The 6 Easiest To Work With Taupe Paint Colors

Taupe is a color that is often overlooked, but the truth is it’s incredibly versatile and has the ability to bring out the best in your home decor. As a neutral hue, it is the ideal accent color, with a range of shades and color matches.

The 6 Easiest To Work With Taupe Paint Colors

If you want to use taupe paint in your home, but aren’t sure where to begin, we’re here to help. In this article, we’ll go through the easiest taupe paint colors to work with and give you all the design inspiration you need.

What Is Taupe?

Taupe is regarded as a mid-tone hue between dark brown and gray that has characteristics of both colors in common. Although taupe is often used to represent a single color, it actually refers to a wide variety of hues, from dark tan to brownish gray. Its hex code is #483C32.

Combining complementary hues—colors that are opposite each other on the color wheel—creates taupe, a neutral hue that results in muted, desaturated brownish colors. Similarly, umber and white pigment are combined to create taupe tones.

Regarding its most common uses, taupe is a remarkably adaptable color that can be applied in almost every field of art and design, including interior design, architecture, branding, and fashion.

Best Taupe Paint Colors

In this section, we’ll go through some of the best and easiest to work with taupe paint colors. Any one of these high-quality paint colors will help you in laying the perfect foundation for your interior design project.

1. Benjamin Moore Fossil

The gorgeous taupe color known as Fossil has a deeper undertone of purple rather than the pink found in many other taupes. It’s a subdued beige that works well as a foundation color to pair with earthy tones.

2. Benjamin Moore Pale Oak

One of the most used and frequently tested Benjamin Moore paint colors is Pale Oak. It is a really lovely light taupe/gray-beige paint shade with a faint pink undertone that leans toward purple.

Pale Oak also looks gorgeous with blue-green paint hues, complementing neutral materials with a subtle pink tint effectively.

3. Benjamin Moore Panda White

While Panda White contains the word “white” in its name, it is actually a very pale taupe/gray-beige.

Unlike Pale Oak and Egret White, Panda White has a pink undertone that doesn’t completely veer toward purple. You’ll notice that Panda White reads more pinkish-yellow overall.

4. Benjamin Moore Smokey Taupe

One of Benjamin Moore’s most often sampled taupes, Smokey Taupe has a very light appearance. The color has a wide appeal to those who love neutral tones that still give the warmth they’re looking for.

5. Sherwin Williams Egret White

Egret White is a paint color that seems like white on the surface but is actually taupe/gray-beige with a pink undertone that fades into purple.

If you’re aiming for a simple, minimalist aesthetic, Egret White is a wonderful choice to pair with a pure white that doesn’t have any undertones.

Note that Pale Oak and Egret White are remarkably close, with Pale Oak possessing only a touch more purple than Egret White.

6. Sherwin Williams Poised Taupe

Nowadays, the majority of people look for light paint colors, but Poised Taupe is simply perfect for situations that require a darker tint. Poised Taupe is quite striking, leaning significantly into that purple undertone.

How To Use Taupe

The 6 Easiest To Work With Taupe Paint Colors

Taupe may be the right choice for you if you want something that is softer than gray but not quite as warm as beige. But keep in mind that just because you want taupe paint doesn’t guarantee your home can accommodate it.

It’s important to make sure that your permanent items and furniture complement a neutral paint hue like taupe. If you see that some of your elements are fixed but have different undertones, just pick the biggest element that draws the most attention.

Make sure the items in your space complement taupe if you plan to use it as the predominant wall color. You already know that taupe has a pink or purple undertone and lies between gray and beige.

Comparing your permanent pieces to paint samples is the key to ensuring that you have the right neutral.

A cooler taupe shade would look great in a modern home, but you might also use it in a space with vintage design elements.

Because of its calming undertones, you’ll find that this color is also appropriate for bathrooms and bedrooms, where you should try to create a peaceful ambiance for anybody who occupies the space.

Warm taupe would be the best color choice for a traditional or refined feel. Large, open rooms will feel cozier thanks to the shades’ pleasant ambiance.  A big living room or bedroom would be a perfect place for this.

Most colors can be matched with taupe, but for the best results, try to use hues and shades with comparable undertones.

Using Taupe Paint On Walls

Taupe walls are a highly common choice for both interior and exterior design. The justification is clear: this color complements a wide range of other colors.

An effective neutral design alternative is to use a light taupe as a wall color. A romantic atmosphere can be created by incorporating items in yellow or soft colors. 

Taupe walls are employed in corporate spaces or reception areas because they can help create a pleasant ambiance when combined with whites and other neutral tones. Accessories in turquoise or vibrant pink could be added to a space to give it life and vibrancy.

When designing interior spaces, taupe walls should be considered without hesitation. Bathrooms and bedrooms benefit greatly from the relaxing overtones of cool taupe colors.

Warmer and lighter taupe hues offer an appealing atmosphere and work well in larger rooms. Light taupe is a better option for small spaces and corridors.

Darker taupe hues give opulent accents to any space and are better employed as trim and fittings. However, white walls with taupe accessories or even white walls with deeper taupe accessories also look great together.

Dark taupe walls can be overwhelming when used on a wider scale, thus many designers believe they should only be used as an accent wall. Therefore, a lot of people think dark taupe colors should be applied in accessories or to provide texture.

Natural flooring can also provide contrast to taupe walls.  Any wooden object, including furniture, would go well with any taupe color, and beautiful woods like mahogany and walnut look great.

A room with taupe walls can be improved by adding wood furniture such as tables, shelves, or warm wooden floors. The taupe color complements all styles of stone or ceramic floors in addition to wood.

What Colors Go With Taupe?

Beautiful neutral colors like light and dark taupe are frequently used in home design. This is owing to how adaptable taupe-colored hues are.

With its reddish or purple overtones, taupe is typically thought of as a warmer color, making it a fantastic match for other warm hues and tones. Bright fuchsia and subtle tones like pastel pink or soft yellow are both great choices.

Taupe is also versatile enough to coordinate with grays and blues. However, this will rely on the undertones of the taupe shade you have chosen. Taupe colors that have violet or gray undertones make it possible to match them with cooler hues.

These include, but are not limited to, light green and lavender, as well as bolder and brighter hues like turquoise.

Creating A Color Scheme With Accessories

Light taupe walls are a terrific choice, especially when accessorized with vibrant colors.

Depending on the taupe shades that will be used, you can add a variety of blue, pink, or green accents to the room by introducing furniture, scatter pillows, blankets and throws, drapes, and other accessories.

These can be things like a vase, lamp, clock, picture frame, or even metal furniture that can give any kitchen or bedroom an industrial feel. 

White is the most elegant color to pair with taupe. A gray-taupe blanket and decorative pillows may lend a sense of elegance to any room with this classic set. To provide variety, use pillows and fabrics with raised textures.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, taupe is an incredible choice when it comes to the interior design of your home. The easy-to-use taupe paint colors listed will help you create your dream interior, along with our top tips for using taupe for the best results.

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