Dressing Room Ideas: Creating Your Dream Dressing Room For All Budgets

Who among us hasn’t dreamt of a dressing room? A luxury space, filled with all our favourite things, that we can relax and lounge in as we get ready.

Dressing Room Ideas Creating Your Dream Dressing Room For All Budgets

For those of us who love fashion, or enjoy designing interior spaces, the dressing room is the ideal room to play with our creativity.

Dressing rooms in movies and TV shows are always big and packed with rows and rows of clothing. This can feel intimidating when you’re getting started designing your own, but the dressing room doesn’t have to be complicated.

In fact, you can create a wonderful dressing room in just a small corner of your home.

In this guide, we’ve covered all our top tips for creating the dream dressing room on a smaller budget. From the smallest features to the basics of the design, your dressing room can be a perfect expression of your personality.

Read on to find out all you need to know about creating a dressing room.

Inspiration For Creating Your Home Dressing Room

What Colour Is Best For A Dressing Room?

The dressing room should be a calm place that makes you feel pampered and cared for. To set this mood, the first decision to make is the colour of the walls. The right colours for your dressing room can imbue the space with the ambience you’re hoping to achieve.

To create a feeling of intimacy, consider light earth tones. These add calm to the room, and a sense of Zen. Think of the colours typically used in spas and salons — earthy and warm, without being too dark. Consider a colour like Soft Stone by Dulux.

It has warm undertones, a touch of femininity, and a relaxing natural finish. Another fantastic choice is a grey shade, such as Mellow Mocha. It’s both modern and classic, giving your dressing room a timeless feel.

For larger rooms, a darker tone such as Heart Wood by Dulux can create an intimate setting. Or give the room a feminine finish with a colour like Copper Blush.

Pure white can look wonderful in a dressing room, especially as it’s a simple background for trying out clothes and makeup looks. If you do go for white, think of ways to soften the shade with the rest of your decor.

If you want to add luxury to the space, try something completely different — rich jewel tones. Darker hues are sophisticated and opulent, and will instantly add class to the dressing room. This jaded teal is perfect, or consider a deep berry shade.

Choosing A Dressing Room Chair

The most important factor of any dressing room chair is that it’s comfortable. This is where you’ll sit to create your makeup looks, and when you’re getting ready in the morning. Let’s be honest, we can be in there for longer than we realize.

When we think of padded swivel chairs, we tend to think of dull desk chairs. But there are so many more options out there. The advantage of a swivel chair is that you can move with the light. Take a look at breakfast bar chairs, and kitchen chairs, for some padded options for your dressing room.

Low backed chairs are fantastic in a dressing room, as they allow you to tuck the chair away completely and save space. Make sure to look for options with extra padding, to keep you supported. We like this choice from Amazon, which has a vintage style that always looks good in a dressing room.

Fancy something even more simple? Try a small, round Ottoman. They add extra storage, look sleek, and feel comfortable.

Even very simple stools can look sleek in a dressing room, especially if you like to experiment with your outfits. The stool sits quietly in the corner, so you can see if your outfit shines. And then you have a place to sit as you design your matching makeup look.

Creating Storage Space In A Dressing Room

The dressing room should be a calm and relaxing environment where the focus is on you. And if there’s one way to ruin it, it’s with excess clutter.

Clever storage solutions are essential for creating that luxury dressing room feel, while still giving you space to move around in.

Our first tip is to rethink the storage box. Ottomans and chests look good, come in a range of shapes and sizes, and can hold almost anything.

Within shelving units, add boxes rather than keeping everything loose. You can keep track of where things are, without making a mess.

Next, use a rail instead of a wardrobe. Rails are inexpensive, easy to install, and they look really good. Try mounting the rail, if your room is the right shape. The gap under your wardrobe rail is the best place to put shoes and handbags.

Think creatively with your storage. Consider adding a shelving unit behind a mirror, or to the back of a door. Use an Ottoman as a stool, for a two-in-one solution.

And use attractive storage to add pops of colour to the room. Make storage a feature, rather than a necessity!

Finally, regularly sort through the items that are being kept in storage. Rotate your clothes depending on the season, and donate or recycle anything you no longer use.

Finding The Right Dressing Room Mirror

The mirror in the dressing room should be both functional and a design feature. A dressing room isn’t complete without the mirror – how would you know if your outfit was working? – but it’s also one of the focal points of the room.

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Before you start deciding on a style, you need to think about what the mirror will be used for. Do you need a mirror primarily for assessing your outfit?

Do you like to attempt complicated makeup looks, and need a mirror for assistance? Or is the mirror multipurpose?

Next, think about how the mirror will fit into the space, and with the lighting. You may want to consider integrated lights, especially if you enjoy experimenting with makeup (or nailing the perfect selfie).

Ideally, the dressing room should have two mirrors. A full length mirror, and a mirror by the dressing table. If you have a small dressing room, fitting both these mirrors in can be difficult. But remember: a mirror will also make the room feel bigger.

For a practical solution, try a small LED mirror, such as this vanity mirror from Nestling, or a Dripex Over Door Full Length mirror.

Or try something a little more fun! This Sunstar Mirror from Anthropologie is modern but classic, and stylish without sacrificing mirror space. And if you want something that shows your personality, we love this Mystic Hand Mirror from Urban Outfitters!

Dressing Room Hooks and Hangers

Looking to add some extra storage to your dressing room, while brining a feature to a wall? Reconsider the hook and hanger! They don’t have to be plain — in fact, there are some storage hooks out there that are practically artworks!

Storage hooks are a pretty necessary feature in a dressing room anyway. They give you a place to hang up your towel or dressing gown (or robe), and neat storage as you switch between outfits.

They can also be utilized as a way to hang jewellery, especially if your dressing room table is starting to get a little cluttered.

Look for decorative hooks that can add a splash of colour to an empty corner. There are some good options on Amazon, but try having a look on Etsy.

Etsy is particularly good if you want to create a retro or vintage feel, but there are decorative hooks for all rooms.

The hook doesn’t have to be the focus, either. Go for a simple hook, and hang bags or hats as the centrepiece. Show off your favourite items, add decorative interest, and create storage space, all in one go!

Can You Put A Feature Wall In A Dressing Room?

A dressing room is a fantastic place for a feature wall. In the dressing room, you can express your personality, and play with some bold design choices.

Because few people will pass through it, and you don’t have to worry so much about mess, the dressing room is a place to experiment.

So, what are some ways you can play with the feature wall in a dressing room?

  • Wallpaper. Almost any kind of pattern is available on wallpaper nowadays. If you can imagine it, then it’s likely that there’s someone already out there printing it. Whether that’s bold geometry, wild jungle scenes, or floral explosions, the world of wallpaper has never been more diverse. Choose your print, and then base your decor around one aspect of the design.
  • Paint. If you’ve chosen to use neutrals as the base for your walls, add a pop of interest with one wall in a different colour. Pick out the undertones of the neutral shade, and amplify it. Or consider matching jewel tones. For example, yellow and navy.
  • Wall hangings or decorations. Finding a wall hanging or wall decoration is all about expressing your style and tastes. Go for a big and bold painting, or mix and match styles with a portrait wall. Tapestries and hangings are particularly good in a dressing room, as the soft fabrics play on the feminine styling.

The best way to create a feature wall is to find something, whether it’s a piece of art or a luscious paint, that excites you.

Dressing Room Finishing Touches

Once your big furniture items are in place, you can begin to think about how you want to finish the room. This should be personal touches, introducing textures, and adding some life.

Dressing rooms should feel comfortable, so think about introducing some soft furnishings. Rugs and blankets can be draped and styled, without taking up much space. Bring some cushions in as well.

They can be purely decorative, or to give you something to rest on while you choose your outfit.

Consider other materials. Natural materials such as wood bring a warm vibe, and will make the space feel relaxed and calm. Metallics and glass are modern, and add luxury and opulence to even the simplest of spaces.

Introduce height and levels to the room. Where is the eye drawn to? Where do you want the eye to go?

When putting it all together, think hard about the lighting. You need it to be bright without becoming overwhelming. Make sure the areas by the mirrors are well lit — consider targeted lights on the mirror if you can.

Lighting around the storage areas is also necessary. It’s impossible to pick something out of your wardrobe if you can’t see what’s in here. Consider multiple light sources, which can be adjusted depending on the mood you’re trying to create.

Ideas For Small Dressing Rooms

Although we all dream of the Hollywood dressing room – spacious, and filled with luxury goods – there are ways to create lovely dressing rooms in small spaces.

Alcoves are perfect for small dressing rooms. They tend to be sheltered, but have enough room for a desk and some storage. Look for simple storage items that work with the space.

Dividing up a large room is another way to add a dressing room. Use a curtain, a folding wooden panel, or even a storage unit to divide the space into two. Tucked behind this, you can create your dressing room.

A dressing room wall can be created by installing a dressing room table, a wall mirror, and strategic lighting. This will provide a calm space for getting ready.

When it comes to creating a dressing room, there’s really no limit to what you can do. A dressing room is an expression of personality, so let your imagination run wild. Just be sure that the key features are sorted. That’s the chair, the storage, and the mirrors.

With just a few touches of design, the dressing room can become a space filled with luxury. Soon, you’ll be looking forward to getting ready in the morning, because you get to use your lovely dressing room.

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