Your Complete Guide To Countertop Edges

Are you looking for countertop edges and don’t know what style to choose? Maybe your kitchen renovation is almost complete and you don’t know what edges to choose? Or are you curious about countertop edges and want to know more? No matter your question, we are here with the answer for you! 

Your Complete Guide To Countertop Edges

Finding the right countertop edges for you and your home can be tricky, especially if you have never purchased them before. You head online for some guidance but are met with pages and pages of conflicting information that leaves you frustrated and overwhelmed. Who are you supposed to trust?

Well, you can trust us! Today, we are here with your complete guide to countertop edges. Keep reading to find out what types of countertop edges there are and which one you should choose for your kitchen! 

What Is The Most Modern Countertop Edge?

The waterfall edge is the most modern countertop edge, closely followed by the eased edge. The waterfall edge has a cascading look, giving the countertops a 90-degree angle before extending to the floor, just like a waterfall! 

The waterfall edge is a real showstopper, especially when it is on a spacious island in your kitchen. You can expect a classic and modern look when you use a waterfall edge on your countertops. 

If a waterfall countertop edge is out of your budget, then it’s worth considering a square edge. These offer a 90-degree angle and are free of any rounded edges, creating a beautiful and modern look in your kitchen. 

Countertop Edges

Let’s take a look at the different countertop edges on offer to help you choose the best one for you. Each of these designs is beautiful and will add an elegant touch to your home. Let’s dive in to take a closer look at them and help you select the best one now! 

Bullnose Edge 

Bullnose Edge 

First, we have the bullnose edge. These feature rounded edges on the top and bottom, creating a sleek look. Bullnose countertop edges work well with granite and quartz. 

Bullnose countertop edges are the perfect option for those after a timeless design. Other styles might fall in and out of fashion, but bullnose edges are here to stay. 

Mitered Edge/Square Edge 

A mitered or square edge makes a perfect 90-degree angle and is a bold choice in kitchens. These edges do get confused with eased edges, but there is an easy way to tell them apart! Square edges will make a perfect left or right angle, while eased edges will be slightly rounded. 

If you want sharp and clear lines on your kitchen island, you need to have square edge countertop edges! 

Eased Edge

Eased Edge

Eased edges are very similar to the square edges we just looked at, with one key difference. Eased edges are slightly rounded. You still get a sharp and crisp line, but they are a little safer for children, as there’s no sharp corner to hurt them. 

Eased edges are also a good option for anyone who is short on space in their kitchen. These countertop edges don’t take up too much space, giving you plenty of freedom to roam around your kitchen island.

Half Bullnose Edge

A half-bullnose edge countertop features a rounded top and a flat bottom. A half-bullnose countertop edge is perfect for anyone that enjoys a rounded edge but doesn’t like how a full bullnose makes the edges look thinner. 

Bevelled Edge

If you want a touch of elegance in your kitchen, why not try a bevelled edge countertop? These have a 45-degree angle from the top of the slab. It is also a good alternative for anyone who finds the Ogee edge too formal for their home. 

Waterfall Edge

Waterfall Edge

We’ve mentioned them earlier, but let’s talk about the waterfall countertop edges again! These have risen in popularity over the past ten years, with many kitchen islands featuring a waterfall edge countertop edge. 

A waterfall edge is a bold choice for kitchens, but it’s a fantastic option if you want to make your island a feature. If you opt for a waterfall edge, be sure that you are putting it in a space that can handle it. 

You want your island to have at least 42 inches of clearance to ensure that it makes the impact you want it to have! 

It’s worth noting that waterfall edge countertop edges do cost more than others, due to the added labour and material costs. 

Ogee Edge 

If you want elegant countertop edges in your kitchen, try an Ogee edge countertop edge. The dramatic design looks like an ‘S’ with sleek curves that are timeless. Not only is this style of countertop edge used on kitchen islands, but on bathrooms too. It’s a versatile design that looks beautiful in modern homes. 

Double Ogee Edge

Double Ogee Edge

If you want to add some flair to your kitchen countertop edges, go for the double Ogee edge! These countertop edges feature two ‘S’ curves creating more drama and elegance in your home! 

For the impact of the double Ogee edge to be seen, we recommend using it on a large kitchen island or other large open spaces. It pairs well with a classy and elegant design in the room too. 

Standard Countertop Edges VS. Custom Countertop Edges

Changing the edging of your countertops can sometimes incur an added fee, especially if you are making lots of changes to them. When it comes to kitchen countertop edges, typically some countertops will come with edge options included in the price, and others will have a premium charge.

We have broken them down into two lists for you so that you can see what is included and what is at an added cost. 

Standard Countertop Edges 

  • Bullnose edge 
  • Bevelled edge 
  • Eased edge
  • Half bullnose edge 
  • Mitered edge

Premium Countertop Edges 

  • Double Ogee edge 
  • Ogee edge
  • Waterfall edge 

Any time that you want a double edge, you can expect to pay an additional cost for it too. Of course, this is just a general guideline, it’s best to check before purchasing your countertops what edges are standard and what are premium.

Final Thoughts

And there you have it, your complete guide to countertop edges! Whether you want a classic and timeless countertop edge or something more modern, we are sure there is a style here that suits you.

Don’t forget to check before agreeing on your countertop edge whether the edge comes as standard or if you need to pay the premium price for it!

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