Our Favorite White Houses With A Black Trim

If you are planning a new build, of course you are going to want something with a style which will age well and look amazing decades after you build it.

However, it is always a great idea to build something which will stand out and not just look the same as everyone else’s. One bold way of designing new builds which we love is building white houses and giving them a black trim.

Our Favorite White Houses With A Black Trim

Building a white house is a classic and gives you plenty of options when it comes to the outdoors decoration, however, some of these can look a little plain.

This is why we love this trend of designing these houses with a black trim. By giving these buildings a black trim it helps all of the beautiful details get accentuated.

By making certain aspects of your home bold it gives your house all the best aspects of a modern home with a classic feel which will help you in being assured that your house will age well.

The best thing about these white houses with a black trim is that there is no one rule on how to make them, and we have seen plenty of houses which use this trend which look completely different.

However, all these houses are absolutely stunning and look amazing no matter how you look at them.

So, if you want inspiration for what direction you want to go with for a white house with a black trim, there are countless routes and options to go with. 

Because of all the options with designing a white house with a black trim, we have gathered some of our favorite options so you can get the inspiration you are looking for.

So, if you want inspiration for your new build, or perhaps a house flip, keep reading to get the inspiration you want!

Our Favorites

These are just a few of our favorite options when it comes to white houses which have a black trim, but there are plenty more out there if you want even more inspiration.

But we also believe that we have got a wide variety of different options which cover a variety of aesthetics, so there will be something here for everyone!

For example, when it comes to white houses with a black trim, a lot of people assume that these will all be in a farmhouse style, and assume that it will not work with the style of home they are working with or envision.

And while there are plenty of amazing white houses with a black trim which are in a farmhouse style, these options show that this is by no means the only viable option and there are plenty more styles which will work for a white house with a black trim.

Option 1

To start with we have chosen to highlight this beautiful home by Plank and Pillow which is a stunning example of how a white house with a black trim does not have to be in a more typical style.

We see this house as a beautiful interpretation of a modern farmhouse style house.

The delicious creamy white color of the paint makes this house stick out without being too much, and the black trim on the windows really completes this house.

There are also softer wooden accents which bring focus to the stunning entrance. You might have noticed the wooden beam headers which we think are a stunning feature which work well with white houses with a black trim.

Option 2

This is a custom build which has been done by THR Design Build, and it is a combination of a classic farmhouse style house with a more modern European style build.

The black windows are really the star of this build, but these look amazing alongside the cedar trellis as well as the classy wooden doors installed on the garage.

Houses like this always look amazing with a sloped roof like this one has. This house is completed with the rounded style grand entrance which draws focus without overwhelming.

Option 3

This build with Mill Haven Homes is stunning and is a perfect way to style a house which could easily look soulless but instead fills it with character.

The black accents are what gives this house a visual flair. This is also our first example which is nothing like a traditional farmhouse.

This shows how well white houses with a black trim can work on a more modern style house. The different shapes for the windows are what makes this house just so appealing.

This house also uses brick strategically to help break up the more plain parts of the house and we love how it does this.

Option 4

This build is one of the best for showing how you can make the door the star of your house’s exterior without making it too gaudy or overwhelming.

By showing how stunning this door looks with the rest of this house, we think this could persuade plenty of people to get a house in this style.

While traditionally, this door would be brown, we love how the massive black door brings together all of the other details on the outside of this building.

Option 5

For our final option we thought it would be a good idea to show one of the most classic farmhouse style houses with a black trim and white exterior.

This is another example which knows exactly how to use wooden details to help break up some of the plainer areas of the house.

This house also has an absolutely stunning front porch which looks incredibly cozy with how they used the wooden accents.

How To Enhance Your White House With Black Windows

If you already have a white house and want to make a change, you can paint your window ashes to add some stunning black accents.

You can do this with a classic paint, but we prefer using a wood stain for how they retain the details of the original material. If you are willing to shell out you can invest in brand-new windows as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Windows With A Black Trim Cost More Than White Ones?

Generally speaking, a black vinyl trim will cost about 15% more than a white vinyl, so not a massive increase, but a noticeable one. For a black aluminum clad window, this will cost about 25% more than a wooden sash.

What Color Front Door Will Look Best With A White House?

Other than a black door which will give a stunning bold look, a warm brown wooden stain would be amazing!


So, there you have it- our favorite white houses with a black trim.

Adding a black trim is a great way to add visual interest to your home, and the contrast between black and white makes it look far more sophisticated, and freshens up the whole home. 

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