Why Should I Pick Black Grout For My Home?

Black grout is not something that a lot of people might consider when it comes to remodeling or creating their perfect bathroom.

You might think that it is a little too severe to complement your sink, bath, shower and tile arrangement. But can it work?

Why Should I Pick Black Grout For My Home?

The answer is yes. There are plenty of reasons why you should have black grouting in your bathroom or even your kitchen.

One of the most popular types of tiling that you can combine black grout with is the white subway tile. These tiles give off a crisp and clean vibe, made even more vivid by the black grout.

So, what other attributes of black grout are there? Which room will it suit the most? What are the pros and cons of having black grout in your bathroom?

Well, why not settle down and read our comprehensive guide to black grout and how it can rejuvenate your home?

The Good Things About Black Grout

If you are searching for uniqueness, then black grouting is certainly the way to go. When most people picture the grouting between their tiles, then they imagine white.

This is why black grout might be quite shocking to most people.

But this is the most subtle way to have a unique bathroom without having to really meddle with much. You don’t have to go for zany tiling or weird geometrical shapes.

Black grouting will make even the simplest colored tiles really pop. That’s the beauty of it: simplicity.

This also has a retro style to it. If you think of some of the public spas that they used to have in Victorian times, then black grouting was a key feature.

This type of decoration really works well if you have wooden furniture and porcelain ornaments. It will also pair well with brass fittings.

Black grouting will also fit with a black patterned flooring design. This is great if you want that degree of uniformity in your bathroom.

Having a black-and-white pattern creates that sense of harmony rather than the business of a lot of different colors vying for attention.

The Drawbacks Of Black Grout

There are a few drawbacks to having black grout. One of the main ones is that it can be quite difficult to clean. You might think that it would hide dirt better, but this is not 100% the case.

If you have black grout in your shower, then this is where it could become a nightmare for you. Because of the continual exposure to water, the black grout will start to fade within a few months.

Even if you seal the grout, a lot of people have noticed faded spots in their black grouting.

However, it is worth pointing out that the same can happen with white grout, which will often grow dark patches of mold and dirt.

If you are looking for cleanliness in your bathroom, then you should make sure that you clean your grouting regularly and replace it around once a year.

Whatever color of grout that you go for, you should always try to ensure that it is completely sealed.

This will prevent it from fading quicker, although it will never be able to prevent your black grout from fading completely.

Sealing your grout will also prevent mold from spreading, which is often the cause of black grout fading over time.

How Can You Keep Black Grout Looking Pristine?

How Can You Keep Black Grout Looking Pristine?

The first thing that you should do after you have installed your black grout is to make sure that it is sealed properly. Having it sealed will ensure that it lasts you for a long time without degrading.

You’ll need to make sure that you are getting a professional grout sealer, ideally one that keeps the water out. There is a brand called Aqua Mix that most professional grouters use.

After this, you should maintain your grout regularly using a pH cleaner.

Some people use more corrosive chemicals like bleach, but this will cause your grouting to wear down a lot more quickly. It will also cause your black grout to fade a lot quicker.

You can pay for a professional company to come out and clean the grouting in your bathroom. This might be a lot more expensive, but you can be sure they will use the right equipment and do a thorough job.

Alternatively, you can buy a neutral cleaner and do it yourself. You should completely clean your grout at least once a year.

How Can You Clean The Grout In Your Bathroom?

Here is an easy guide to cleaning your black or white grouting. If you follow these steps, then you can be sure that your grouting will stay in much better condition and retain its original color for longer:

Gather Your Tools

Cleaning your grout requires certain tools. Make sure that you have all the following:

  • Scrubbing brush – make sure that the bristles are fine to medium gauge. A lot of people use a toothbrush to clean their grout.
  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Baking soda
  • Damp cloth – you should make sure that this is white, so you can see how much grime you’re wiping off.


Now that you have these materials together, follow these steps:

  1. Take the hydrogen peroxide and mix it thoroughly with the baking soda.
  2. Take this paste and spread it over the grout, rubbing it gently in small circles.
  3. Work around the grout until you have covered the whole wall. Once this is done, leave it for around 15 minutes.
  4. You might be able to see the dirt and mold coming away from the grout and absorbing into the hydrogen peroxide and baking soda mix.
  5. Wipe away the mix from the grout with a damp cloth. Get rid of all the paste until the grout is completely clean.

If you find that the grout is still dirty, even after you have wiped off all of the paste, then repeat steps 1 – 6 again until it is cleaner.

Make sure that when you are cleaning your grout that you ensure that the area is well-ventilated. If you have no windows in your bathroom, then you should open the door.

This is because hydrogen peroxide can be very corrosive and affect your lungs negatively.


We hope that our guide to black grout has given you a better idea about how it will look on your bathroom or kitchen wall.

There are many options when it comes to tile choices, although as we have mentioned, it might be very difficult to maintain, as black grout can fade over time.

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