generally speaking. 

Some popular styles are Indian, Moroccan, Persian, and Moroccan-inspired. This will be mostly paisley patterns, geometric patterns, or floral-inspired patterns.

You will find a range of shapes, depending on your choice of influence. The above selection is all influential styles in Bohemian design, and they are often very beautiful designs. 

There are other types of patterns to choose from. Think about patterns from the 1970s.

This was a period that embraced a wide variety of styles – from florals, flame stitches, zigzags, to circular patterns. 

You will also come across nature-influenced patterns. Think about forests, the woods, bees, animals, and so forth. 

Overall, it’s about mixing a variety of patterns that you feel connected to. Try not to stick with one set pattern, because Bohemian design is all about embracing a wide variety of patterns.

If there are a specific couple of patterns you prefer, it’s fine to mix these, but try opting for different styles of the same pattern, along with different colors. 

Don’t Forget Textures 

The Bohemian style is far from boring and bland. When it comes to texture, wide use of styles and design should be used. 

Texture creates depth in a room. The use of texture can completely change the mood and atmosphere of a room because it signals an expression. 

If you used incredibly sleek textures, it would produce a mood that suggests elegance and modernism patterns.

Likewise, if you used all rough textures in a room, the room will gain a level of harshness, but if you used a balance of rough textures in a room, it can help to create a rustic and grounding space. 

As such, texture is a crucial part of interior design and very vital to both electric and subtle Bohemian styles. 

So, Bohemian design is a balance between energetic design, and homely, comforting design. As a result, you will need a balance of textures to get the look you are looking for. 

Consider implementing a range of the following textures into your design: 

  • Macramé 
  • Natural fibers 
  • Rustic wood
  • Range of plaster and ceramic planters 
  • Rugs 
  • Wooden baskets 
  • Soft furnishings 

You are going to need to adjust the textures as you see fit. It depends on the type of products that you either buy, or that you already have, and moving them around the room to let the texture create an expression.

This can be done by plastic rustic wood, combined with soft blankets, along with the use of rugs, and harsher plastered planters. 

It is not difficult to work with texture, but it will mean you have to use a good level of creativity to create your ideal space. 

Go Mad For Material 

Next, you’re going to be focusing on different materials. 

The motto here, like in all parts of Bohemian design, is “more is more”. 

That means do not be afraid of using a wide range of materials, in fact, the more material you use, the more electric the space will look.

This also applies to textures and patterns. Of course, to create a subtle Bohemian design, you can minimize this. 

Here are some great examples of Bohemian materials: 

  • Crochet – this is a shabby chic design, usually made out of yarn or thread. It is very retro, and creates a very electric, but homely space; 
  • Suede–suede is a very beautiful type of leather, it is soft and gentle, which adds homeliness to a space; 
  • Wood – wood is a very rustic and harsh material, too much of this can give an area an edge, which a balanced amount produces a cozy space; 
  • Rattan – rattan is a rustic material and very vintage, it is very common in Bohemian spaces; 
  • Leather – a balance of leather can produce depth and deepness into a space; 
  • Lace – lace is a very common feature of old school Bohemian design, it is very delicate and rustic. 

These are just some of the most common materials used in Bohemian design.

Depending on your desired look, you will want to use as much material as possible to give an electric, and cozy look to your space. 

While more traditional styles prefer the use of one or two materials, Bohemianism is the opposite. More is more, is always the motto here. 

Make Use Of Lighting 

When it comes to lighting, this is an incredibly popular aspect of boho decor. 

Lighting is a crucial aspect of interior design because it helps set the mood of a room. Hence, moody lighting equals a moody mood – whereas soft lighting equals a soft mood, and so forth. 

Do not only think about the bulb, and what shade it produces. You should also think about the aesthetic of the lamp as well.

Any quirky and fun designs are great in Bohemian spaces, and can also help to modernize a room.

You should use a balance of large and tall lights, combined with subtly of smaller, more relaxed lights too. Fairy lights can also offer a lovely chicness to a space. 

Layer Rugs 

If you look at photographs of Bohemian design, you will notice that in most images, there are always rugs, and they are usually layered.

In most instances, it is typically a different design as well as texture, but it is common also to use two similar, but different designs, of the same texture. 

Rugs are used to make the space cozy and homely. It also helps to create an electrified mix of colors and patterns, which produce a very wild and bold Bohemian look.

As always, if you prefer subtle designs, you can limit the number of rugs you use. 

To brighten a room, think about colors that are energizing and warm. To soften a room, think about colors that are relaxing, paired with soft textures.

Likewise, if you are adding a deeper depth to a room, don’t be afraid to use a darker color, merged with lighter tones. 

Be Bold With Cushions 

Cushions are very important when it comes to design. They can influence the mood of a room, by subtly suggesting how calm and relaxed the space is. 

If you enter a room with very minimal cushions that are not comfortable, it signals that it is not an area to relax.

Likewise, if you enter a space with a range of wild and exciting cushions, paired with very soft and homely designs, it offers a level of comfort. 

The key to Bohemian cushions is to make each one, or most of them individual. You choose cushions that are of different sizes, that are of different colors, along with a range of materials and textures.

You do not want a space that looks overly curated, but likewise, you are avoiding any traditional rules. 

Cushions are all about character. So, if you want a more subtle design, perhaps opt for the same color palette, a small range of different-sized pillows, along with one, or two different textures.

Likewise, if you want an electric look – just do the opposite. It’s all about individuality and making the area speak for itself. 

Welcome, Wall Art 

Wall Art is an important feature of all interior design, whether that is the use of wall art, or the purposeful avoidance of wall art. 

In Bohemian design, wall art is heavily welcomed. With that said, wall art is far more nuanced and personalized here.

There are no set rules when it comes to wall art, because it should be down to the individual to collect art that makes them feel happy, and reflects the mood of the house. 

With that said, there are some common types of wall art that are used in Bohemian design: 

  • Framed prints – any prints that the individual enjoys, from florals to works of art;
  • Gallery walls – the same principle is applied, but graphic art is commonly used; 
  • Macramé – macramé wall hangings are a common part of Bohemian design, they reflect calmness and add texture to a space; 
  • Wall hangings – anything that resembles the earth, the planets, or animals is commonly used in wall hanging designs. 

Truly, art is one of the most personalized and individual aspects of Bohemianism, and copying another’s look is not part of the free-spirited outlook.

However, taking inspiration from designers, and interior design is perfectly normal, and helps to curate your own designs. 

Mix And Match Your Furniture 

With most other types of interior design, it is best to ensure that your furniture matches. This is not the case with Bohemians. 

When it comes to Bohemian furniture, you’re going to want a mismatched look. This means opting for a range of different styles, colors, and shades. 

This means if you want a leather couch, along with velvet seats, and wildly patterned chairs – you can!

Any type of materials, you can mix and match, it should be down to the individual and how you want the space to be expressed. 

A popular part of boho decor, especially when it comes to chairs, is rattan. This adds a vintage and nostalgic look to the space, and also a sense of rustic homeliness.

Wicker can add a similar effect to a room, as they are both very natural products. 

Vintage, Or Secondhand Furniture

One way to get a unique and vintage look is to purchase vintage, or secondhand, furniture. 

This means you can find individual pieces of furniture at a great price. If you are buying real vintage furniture, then you will look at quite expensive items. 

However, secondhand furniture often goes for a fraction of the original price, and it is usually because people don’t want to deal with throwing it away.

Not only is this fantastic for the environment – so you will reduce your carbon footprint, but it means you can find some truly unique pieces of furniture for your house. 

If you’re a little on the creative side, you can upgrade the secondhand furniture by either changing the fabric or by applying paint to the furniture.

This can make secondhand furniture look brand new, and there are dozens of articles and tutorials online which can explain the steps on how to modernize your furniture. 

The great news is that part of the Bohemian look involves a level of shabby chic style.

So, if you purchase an old item that has a small amount of paint missing, it can actually work in your favor, because it adds a rustic look to the furniture. 

Plants, And More Plants 

An aspect of the Bohemian style involves a connection with the natural world.

This is why you often see designs linked to nature – whether that be animal, earth, plant, or space inspired. 

Having plants in a room adds life to space because plants are living organisms. 

They can be uplifting in a room, and add a sense of lightness and relaxation to a look.

This is especially true if your room is looking ‘too serious’. Bohemian style should embrace a whole range of plants, from small plants to incredibly large plants. 

Depending on your individual style, you can add a lot, or a little amount, of plants.

It remains that there should definitely be some plants in a Bohemian-inspired space, but the exact amount can be narrowed down to the individual. 

For smaller spaces, you can opt for small cacti and succulent plants, as these do not take up much room.

You can also get interesting planters for them, to add more information to that space.

If you have a larger space, then you are going to want to opt for taller plants. In this case, you also invest in a bold planter, to make the room pop. 


These are some of our best Bohemian style ideas, to make your home more boho and beautiful.

Bohemians are all about individuality, and boho decor is all about making your house either reflect your personality or reflect a mood and atmosphere you embrace.

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