What Color Is Anthracite (And How To Use It In Your Home)

Our home could always do with a fresh splash of paint or a new layer of tiles from time to time.

What Color Is Anthracite (And How To Use It In Your Home)

Lots of people are finding colors like gray and black a lot more popular nowadays and the colors have shifted from dull and boring to smooth and modern.

Because these colors are so neutral, they can be used in a wide variety of color combinations and patterns. 

What color is Anthracite and how can it be used? We’ve got a guide for you to give you a helping hand, so read on to find out more!

What Is Anthracite?

Anthracite is a compact variety of coal and can also be referred to as hard coal or black coal. Out of all the types of coal in the world, Anthracite has the highest energy density, the highest content of carbon, and the lowest amount of impurities. 

Because of these factors and features, Anthracite is known as the highest-ranking of the planet’s coals. The material is also the most metamorphosed type of coal in the world, in which the carbon content is between the percentages of 86% and 97%. 

This material ignites very difficulty and burns with a blue, smokeless flame.

What Color Is Anthracite?

Because of its high carbon content and its coal base, Anthracite is a deep gray or black color and is often used throughout the world of home decoration and design.

There are many different areas of the house that can be decorated with Anthracite colors and patterns, making this one of the most versatile colors in the decorating world. 

Of course, when thinking of places to decorate with this color, your mind can go blank, so we’ve compiled a list of ways you can implement Anthracite into your home.

As a raw material, Anthracite itself isn’t always used within the home. It burns with difficulty but can be ignited if put into the right conditions and will burn with a short flame.

Because of this and its coal features, the material is more used for the color and the texture than the actual material itself.

How To Use Anthracite In The House

What Color Is Anthracite (And How To Use It In Your Home)

There are plenty of different locations to use Anthracite throughout your house and it can be a way of making any dated interior feel like a part of the 21st Century. 

There are lots of different rooms in the house and this color can be applied in many different ways. With a lot to choose from, we’ll go room by room to make sure you have a clear idea of what you can expect when you use Anthracite in your home.

The Kitchen

The kitchen is a great place to show off all of your brand new designs and colors to visitors and can make any cooking area feel like a professional kitchen. With regards to where you can apply this color, there are lots of places to consider. 

First of all, there are the countertops. By applying Anthracite as the main color throughout your kitchen, you can shape the smaller features of the room around this dark shade. By using dark countertops, you can also mask any stains and residue left from cooking.

The flooring of your kitchen can play a big part in making the room look clean and new, making the need for Anthracite a massive one.

Using Anthracite colored tiling to pair with the tops of your counters can look incredibly sophisticated and will freshen up the kitchen brilliantly.

With a white ceiling or white walls, this can be a lovely combination that looks both clean and modern.

On top of this, many people like to have certain colors for their drawers and cabinets in their kitchen that match the general aesthetic of the room.

This can be done by either decorating the whole face of the cabinets and drawers in an Anthracite shade or by simply using the design on the handles.

By having white cabinets with Anthracite handles you can expect a clean-looking combination suitable for any kitchen.

Of course, a lot of people love having tiles on their walls, whether this is for the full surface or just a small area.

Depending on if you want the Anthracite to be a bit more subtle or a full-on design will affect your decision here, however, there’s no right or wrong answer. Whichever you prefer is the best way to go.

What Color Is Anthracite (And How To Use It In Your Home)

The Bathroom

When it comes to the bathroom, there are lots of different elements that can have the Anthracite touch and will leave your lavatory looking smoother and more modern.

As mentioned before, Anthracite colored wall tiles can be a huge help in dragging your home into the current decade and will add an extra layer of depth to your room’s design. 

These can be very useful within the shower and on the outside skirting boards, around the bottom of the room. 

However, you may want to use more Anthracite with flooring tiles and in the shower. By having an Anthracite color in the shower, you can hide any stains left by shampoo and shower gel that may have been used.

On top of this, these tiles can also be seen around the mirror and the sink area to add some more colored areas to the room.

Most bathrooms have a window to help with ventilation where the steam from the bath or shower can escape. Having Anthracite-lined window frames and window sills can look very modern and bridge the gap between the interior of your house and the outside world. However, these can be used in other rooms too.

Windows Around The House

Areas like the living room and the kitchen are the areas of our homes where we spend the most time during the day.

On top of the bedroom and bathrooms, we can expect to look out of our house windows frequently, whether it’s for natural light or to have a gaze at the outside. 

Living rooms can be a great place to sit and enjoy some atmosphere, so having features like Anthracite decorations can make a huge difference.

On top of this, you can also have Anthracite colored furniture like tables and TV stands. With most TVs nowadays coming in dark colors like gray and black, you can have a fine blend of darker shades that won’t take your eye off your favorite shows and movies.  

If you have a fireplace then an Anthracite stone or marble can combine a perfect balance between an old-fashioned feature with a modern twist. 

Final Thoughts

Anthracite is a great color for anyone hoping to add a darker blend to their home. By updating areas of the house like bathrooms and kitchens, you can transform your humble abode into a modern-looking pad suitable for impressing any guests. 

Using neutral colors like gray and carbon-black can also allow you to use a combination of brighter colors to counter the darker shades in your home.

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