16 Great Colors That Go Well With Beige

Beige is a classic color used for the interiors of many different kinds of rooms, but there is actually a lot of potential in a room with beige walls. Beige can be great for all sorts of different rooms, whether it’s your bathroom or your bedroom.

Not only that, but it also works well in rooms of different sizes, and can be used on ceilings, trims, walls – you name it! Beige even works well with a wide variety of different colors too in order to create a show-stopping room. 

If you’re trying to work out what your new room is going to look like and what colors you should use, here are 16 color suggestions that work really well with beige in any room.

16 Great Colors That Go Well With Beige


When you think of beige, what other color comes to mind? We’re willing to bet that you think of white, right? This is a crisp and clean color combination.

It’s safe and works in any sort of environment. The colors are neutral, yet create a contrast that’s still pretty beautiful and makes a statement. With these two colors, your home can look elegant and fresh.

For the most part, the combination of beige and white tends to be very popular in living spaces. This is because it can give an atmosphere of relaxation when used in these rooms. For similar reasons it’s also a good choice for bedrooms, making everything feel much more comfortable when you are unwinding for the night.

In case you were wondering, this color combination is also suitable for the exterior of your home because the colors work so harmoniously together. In essence, if you want to play it safe yet still have a beautiful contrast, beige and white is a fantastic choice to go with.


You may be hesitant to pair beige with green, but we promise – if you choose the right shade of green then you certainly aren’t going to regret it.

These colors are both ones that you can find next to each other even in nature, and this can make your room have beautiful earthy tones. This can create a comfortable environment that may remind you of a relaxing stroll in your local park! 

Thankfully beige also works with lots of green shades, such as dark green, olive and more. This is another fantastic color combination to use in your bedroom or your living room because it’s so relaxing.

Likewise, if you want to add a little bit of nature to your bathroom then this combination can work well there too. You may find it used in kitchens sometimes too. 


Much like green, you can also find blue and beige colors together out in the wilderness too. When used in tandem, these colors can evoke memories of the ocean and the sand.

Thanks to this, your room will feel tranquil when these colors are used. It’ll feel even more relaxing if you add other statement pieces that evoke memories of the beach, like lighthouse motifs.

You will instantly feel at home in any room that uses this particular color combination. As a result, why not use it in your bedroom? The colors can also make the room look a lot bigger too, making it the ideal choice for smaller spaces if you want them to look larger.

Feel like being a little more daring? If so, get your beige paint alongside a strong, bold blue shade and put it on the walls. Royal blue and cobalt are particularly good choices. It’s a combination that demands attention and is going to look stunning.


Now for a shade that will be a good choice if you want to be brave – purple! This rich, inviting color makes any room look great so long as it’s paired with the correct color. Thankfully, beige works impeccably well with purple in practically any room.

These two colors look very modern when used together, yet provide an atmosphere of maturity. Since purple is such a statement color, it’s a good choice for living rooms, though you may use it in a bedroom to beautiful effect too. 


If you want a color combination that’s really going to turn some heads, beige and turquoise is a good choice. It works very well for retro interior design and is certainly bold.

So how do you pull these colors off? Well, beige furniture with turquoise walls can work well. You could also do the reverse. 

It is very important that you don’t thrust too much color into a room with bright colors such as turquoise since it can make the room look a little excessive in terms of color.

This is why it’s important to balance it out with a neutral color like beige in order to make the room look sophisticated. These colors when used together are ideal for creating a modern aesthetic in a room, too.


Orange can add a little bit of variety to your beige room while still creating plenty of warmth. With orange in the mix, your room will look colorful and inviting, perfect for you and your guests. 

You can add orange to the room in many different ways. One good idea is to use beige walls and orange accent pieces. For instance, you can add pillows in with hints of orange, or orange curtains. It adds a lot of life to what may otherwise be a rather dull looking room.



Neutrals often work well with other neutrals, and you can see this in action with a beige and brown color scheme. Get a beige color that has a slight grey tone to it and some darker brown accents in order to create a relaxing, warm feeling room.

This color combination works admirably well in living spaces, dining areas or bedrooms. The colors together are both soothing and warm, making the space feel much more inviting.

It is often best to paint the walls beige to pull off this look. Then, you can add brown accents, like wooden planks on the walls or brown throw pillows. Brown furniture like your couch can work well too. Trust us – if you use this color combination, you will be so cosy you may never want to leave the room! 

Pastel Pink

There’s nothing like some pastels to add life to a room. Pink and beige together work very well in order to create a room that looks feminine and gentle. This is pretty much the perfect color combination for a girl’s nursery since it’s so relaxing to look at.

It’s a color that evokes positive emotions too. If you use beige and pastel pink together in a room, you’re going to be turning some heads in the best possible way.

With that being said, take caution. This particular combination of colors is not always the best choice for dining areas or kitchens since they are often associated with sugary treats. This can sometimes mean that people are distracted when in the room because all they can think of is ice pink iced doughnuts and cakes.

Instead, if you are painting a kitchen it can often be best to use other colors instead, such as gray, red, blue and yellow. 


Two neutral colors that work together in harmony. Beige and gray look truly stunning in a room together, and it is a combination that is full of sophistication.

You will create a truly modern look when you use these two colors together. It’s classic and yet very inviting, so it’s ideal for key spaces in your home such as living areas and kitchens.

The combination also feels quite inviting and relaxing, so it works well for nurseries and bedrooms. It’s far more gender-neutral for a child’s room than pink or blue. 

To pull this look off, paint the walls beige and then add some gray items to solidify the look. Throw pillows and rugs are a great choice, and so are gray curtains. You can even get patterned items that toss in some other colors! 


Beige and yellow work very well together in most rooms, even if yellow is a bit of statement color. It’s vibrant, yet the beige tones down the vibrancy so the room is much more calming. The two colors work together to create a room that’s both bright and welcoming, without hurting your eyes too much!

This makes it the ideal choice for living areas because it makes them feel homey and welcoming. Likewise, the colors work well for dining areas and bedrooms. Just make sure that you have some blackout curtains in the bedroom, or you may struggle to sleep! 

Yellow is also a color that works well with gray. You may see geometric pillows, for instance, with yellow and gray on them that will work well in a room. 


Are you feeling brave? Try beige and red in your room. If you can pull it off, these colors will look incredible together. If used together, the colors make a room look welcoming and bright. Your room will look very lively, making it ideal for living areas or bedrooms. It’s an elegant combination that stands the test of time.

The best thing to do when pairing these colors is to choose a medium shade of beige rather than something too dark or bright. Something that has undertones of tan, pink or orange works well. For extra elegance, you can also use decorations that have gold accents. 


If you’re getting bored of the black and white color scheme, beige and black can also work well. It creates a little more warmth in a room, yet it’s still a sophisticated combination like the classic black and white.

This combination looks very elegant and it’s another pair of colors that will stand the test of time in any room. It’s especially wonderful when you have the right decorations in place. The combination can be used in lots of different rooms, including the kitchen, bedroom and bathroom.

If you want to paint the exterior then this combination can work well for that too. Beige siding, gray roofs, black shutters and white trim will make the exterior of your home really stand out.

Navy Blue

It can often be difficult to pull off navy blue in a room without it looking too dark. The solution? Use a neutral color like beige with it. This sophisticated color combination looks timeless in any room, and the room will exude an elegance that you are sure to appreciate. Since the colors are both neutral, they work very well together.

Navy blue accent walls and beige walls together make a statement without looking too dramatic. You can also use beige furniture with navy blue walls.


Beige is one of those colors that work perfectly with gold since it makes the gold pop. It’s a really good choice if you have a lot of gold decorations that you will be used to adorn your walls. These two colors together make a room look especially luxurious. 

You will have an elegant room with these two colors, yet it won’t look overpowering either. The room will simply look stylish and beautiful.

Orange And Blue

Why have just two colors when you can have three? It’s a big risk, but orange, blue and beige used together is a daring choice that can look stunning if executed correctly. The combination evokes memories of the sea and the orange adds a lot of life. They work very well together!


Monochrome doesn’t work with every color, but it is generally a good choice with beige. Try to use a few different shades of beige in order to pull this one-off.


And with that, you should now have plenty of color inspiration to make your room look incredible. So, what combination of colors will you use?

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